Your Guide to Common HVAC Problems in Dallas, TX | Plumbing Service in Dallas, TX

Your Guide to Common HVAC Problems in Dallas, TX | Plumbing Service in Dallas, TX

HVAC problems do not occur on a regular basis, but when they arise, they are to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Your home or building’s (in case of commercial setups) HVAC system does a lot more than just regulating the temperatures indoors. Most importantly, the heating and AC systems have direct impact on the energy costs you pay.

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The HVAC needs in Dallas, TX are thus higher than other cities in the state.

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5 Common HVAC Problems

Most people only prefer giving a call to air conditioning repair services in Dallas, TX when they notice a problem in their HVAC unit. Here are 5 common HVAC problems with other details you would want to learn about, as you wait for the professionals to do their work.

1)    Filters

The heating and air filters get dirty and clogged often. If the filter is new, you go for a heating and air conditioner service in Dallas, TX, but if is old, you might need replacement. If old filters are not timely replaced, they will result in reduced airflow.

2)       Thermostat

Heating and air conditioning services in Dallas, TX are mostly contacted when HVAC system stops working altogether. Usually all what this problem’s resolution involves is adjustment of the thermostat.

3)       Refrigerants

Refrigerants make air conditioning possible. When refrigerants leak, they leak in the condenser or evaporator coil and cannot be repaired. This is the time you will need air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

There are two types of coils:

Condenser Coil

Located on the outside of the compressor, condenser coils are likely to get dirty often and should be cleaned at least once a year. If the dirt is bad enough for you to clean, air conditioner repair services are to be availed.

Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coils also are located on the outside, but are not very prone to getting dirty. These should be cleaned at least once in every three years. In the occasion of these coils getting broken, you will need a K&S heating and AC repair technician in Dallas to replace it.

4)       Compressor

Compressor is the core of your heating and air conditioning system. If refrigerant undercharges the compressor, the compressor will run and stop functioning eventually. But if it is overcharged by the refrigerant, the liquid will drip.

In order to have the right amount of refrigerant induced, heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX should be contacted so that they can evaluate your unit and make adjustments accordingly.

5)       Other Common Problems

There are several other problems in your HVAC system including bad odor, poor air quality, reduced system efficiency, undue rise in heating and cooling costs, and strange sounds coming from the system. In case of all such emergencies, K&S experts can be contacted.

Causes and Solutions

While HVAC problems aren’t typically the ones you DIY or handle yourself, it is good to have basic knowledge of the causes and solutions to these problems.

Misbalanced Dampers

There are dampers in your HVAC systems which control the flow of air leading it to flow to all the connected areas. If you are facing issues like reduced air in some rooms and extra air flow in others, there is a chance that dampers are not properly aligned.

This is the reason proper air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX plays a vital role. You need to contact expert technicians of K&S to get heating and air conditioning repair services.

Dirty Filters

Filters that are worn out or clogged pressurize air through your HVAC system to flow. This gets your system to work harder and leads to increased energy costs.  Frequent checkups and troubleshooting measures done by air conditioning repair providers will save you from facing such issues and bearing additional costs.

Faulty Thermostats

We easily assume that the reason why the HVAC system isn’t working properly is because there is something extremely complicated (and technical!) that is wrong with it. However, to our surprise, the cause could be as small as having the incorrect settings in the thermostat.

Thermostat controls the flow and timing of air and heat that the unit should produce. Minor adjustments made to your thermostat can regulate the temperatures again and save you from a lot of panic.

Seeping Refrigerant

Refrigerants are present in the coils of your system. Their purpose is to dehumidify and cool down indoor air. If your unit does not have enough amount of refrigerant, you will not get the desired level of cooling. The air it diffuses will be warm.

This problem does not only keep you from cooling, but additional costs that will come because of more pressure on the condenser. Heating and AC repair services in Dallas, TX like K&S should be reached out get such issues resolved.

Deficiency of Maintenance

With lack of maintenance and monitoring, small problems in heating and air conditioning system can become big, major ones. Anything related to electricity requires frequent servicing and maintenance and so does your HVAC system.

Deal with your HVAC emergencies, routine heating and air conditioning repair in affordable prices all in good time. Save yourself from bearing extra energy costs by contacting K&S heating and AC in Dallas, TX today!