Finding An Air Conditioner Repair Company | Sachse, TX

Finding An Air Conditioner Repair Company | Sachse, TX

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The people of Sachse, TX, know all about long hot Texas summers. They know that if their air conditioners break down then life can get very unpleasant. A breakdown will greatly increase the risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke, so they must be able to get hold of a reputable air conditioner repair company as soon as possible. They do not want just any air conditioner repair company; they want a company that offers a 24-hour emergency call-out service. They want one that has highly trained technicians and offers the highest standards of workmanship at affordable prices. They want K&S Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Company, the best in Sachse, TX.

Give Your Air Conditioner a Regular Service

K&S Heating and Air recommend to all our customers that they have their air conditioner regularly serviced. Our technicians are in great demand during the period running from the late spring to the late summer, so recommend that you have your air conditioner serviced before the hot season starts. That way you will be able to book an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. A service will ensure that everything is running smoothly and give you greater peace of mind before the hot season begins.

When Do You Need an Air Conditioner Repair Company?

The short answer will be when your air conditioner breaks down. But if you can anticipate any future problems then you may be able to act and avoid the services of an air conditioner repair company. The most common signs of problems are:

Coolant Leaks

An air conditioner will have coolant flowing around it, through copper pipes. The coolant in the evaporator coils will absorb heat from the warm air in your home. It will transport this heat to the outside where it loses the heat to the outside air. Your air conditioner will need an optimum level of coolant to work efficiently. Any leak will mean that less heat is absorbed from the warm air, so the cooling effect is reduced.

Usually, the first sign of a leak is that you hear a hissing sound, if not then you may find that there is an unexpected increase in your energy bills. When the coolant levels fall, it can cause the components in the air conditioner to work harder. This increases their energy usage and your energy bills. A leak will require the services of an air conditioner repair company to locate and fix it, and the air conditioner will need to be recharged afterward.

Frost and Ice Forming on Evaporator Coils

Lower levels of coolant can cause frost and ice to form on the evaporator coil. Another cause of frost and ice forming is that airflow over the coil is reduced. This reduction could be due to dirty air filters, which need to be cleaned or replaced regularly. A faulty fan could also be the cause of any reduced airflow. Any dirt that forms on the coil will act as an insulating layer and impede heat transfer from the warm air to the coolant and it too needs to be cleaned.

Replacing or cleaning dirty air filters is a job that you can do yourself but is part of a service from K&S Heating and Air, which will also deal with the other problems highlighted.

Dirty Condenser and Cooling Fins and When to Hire an Air Conditioner Repair Company

When the coolant flows outside, it passes through the condenser and cooling fins. Since they are located outside dirt and grime will be deposited on them. This will act as an insulating layer and reduce the heat transfer rate to the outside air. These will also need to be cleaned periodically.

With the dirt layer on them, the condenser and cooling fins will not be as effective at removing heat from your home. There is also an increased risk of them overheating, leading to a breakdown and the need for an air conditioner repair company.

Increased Humidity in Your Home

If your air conditioner is failing to lower the humidity levels in your home, it can be due to several factors. Warmer air will contain more moisture in it than cold air. Once the air conditioner fails to cool the air coming back into your home, it will contain more moisture and your home will feel more humid.

Greater humidity could also be due to any blockages of the drip pan and AC drain line. The drip pan is where the moisture goes when the warm air is cooled by the evaporator coil. It when flows outside via the AC drain line. The moisture in the drip pan and drain line can encourage the growth of mold or algae, and these also need regular cleaning. Failure to do so could cause a blockage and result in the air conditioner shutting down. Before you call an air conditioner repair company it may be worthwhile checking the AC drain for additional blockages caused by dirt and leaves.

Strange Sounds and Smells are Coming from The Air Conditioner

Many working parts in an air conditioner could contribute to strange noises. A fan is a common source of strange noises, a loose or bent blade could hit the inside of your unit making a thumping sound. Any screeching sounds could mean you have a worn-out fan belt or bearings.

Any moldy smells could be due to any mold and algae growing in the AC drain line, and a clean with disinfectant should remove that. Any burning smells are more serious, there could be a problem with loose wiring or even some of the components overheating. Whatever the cause you should call K&S Heating & Air straight away as there is a risk of fire.

Keeping Sachse, TX Cool and Safe

Regular servicing from K&S Heating & Air will deal with many of the issues highlighted above. But even the best-maintained air conditioner will break down occasionally. Therefore K&S has technicians available 24/7, to quickly respond to any air conditioner emergency. No air conditioner repair company offers so much to its customers.