Five Warning Signs You Need Professional Heating And AC Repair Services | Rowlett, TX

Five Warning Signs You Need Professional Heating And AC Repair Services | Rowlett, TX

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The HVAC system keeps your home as comfortable as possible by regulating air quality. As a homeowner you do not need to be an expert to know that you require professional heating and AC repair services. You may notice some small changes in the performance of your HVAC system that indicate a repair is necessary.

For instance, once you turn down your temperature thermostat and not enough cool air is coming out from the vents, it means something is causing the cooling system not to function properly. It is crucial to know the signs in your HVAC system that indicate you need to seek professional repair services. Below are some of them.

Unusual sounds

It is vital to pay attention to the kind of noises and sounds your HVAC is making when in use. Having weird noises may be an indication that something is seriously wrong, and you may have to seek professional heating and AC repair services as soon as possible. Some of the most common noises are clanking, groaning, and whistling. Granting noises can be an indication that there is an issue with a slipped belt, broken motor bearing, or lack of lubrication somewhere in the unit.

There could also be sediment build-up, a cracked heat exchanger, dirty air filters, or a problem with the fuel ignition. Your technician can resort to changing the air filter, adjusting and cleaning parts of the furnace, or checking the duct and dampers to silence your HVAC system.

Foul smells

If your HVAC unit is emitting a pungent or musty smell while in use, it means it’s time for you to seek heating and AC repair services. After all, your AC is supposed to supply fresh and clean air but not stink up your home. An odor can be an indication that a wire has burned out or ductwork has mold build-up. Mold can be hazardous to your health, resulting in respiratory system illnesses if you do not remove it on time. Sewer gases can back up into the home if you have dry P-traps, a backed-up sewer line, or ruptured sewer vent pipe, hence the smell.

Also, a rodent could have died in your HVAC system and be the cause of the rotten carcass smell. Try not to ignore fishy odor that may come out of your HVAC system since they can be harmful to your health. Whenever you notice a strange smell, contact a professional technician immediately.

Water leaks

Water leaking from your HVAC system can become a distressing problem since it may damage your home and even lead to serious structural issues. One of the causes of water leaks is when the drainpipe clogs from dust, rust, dirt, and other debris, causing the drain pan to overflow. A cracked drain pan can also cause water leakage. Poorly insulated ductwork enables excess condensation to form inside the HVAC unit, leading to leaks in various parts of the system. The temperature difference between the air inside and outside the HVAC ducts results in the condensation process, and water will accumulate on the exterior surface of the ducts. That creates a favorable environment for mildew, mold, and microorganisms that are detrimental to human health.

A faulty condensate pump may fail to remove the water resulting from the dehumidification and condensation processes. If the pump breaks down, it can no longer pump the excess water outside, which means it will collect inside the system and eventually overflow. When you notice water leakage from your HVAC system, ensure to seek timely heating and AC repair services to avoid costly damage and expensive repairs.

Insufficient airflow

Insufficient airflow from your HVAC can be a result of blockage, which prevents air from moving through your home’s ductwork. It could also be an issue with a clogged air filter or a broken motor. You may consider investing in an energy-recovery ventilator if insufficient airflow is a common issue in your home. That may give your HVAC system a boost by switching stale with fresh air every time the system cycles. You can also get a zoning system that will ensure you are getting the right airflow and cooling power at all times.

Additionally, having insufficient return vents may limit the amount of air running through the HVAC system. When seeking regular heating and AC repair services, ensure the technician checks for signs of closed dampers since they cause unbalanced airflow making the system perform inefficiently. And if you get help from a seasoned professional, you would not have to request for specific maintenance or repair services since they would know their craft and act accordingly.

High energy bills

Some homeowners in Rowlett, TX, may notice a rise in energy bills, especially during the summer period when the units are running more often. If there is a sudden rise in energy bills and you haven’t increased your usage, this could be a sign that you need heating and AC repair services. The sudden rise in energy bills could be due to many factors, including dirty filters, duct leaks, or failing to conduct frequent maintenance services.

Malfunctioning parts such as motors, capacitors, and the compressor may increase your electric bill since the faulty parts will overwork the entire system hence using more energy than usual. Low refrigerant can also limit the system from removing heat efficiently, making the unit work harder to satisfy the thermostat. Additionally, old systems become inefficient with time and use up more electricity to run since most of the parts are weary. Professional heating and AC repair services are necessary to diagnose and fix the problems.

One call does it all

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