Heating And AC Repair | Rockwall, TX

Heating And AC Repair | Rockwall, TX

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Rockwall, TX has hot and humid summers so it is important that your HVAC system is working properly. With temperatures often above 100 degrees there is an increased risk of heat exhaustion, and dehydration, should your HVAC break down. This will put the very young or elderly at greater risk. As air quality deteriorates this will put sufferers with chronic breathing conditions such as asthma and bronchitis in greater danger.

The people of Rockwall, TX need to be able to place their trust in a reputable heating and AC repair company. This company needs experienced and licensed HVAC technicians on call 24/7, and that is why people turn to K&S Heating and Air.

Have Your HVAC System Regularly Serviced

A well-maintained HVAC will be less likely to suffer a breakdown and need a heating and AC repair. Any heating and AC repair is going to set you back hundreds of dollars, with all the inconvenience of finding somebody to fix your HVAC. We recommend that you schedule the service during a quieter period, like the early spring so that you have greater peace of mind during the summer months. A service will also save you money, as your HVAC system is now going to run more efficiently and save you on energy bills.

HVACs are usually very robust but even a well-maintained HVAC will break down occasionally. Knowing what to look for, will alert you to a potential breakdown, allowing you to take remedial action and avoid a heating and AC repair.

Common Problems with HVACs

Low Coolant Levels

Low coolant levels will mean a lower cooling effect from your HVAC. The coolant in the evaporator coils absorbs the heat from the warm air blown over it from the inside of your home. Each HVAC will need a certain amount of coolant in it to work efficiently. A leak will reduce this level and you will notice frost and ice forming on the evaporator coils.

Higher Energy Bills

Reduced coolant levels will reduce the rate at which heat is absorbed from the warm air. The air blown back into your home will not be as cool as you hoped. The other components in the HVAC will start to work harder to compensate, trying to maintain the temperature you have selected. These harder working components will use more energy so pushing up your bills. Because they are working harder these components are more likely to overheat and burn out, so needing heating and air conditioning repair.

Dirty Air Filters

If the flow of warm air is restricted in any way, then this too will reduce the rate at which heat is transferred to the coolant in the evaporator coil. This will further add to the problem of frost and ice forming. Dirty air filters will restrict airflow and these filters will need to be changed or cleaned regularly. There is a bonus of improving air quality as less dirt and pollen particles will enter your home through your HVAC. Replacing or cleaning dirty air filters is a task you can do yourself but is part of a service from K&S.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

If you allow more dirt and pollen particles to enter your HVAC, more will fall on the evaporator coil and create a dirt layer. This acts as an insulating layer also reducing the rate of heat transfer. Ignoring the frost and ice forming on the evaporator coils could result in the coils completely freezing. You would need to turn the HVAC off to allow the coils to thaw. If the coils repeatedly freeze the HVAC is likely to break down and need a heating and AC repair. The coils will be cleaned during a regular service.

Dirty Condensers and Cooling Fins

A fan blows the outside air over the condenser and cooling fins and the heat from the coolant is transferred to this air. As they are located outside your home the condenser and cooling fins are exposed to the elements and will get covered in a layer of dirt and grime. This layer will act as an insulator and will reduce the rate of heat transfer, so the condenser and cooling fins will need to be cleaned regularly. If unable to get rid of the heat from the coolant the condenser could overheat and need a heating and AC repair.

Another problem is that moss and weeds could also grow on the condenser and cooling fins. These two will need to be removed as they impede the flow of the air blown over them.

Leaking Air Ducts

As part of a regular service from K&S Heating and Air, the air ducts on your property will be inspected for any damage. Warm or cool air could escape through any gaps or holes in the ductworks or joints, and it has been estimated that up to 30 percent of your HVAC’s energy is wasted in this way. That is a lot of dollars wasted. An inspection may also find that mold may be growing, and this too will need cleaning. Over the years much dirt and pollen will have accumulated in the ducts. Removing this will improve the air quality in your home.

Problems with the Furnace

The furnace is the largest component in your HVAC. Like an air conditioner, it needs air filters to remove pollutants and will need regular changing. A furnace needs a constant supply of fresh air to combine with the fuel to enable combustion. The vents are also used to remove any exhaust gases formed in the combustion, so they must be kept clean and free of any blockages. Should the HVAC shut down, a simple check of the vents could avoid the need for unnecessary heating and AC repair.

The Leading Heating and AC Repair Company in Rockwall, TX

K&S Heating & Air has won a hard-earned reputation for the highest quality work at affordable prices. We have technicians on call to respond to emergencies 24/7. If you want the most professional heating and AC repair service, then you want K&S Heating & Air.