Factors That Lead to Problematic HVAC Filters | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Frisco, TX

Factors That Lead to Problematic HVAC Filters | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Frisco, TX

All of us have some type of heating and cooling equipment in our homes but how many of us replace the air filters installed in the HVAC systems? Do we even understand the role of our HVAC filters in maintaining a comfortable environment in our homes?

Well, if we continue to neglect the cleaning and replacement of our HVAC filters, then certainly we don’t recognize the importance of HVAC filters. But in this post, we will discuss the role and importance of HVAC filters. This post will help you understand the role of HVAC systems in more detail.

Just to give you the gist, when you neglect to change the HVAC filters, especially when there is a dire need for it, you end up incurring high replacement cost as well as the cost of hiring the professionals of heating and air conditioning service in Frisco, TX.

While this may sound strange or unfamiliar but this is the fact. When you fail to change the filters of your HVAC system, frequently, they become dirty as well as inefficient. This eventually hinders the working mechanism of the entire heating and cooling system by obstructing the air flow. Thus, such hindrance causesa lot more strain on the system’s motor fans, which ultimately either stop working or burn out due to overheating issue.

Therefore, to make sure that your HVAC systems continue to work properly and to avoid any further anomalies, smart people keep their heating and cooling systems free of blockage and significantly save the repair and replacement cost. This also takes away the need for hiring the experts of heating and air conditioning service in Frisco, TX.

But the main question is; what makes these air filters to get obstruct or to stop functioning?

Well, there could be many factors involved that may hamper the efficiency of the HVAC filters. This may even cost you heavy replacement cost of your heating and cooling system.

To give you a better idea, here are the main factors leading to this problem, along with other useful information about the malfunctioning of HVAC system due to blocked filters. The information will help you in keeping your HVAC system well maintained at all times as the professionals of heating and air conditioning service in Frisco, TX suggest.

Adjustment of the Fan Mode

When it’s about setting up the thermostat, we come across two basic choices with regards to fan settings. Either we set it as ‘on’ mode or we keep it as ‘auto’ mode. Both the settings work quite differently. When we keep the settings on ‘automatic’ mode, this means that the fan functions considering the existing room temperature. But if you maintain it on ‘ON’ mode it continues to work until we switch it OFF.

In short, either ways, the air filters continue to work 24/7 that increases the likelihood of clogging even more. Thus, our best choice is to keep the fan set inthe mode that best meetsour room temperature and helpsus in keeping our HVAC air filters healthy and working for a long time.

Pet hairs

If you love your pets and you like to keep them with you then you must get ready to face blocked air filters frequently. Pets are oftentimes the major reason behind having obstructed or clogged filters. The basic reason is that pets are not always clean and they continue to shed that leads to fuzzy air filters.

Thus, to make sure your air filters remain safe from this problem, you must keep the pets; clean as well as vacuumed at all times. You can also try to brush their hairs every week so that these hairs don’t block the air filters. This will significantly help you in increasing the longevity of your air filters. This will help you in avoiding the need for their replacement by hiring the experts of heating and air conditioning service in Frisco, TX.

Upgrade the Filters

The MERV rating of our HVAC systems’ filters affects the performance and effectiveness of these systems, significantly. As per the experts of heating and air conditioning service in Frisco, TX, if your air filter’s MERV rating is high, the filterremainsinefficient and easily captures tiny particles.

However, to shun this issue, one may fit fiberglass filters. These filters are neither expensive nor capture particles. This makes these types of filters a lot more blocking free than some other pleated air filter.

Indeed, if you think that a thicker air filter is another solution to prevent the blocking then you are wrong. While these air filters might be great in keeping the room fresh and dirt free but they also put enough strain on the installed motor fan. Ultimately, this strain affects the working and competency of HVAC system and you end up calling for heating and air conditioning service in Frisco, TX.

MERV Rating

Just like a blocked air filter that preventsproper flow of air, a wrong size or MERV rating of your air filter also affect the effectiveness of the HVAC system. Therefore, if you wish to ascertain the efficiency of the air filter, then the best indicator is the MERV rating.

For example, generally an air conditioner has the MERV rating of 1-4 but such air conditioners can be attuned with the air filters having even 8 MERV. While the professionals of the heating and air conditioning service in Frisco, TX do not suggest using an air filter, having a highrating of MERV, you must also avoid the practice.

In the bottom line

Maintenance of an operational air conditioner is all about maintaining its various parts. Thus, if you need the help of electricians of well-reputed heating and air conditioning service in Frisco, TX, then look no further and hire the professionals of K&S Heating and Air. Their team of professionals isnot only well-versed to handle complex HVAC problems but they also hold great experience in resolving such issues.