Frisco Home Residential Air Exchanger

As our homes have become increasingly well sealed, they have also become breeding grounds for pollutants, irritants and allergens that can impact our breathing and overall health. Children, older people and those with allergies and other health problems can be especially vulnerable. They are impacted by poor air quality caused by dust, pollen and all sorts of allergens and irritants that can make their way into our homes from outdoors or originate indoors and get circulated around our homes by our heating and air conditioning systems.

That’s why air exchange system in Frisco TX homes are becoming increasingly popular. At K&S Heating & Air, we install new Frisco residential air exchangers. We also repair the leading brands of residential air exchanger in Frisco TX. These air exchangers work with your cooling and heating systems to remove irritating and dangerous particles from the air in your home.

Why Choose K&S for Your Frisco Air Exchange System?

Our family-owned business has been serving the people of Frisco and surrounding cities for three generations. Our licensed, certified technicians have the training and expertise to advise you as you choose the Frisco home air exchanger that’s best for your family and your budget and then install it for you.

We also provide maintenance and service repairs on all the air exchangers we sell as well as whatever kind of air exchanger you may already have in your home. We can make sure that your home air exchanger in Frisco TX is operating at optimum capacity to provide the cleanest air possible while helping you save on your utility bills.

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