Finding A Heating And AC Repair Company | Dallas, TX

Finding A Heating And AC Repair Company | Dallas, TX

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Dallas, TX is a 24-hour city and needs a 24-hour heating and AC repair service, and it gets this from K&S Heating & Air. With temperatures ranging from freezing cold in winter to over 100 degrees in summer, it is important that somebody is on hand 24/7 to deal with any heating and AC repair problems you may have.

Have Your HVAC Regularly Serviced

This is by far the best way to avoid a heating and AC repair. Having your HVAC serviced by one of our technicians will ensure that it is running safely, so you can rest assured that it is less likely to break down and need a heating and AC repair. There will be many checks performed during the service, making sure that each component is operating at its highest efficiency, keeping your energy costs as low as possible. Should any problem be encountered, the K&S Heating & Air technician will seek your consent to undertake repairs. It will be better and cheaper to do this now than to have an expensive callout for a heating and AC repair later.

Warnings Signs That You Need a Heating AC Repair

You See Frost and Ice on the Evaporator Coils

A fan extracts warm air from your home and blows it over the evaporator coils. The coolant in the coils will remove the heat and humidity from the warm air, cooling the air down and blowing it back into your home. To achieve the most cooling effect, several things must work properly for this to happen, or else frost and ice will start to form on the evaporator coils.

There needs to be enough airflow over the coils – This can be reduced for several reasons. The air filters may be dirty and need to be cleaned or replaced. The fan that blows the warm air may be faulty. Both problems will reduce airflow.

There needs to be enough coolant in the system – A leak will reduce the level of coolant. Less coolant means less cooling effect. Without enough coolant not enough heat will be captured and warmer air will make its way back into your home.

The evaporator coils are dirty – A dirty air filter will not only reduce the airflow but will allow more dirt particles to enter your air conditioner and then your home. A dirt layer can build up on the evaporator coils, act as an insulating layer, and this will reduce the rate at which the heat is absorbed from the warm air.

All these events will result in reduced cooling from your HVAC. A service from K&S Heating & Air will deal with all these issues, but if the frost and ice are allowed to grow the evaporator coils will eventually freeze over and shut the air conditioner down. Your conditioner may be out of action for up to 24-hours as the coil thaws. If this happens too many times the unit will suffer a complete breakdown and need a heating and AC repair.

The Humidity Levels in Your Home Have Increased

A consequence of warmer air being blown back into your home is that the humidity will also increase. Warmer air will contain more moisture than colder air and this is the reason for the increased level of humidity.

Large Energy Bills

As the layer of frost and ice builds on the evaporator coils the rate at which the heat from the warm air is absorbed is reduced. The frost and ice will also act as an insulating layer further compounding the problem. As the coil starts to freeze the other components such as the compressor will work harder to manage the temperature and humidity levels you have set.

The harder working components will use more energy in the process and will push up. energy bills. This overwork will increase the wear and tear on the components, and they will be more likely to overheat and break down. You will need to arrange a heating and AC repair from K&S Heating & Air.

The Condenser and Cooling Fins Are Covered in Dirt and Moss

When the heat is absorbed by the coolant, the coolant will change from a cold liquid to a warm gas. The compressor pumps the coolant through copper pipes until it reaches the condenser and cooling fins. Together these transfer the heat to the outside air and the coolant, having lost the heat energy, will change back into a cold liquid again and continues its journey back to the evaporator coils.

As they are located outside the condenser and cooling fins will get covered in dirt and grime and even have moss and weeds grow over them. Unless all this is removed the rate of heat transfer will be reduced and the condenser could overheat and burn out.

Problems With Your Furnace

The air conditioner part of your HVAC is not the only part that can go wrong, so can the furnace. The furnace is the largest part of your HVAC and provides warm air when needed. A fan extracts fresh air from outside the furnace and combines it with some fuel (usually gas) inside a combustion chamber.

It is ignited, burns, and produces heat. The combustion chamber needs a continuous supply of fresh air to enable combustion to take place. It also needs an exhaust vent in order to expel any dangerous exhaust gases, like carbon monoxide produced during the combustion.

These vents need to be kept clean and free from blockages or else the furnace will shut down. It is important to fit carbon monoxide detectors in your home and test them regularly. A furnace also requires air filters to remove pollutants, and these too will need regular changing.

Dallas, TX’s Best Heating and AC Repair Company

K&S Heating & Air has been the leading heating and AC repair service company in Dallas, TX for many years and has gained a reputation for the highest standards of work at prices everyone can afford. Whatever your air conditioning problem, please call us today!