Heating and Air Condition Service in Irving, TX Tells You About the Pros and Cons of Different Heating Systems

If you need to buy a new heating system for your home, you will encounter a diverse range of options available in the market. You need to make a decision that will benefit you the most. Two of the most important things you need to consider when you buy a heating system for your home is its cost and energy efficiency.

Other factors to consider the cost and availability of energy sources such as electricity, gas, and wood pellets. To help you out, a professional technician providing heating and air condition service in Irving, TX explains to you the pros and cons of buying and installing different types of heating systems in your home:

1.  Air Ducts and Vents or Forced Air Heating Systems

Furnaces, operated by oil, natural gas, or electricity, heats air and blows it through a duct system, enabling the heat to enter different rooms of the house via vents. Here are the pros and cons of installing a furnace in your home:

  • Pros: A forced air heating system is comparatively inexpensive to install, repair, and replace. They also heat quickly and evenly, warming all the rooms of the house.
  • Cons: Most air forced air heating systems are not energy-efficient systems with some homeowners reporting that air moving through the house is noisy and blows allergens around the property. If you think your air forced heating system is producing a lot of noise than usual, you need to contact an experienced technician for heating and air condition service in Irving, TX.

2.  Steam or Hot-water Radiators

Boilers produce steam heat or dispense hot water for heating. Steam is a comparatively outdated and inefficient heating system technology. Modern day boilers, in vertical and baseboards unit, are more popular among homeowners due to how energy efficient they are.

  • Pros: Radiators do not make a lot of noise and are energy efficient, usually when homeowners use them with separate temperature controls to set different temperatures for individual rooms in the house.
  • Cons: Hot-water radiators gradually and unevenly disperse heat from the corners of the room. In addition to this, placing hot-water radiators in your house can be a challenge, especially when placed with furniture, as you need to keep in mind not to block its baseboard vents.

3.  Radiant Heat

Radiant heat flowing is one of the most comfortable and energy efficient methods to utilize heat from a boiler. You need to install the pipes either directly into the floor or under the flooring, as hot water will flow through them. Vents blow warm air into the rooms of your house whereas in radiant heating flooring, the floors receive heat, which increases and warms every room of the house, including people and objects.

  • Pros: Radiant heat flooring is versatile, and you can easily use it with geothermal heating systems, solar hot water systems, and more. You can ask the technician offering heating and air condition service in Irving, TX about the different types of heating systems you can combine with radiant heat flooring.
  • Cons: Radiant heat flooring is costly to install and repair. Moreover, not all homeowners will be able to install radiant heat flooring in their home. A company offering heating and air condition service in Irving, TX can determine if you can install radiant heat flooring in your home or not by inspecting the flooring and foundation of your home.

Electrical radiant floors and air heated floors are also available in the market, but finding them is difficult due to how expensive they are to manufacture for homes. If you are unsure on whether you should get a radiant heating system for your home, just call a professional technician for heating and air condition service in Irving, TX.

4.  Wood Stoves

Wood burning stoves are outdated devices that manufacturers have started to see under a light with most upgrading it to meet the needs and requirements of the modern home.

  • Pros: A new generation of wood burning stoves can heat a room or a small home using burning biomass such as agricultural waste and compacted sawdust. The wood pellets, which are specially formulated, can burn with minimal pollution or waste.

Homeowners can even use them in furnaces or boilers to upgrade a current heating system. If something goes grow wrong with your wood burning stoves, you can get in touch with a company for heating and air condition service in Irving, TX.

  • Cons: Homeowners will need to deliver and feed the wood pellets into furnaces or stove. For this reason, these types of heating system require homeowners to put in more effort. In the event the wood stoves malfunction or break down, they can emit carbon monoxide or other harmful pollutants into the air.

5.  Electric Heating

Electricity powers electric heating systems. Electric heat pumps attract heat from the outdoors and into your cold home in winter. When summer comes, the process reverses, meaning the electric heating suspects attracts the cool air from outside and delivers in to your warm home.

In moderate weather, an electric heating system can heat and cool your home in an inexpensive and energy efficient manner, as electric heat pumps generate up to 400% of energy they use.

  • Pros: Electric heating system and other resistance heating systems can convert 100% of the electric energy into heat energy.
  • Cons: Since electricity is expensive, most homeowners would not opt for an electric heating system, thus making it too expensive for manufacturers to create and sell to them. Electric heating systems will also not offer homeownerssufficient comfort in extreme weather, hot or cold.

If you have any of these heating systems installed in your home and you feel something is amiss with them, do not hesitate to get in touch with a professional and experiencetechnicianfor heating and air condition service in Irving, TX. You should make a habit after that to call them for heating and air condition service in Irving, TX for routine maintenance to ensure they last.

If you are unsure on what type of heating system you should install, contact K&S Heating and Air for heating and air condition service in Irving, TX.


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