Heating and AC Repair: 7 Common Reasons Why Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Is Freezing Up | Farmers Branch, TX

Heating and AC Repair: 7 Common Reasons Why Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Is Freezing Up | Farmers Branch, TX

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The HVAC industry has taken the world by storm, growing significantly as the days go by. This is so because regardless of the season, whether winter or summer, you’ll need your air conditioning unit to keep you warm or cool. It’s no wonder 6 percent of electricity use in the US is for cooling homes and businesses. And for hotter climatic regions such as Texas, you may have to run your HVAC system for longer during summer.

If your unit isn’t operating in optimal condition, you may experience exorbitant energy bills. That’s why homeowners ought to schedule frequent AC maintenance to push the lifespan of the unit to about 15 years or more. However, HVAC units have shortcomings; they’re prone to malfunctioning. This may be unpleasant, especially if you’re staying indoors during the hotter months.

Homeowners who notice their AC’s aren’t blowing cold air or are making strange noises can get heating and ac repair services from local HVAC technicians. But first, here’s a look at some reasons why your air conditioner may become faulty.

Clogged air filters

You may be wondering why your energy bill suddenly has a surge but you haven’t made any utility change. The culprit may be your air conditioning unit having dirty air filters. If dust and debris settle in air filters, they will block out cold air and your fans will work harder to cool air.

At this point, it’s wise to contact a professional in Farmers Branch, TX, for heating and ac repair services. If you don’t fix your furnace in time, the clogged air filter could spread bacteria and dust allergens into the room since instead of filtering them out, your unit is blowing them into your home. Your family may ingest the particles which would affect their lungs, causing diseases such as asthma. This would be especially harmful to children because they tend to have weaker immune systems.

It’s important to immediately schedule repair services for your unit to not only prevent further damage but also avert costly medical bills.

Damaged fans

Fans attached to the evaporator unit of your HVAC system may break down. If there’s no airflow and little cooling, the fan motor may be burnt, have loose connections, or damaged. Since the fan is close to the evaporator, anything blocking the evaporator unit will affect the fan as well. If the evaporator is clogged, so is the fan.

It’s wise to get a heating and ac repair expert to clean and wash your evaporator coil. The evaporator coils may build up ice over time due to dehumidification, condensation, and freezing processes that result in water settling as ice. And while the ice falls off into the drip pans making it less problematic, the pans may overflow, causing the coils to freeze. Contact an HVAC connoisseur to diagnose and fix fan and evaporator coil problems.

Defective thermostats

The thermostat is a control system whose mandate is to regulate cooling, heating, and the humidity of rooms. If the thermostat is faulty, your air conditioner may end up overworking even when the temperature is favorable to you. This means that the room sensors aren’t sending signals to your HVAC unit to stop heating or cooling after reaching the set or preferable indoor temperature.

If your AC unit runs nonstop, it may cause the condenser coils to freeze up, and the whole HVAC system will fail. A malfunctioning thermostat calls for replacement or recalibration, services which you’ll get if you contact a heating and ac repair company.

Drainage problems

The HVAC unit not only works to cool/heat your air but also dehumidify your rooms. The dehumidification process entails the removal of moisture from the air via condensation, and the water will end up in your air conditioner. If the water doesn’t find a proper drainage channel, it will be trapped in the unit and may freeze as a result of cooling processes. A drain is a channel that directs the water from the coils to the drain pan.

Sometimes, the coils may freeze from too much ice blockage hence clogging the entire drainage channel. This could spiral into a catastrophe if a lot of ice continues to build up in the coils, thus freezing the entire HVAC unit. Pest activity and debris such as leaves and twigs could also block your AC drainage. For proper diagnostics and solutions, seek the services of a heating and ac repair specialist in your local area.

Refrigerant leaks

A refrigerant is a chemical that’s responsible for keeping the air coming from the AC unit cool, and so it regulates the temperature of the machine. It captures heat and releases it to space via phase changes, i.e., fluid to gas and vice versa. Refrigerant leaks could be from evaporator coils rubbing against each other, condenser coils having holes in the U-bends, or broken joints in the HVAC system.

As much as your HVAC unit doesn’t consume refrigerant so leaks are uncommon, if they occur, they can cause the whole unit to freeze up. If your unit constantly receives new refrigerants, the leak may emanate from a different area, so it’s best to contact a certified heating and ac repair technician to fix the problem.

Reversing valve issues

Though rare, reversing valves can stop functioning. This may be due to broken coils, internal leaks in valves, or the valves could jam and stick in the cooling/heating position. It’s worth noting that the compressor could be part of the problem, and this is an expensive part to repair in case of extensive damage.

Therefore, get a heating and ac repair expert to fix the coils and compressors if necessary. The technicians can properly figure out the cause of the problem and fix it.

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