Everything You Need to Know about Whole House Fans

Everything You Need to Know about Whole House Fans

A whole house fan is a cooling and ventilation system that maintains your room temperature during mild weather. It’s an advanced system that uses less energy in comparison to traditional air conditioning systems.

The whole house fans work by replacing your indoor air with the cool outdoor breeze. It pulls cooler air from outside your house and creates an active mechanism of a cross breeze. To ensure efficient working of whole house fans, technicians of heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX suggest that you must keep the windows wide open to facilitate air transmission.

However, whole house fans these days are more advanced. These advanced fans do not really require you to keep all the windows of your home open in order to facilitate their functionality. In addition, advanced whole house fans can maintain a much cooler room temperature until the next day.

As per the technicians of heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX, whole house fans are simply an alternative to air conditioners.

This alternative to air conditioners however, had one problem in the past. Traditionally designed whole fans sounded like helicopters and were very noisy. The newly designed models have simply revamped the mousetrap though. Advanced whole houses fans are better, more energy efficient and much quieter in comparison to the traditional ones and require no frequent repairs unlike air conditioner repair in Rockwall, TX.

Let us now have a look at whole house fans and their benefits as well as limitations.

Whole House Fans – Long Lasting and Less Expensive

Whole house fans can be used for two purposes, you may use them as a single sole source of maintaining your room temperature or you may use them as a pre-chiller i.e. before switching your AC on.

Whole house fans help you save on cooling expenses. These fans are known as the cooling solution that utilizes 90% less electricity than your traditional air conditioners. Also, whole house fans can reduce the room temperature by almost 5 degrees or more in just a few minutes.

However, as per the professionals of heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX, there are a few limitations of whole house fans, such as;

  • Whole house fans cannot reduce or cool down the indoor temperature by more degrees than the outdoor temperature
  • Whole house fans cannot dehumidify the air or clean it
  • Whole house fans may draw in pollen from the outside
  • You may still need to depend on the air conditioner during hot summer days or if you live in the humid region.
  • Whole house fans may not suit the people with dust allergies as it draws in dust from the outside.

Ways to Choose a Whole House Fan

You must exercise due diligence before purchasing a whole house fan. A perfect whole house fan is the one that best meets the requirements of your house and climate. The best approach is to get the advice from professionals of a heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX.

The size of a whole house fan should not be the only deciding factor. The technicians of heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX suggest that many people wish to install large sized fans in order to cool down the temperature quickly, but the large size is difficult to choose in terms of their installation requirements, appearance, insulation, cost and noise.

Attic ventilation is another important factor in choosing whole house fans. A fan cannot perform its job unless it is provided with an adequate ventilation mechanism. Whole house fans require almost 1sq. ft. of vent area per 750 cfm. However, if you cannot provide additional venting area, the better option is to stick with an air conditioner or smaller sized fan.

Different Types of Whole house fans

There are different types of whole house fans available in the market. Therefore, the best way to choose the right type of fan is to take assistance from a professional of heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX.

Standard Fan

These are one of the most common types of whole house fans. They are large in diameter and are widely available as a perfect solution for many homeowners who live in much warmer regions. While these fans cost low, they are usually expensive in terms of their installation and must only be installed by hiring a professional from a reputed heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX. As a safety measure, you would need an insulated box to safely cover your fan during the winter seasons.

Fans with insulated doors

Door fans are usually equipped with R-22 or R-38 insulated panels which open whenever you turn on the fans. This feature helps in two ways. Firstly, it helps in the winter season and secondly, it helps in keeping the heat out during summers or when you run your AC.

As per the technicians of heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX, these fans do not pass air as quickly as standard fans, but they are a lot quieter and can be run through the night.

Inline fans

Insulated duct fans do not move much air in comparison to standard whole house fans. But if you invest in an inline fan for your bedroom, you are more likely to spread the cool air to attached rooms. These fans are not only more efficient but also easy to install and maintain. Moreover, similar to insulated fans, inline fans are also equipped with damper doors that help in preventing the leaking of warm air during winters.

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