Frisco Furnace Maintenance

There is nothing quite as bad as a furnace breaking down in the middle of winter. You depend on it to keep your family and your home warm when temperatures drop to an uncomfortable level. Fortunately, K&S Heating & Air provides Frisco furnace maintenance and repair services so that you can stay warm in the winter.

While some signs make it obvious that you need furnace maintenance in Frisco TX, there are some that only a trained technician will detect. However, if you suspect that it is time to schedule Frisco furnace repair, do not delay another moment. Here are some signs that your furnace is at risk of failure:

  • Cold air. If there is only cold air coming from the air registers, consider this a red flag that your furnace needs some work and schedule a Frisco furnace repair.
  • Old age. A furnace, like other appliances, does not have an indefinite lifespan. If your furnace is more than 15 years old and it is not properly functioning, it is more than likely that it is time for a furnace replacement in Frisco TX.
  • Abnormal flame color. If you have noticed that the flame of the furnace burner is anything other than a bright blue, take it as an indication that you need immediate Frisco furnace maintenance.
  • Strange smells or noises. After having a furnace for several years, you are probably familiar with the sounds it makes. If you hear unusual noises or smell a strange odor, you should have a technician assess the need for furnace repair in Frisco TX. These could be signs that the furnace is at the end of its life.

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