Fundamental Questions to Ask When Hiring a Heating and Air Condition Service in Rockwall, TX

Fundamental Questions to Ask When Hiring a Heating and Air Condition Service in Rockwall, TX

HVAC units are of utmost significance in both homes and office buildings as it plays a crucial role in maintaining comfortand keeping people safe. If you have ever purchased an HVAC system before or are planning to do so, you must know that it can cost you around whopping 2000 to 3000 dollars, which includes the installation charges. Since heating and air conditioning services can charge you a fortune, it is important that you hire a reliable one to ensure excellent quality work.

Here we’ve compiled some important questions that you can and must ask when hiring a heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX.

1.  Do You Provide a Proper, Written Estimate?

Just because an HVAC company has given their quoted number at the back of their business card doesn’t mean it is a “detailed estimate”.A proper estimate includes the type of services that are needed to be done, equipment required to be installed, and the exact price of components and customer service. Details of emergency situations that may generate additional costs must also be written down in a separate piece of paper as proof.

No one likes to be surprised with an additional expense, sprung out of nowhere by the end of a heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX. To avoid such unwanted surprises and extra charges, it is important to ask about a written estimate policy from an HVAC company.

2.  Is Your Company Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

When looking for a reliable heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX, it is important to ask whether they are licensed as this form of a background check will verify the company’s legitimacy.

If the company is bonded, it will show that they are backed by a bonding company in case they are charged against something wrong. For a company to be insured is equally important as you won’t be held liable if in case the worker gets hurt while working.

3.  Do You Follow the Manual J Standard?

Originated by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, Manual J standard is a calculating tool that serves as a benchmark of load calculations.

This means that the overall cost of a heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX won’t be determined on guesstimates. The manual J standard will help calculate the estimated amount for the whole house or a few rooms.

4.  Are the Technicians NATE Certified?

The HVAC Industry is constantly growing and developing which is why it is subjected to constant change time and time again. Hiring well-qualified technicians that have updated knowledge about technology is crucial for a successful heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX.

Technicians with a NATE certificate will be a testament to the fact that the technicians you are hiring are well-skilled and knowledgeable. For your information, NATE is short for North American Technician certification and candidates who pass the core exam (a knowledge-based test) and specialty exam are lucky to be called as NATE certified.

5.  Are You QI Certified?

Like Manual J benchmark, QI is also a certain standard set by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). If, in case, an HVAC company that you want to hire does not follow manual J standard, it is probable that they may be QI certified.

QI standardization makes sure that a heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX is rated in terms of its installation. While its process may cost more than the traditional installation, it will provide the long-term value to spare you from additional repair charges in the future.

Did you know that QI installation has the ability to cut heating and cooling costs by 30%?

6.  Do You Provide a Warranty or Guarantee?

A heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX may result in an unforeseen emergency or incident which may cost you more than you anticipated. In such cases, a facility of a warranty can really come in handy.

A warranty is a kind of guarantee that the company will sustain any additional charges in case things go awry. Through this, the customer won’t have to pay from their own pocket. Before you hire any qualified technician for the repair or maintenance of your air conditioner, ask for their warranty/guarantee card to stay on the safe side.

7.  Do You Check the Duct System?

That’s important because a properly sealed and specialized duct ensures the air conditioners’ efficiency, increasing your comfort level as a result. Hence, before employing the services of an air conditioner company asks them whether they examine the duct system or not.

In cases where a new furnace or an air conditioner is installed, it won’t properly work until the duct system is not up to the par. It will continue to pose problems despite how high quality your AC model is or/and expensive the services are.

8.  Do You Offer any Financing Programs?

At times, paying for a heating and air condition service in Rockwall, TX can be difficult if you are on a budget. To make things easier, don’t be hesitant and ask the HVAC company whether you can pay the overall cost in installments. This will take the burden of paying the hefty amount all at once off of your shoulders.

This payment method will also allow you to get better and more expensive services as you don’t have to worry about the payment in the first go. By investing in better service, you will be able to save a lot of your money on regular repairs and maintenance.

9.  Can You Give Me an Estimated Completion Time?

No one likes to have a  heating and air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX that goes on and on for days or weeks. The aim is always to get done with it as soon as possible so that you can get back to your normal routine. So it is advised tofind out the detailed timeline of service completion.

A good contractor will run you through all the details and estimated job completion time. If you find the contractor a little uncertain, it is better to switch the service company.

If you are on the lookout for a well-certified and qualified heating and air conditioning services in Rockwall, TX, contact K&S Heating & Air today.