Heating and AC Repair for Your Comfort and Your Health | Richardson, TX

Heating and AC Repair for Your Comfort and Your Health | Richardson, TX

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Through the hot summers and chilly winters, calling for heating and AC repair isn’t just to keep you comfortable, it’s also to keep you healthy. We at K&S Heating and Air are dedicated to making sure that the air in your home is the right temperature and the best quality.

We Care About What’s In Your Home’s Air

Our expert technicians ensure that your system is protecting you against airborne contaminants and pollution originating outside the home. Heating and AC repair is not only for comfort, it’s for your health. For that reason, we also install and maintain filters that capture what’s in the air from people visiting., from your pets, and from other environmental particulates and allergens that you would otherwise breathe. From making sure your air exchange rate is sufficient, to making sure your HEPA filter is secure and clean, we make sure your system is functional and aids your health.

Quick and Knowledgeable Technician Response

On a hot summer day, you want your AC fixed quickly, and we’re on it. If your house is already cool, you may still need us to fix your filters for the more sensitive people breathing your air. Whatever time of year, we’re ready to bring our expertise to your home right away and take care of any heating and AC repair issues you have, from simple systems to multi-zone, automated, HEPA filtered and UV disinfected ones.

HEPA Filter Replacement and Upgrade

HEPA filters are different from standard furnace filters that help keep your system from blowing dust throughout your duct system. To meet HEPA standards they filter even tiny particles from the air, providing much higher quality air for you to breathe. These filters work hard, which means that they need to be replaced on a regular basis to be effective and to ensure that your airflow is up to speed. When you call us for heating and AC repair services, ask us about how a filter change or HEPA installation can improve your home’s air.

UV Germicidal Lights

In addition to standard maintenance and heating and AC repair services, we can provide a special feature that offers germicidal air quality control. People with conditions such as COPD and asthma are especially sensitive to indoor air conditions. A UV germicidal light such as the ones used in eating establishments and medical facilities can be a great addition to your home heating and AC system, especially if you’re concerned about mold, bacteria, fungi and other biological elements of your indoor air.

Duct Cleaning and Repair

What does make it through any filters you have on your system eventually sticks to and lines your duct system. It reduces flow and creates a place where problems can develop that affect your air quality and create other hazards. We advise regular cleaning and when you’re scheduling heating and AC repair work, it’s a perfect time to give your system a thorough cleaning as well.

Zoned System Repair

Our technicians are skilled at heating and AC repair on complex zoned systems that provide different temperatures for your living room, bedrooms, and basement. They use multiple air handling systems and separate thermostats, including new smart home programmable devices. We also provide heating and cooling system upgrades including adding zones and new thermostats.

Zoned systems can also be a great way to reduce your heating and AC repair and operation costs since your system works hard only where it’s needed. While older systems heat and cool your living room and basement while you sleep, zoned systems can provide minimal temperature and humidity control in unused areas and focus on your comfort in the sleeping areas.

Humidifier and Dehumidifier Repair

If your home feels warmer than the temperature you selected in the summer or you’re experiencing static electricity in the winter, it could be a high or low humidity problem. Our repair technicians can clean and fix your system humidifier or dehumidifier or install a new one and increase your comfort level.

Humidity is an important part of your home comfort because outside air can vary significantly in its moisture content. By adjusting both your indoor temperature and humidity, you provide the people in your home with air that feels just right, year-round. If your repair services keep your temperature right but don’t quite make you as comfortable as you’d like, this may be a good choice.

Humidifier systems add moisture to your indoor directly through your heating and cooling system, using water from your home water supply to add moisture to dry winter air. Dehumidifier systems process the air passing through your system to adjust the moisture content for lower humidity — perfect for squeezing water out of humid Richardson, TX summers.

Heating and Cooling System Repair and Diagnosis

When you don’t know what’s wrong but your system just isn’t working, we’re the ones to call. We’ll inspect your system for problems such as compressor and coolant issues on air conditioning systems or burner and ignition problems in heating systems and provide expert repairs which not only get your system going again but may provide increased efficiency.

Legacy System Replacement and Redesign

Sometimes a repair call on an older system leads to a decision between repairing a legacy system or performing an upgrade for increased efficiency and reliability. We’ll prepare the information you need to make an informed choice and make sure you have access to any manufacturer incentives or other deals available at that time.

Fast Response and Thorough Service

If you need us in a hurry, we’re ready to serve you. We’re experts at heating and AC repair at K&S Heating and Air. where we serve the Richardson, TX area. We also provide top-notch design and installation for your home heating and air conditioning systems. Whether you’re freezing or sweltering and need us now, or want to talk about a better way to be comfortable at home, call us at 972-942-8078.