Heating and Air Condition Service in Plano, TX: Don’t Depend on Rank Amateurs

Heating and Air Condition Service in Plano, TX: Don’t Depend on Rank Amateurs

There are a few basic steps in the whole heating and air conditioner servicing process and if followed properly, you can be sure your HVAC will work fine. It is important that one should go through at least a few of these steps so that he or she can also be aware just when the expertise of a true blue professional in Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX, is required.

You should also understand that many types of problems and issues that are generally related to Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX, actually do require the attention of a top expert.  And this is also precisely why you too should also try and refrain from any DIY (do it yourself) attempts at servicing your AC or HVAC unit. After all, there is a pretty big chance that you can easily make a bad situation much worse in case you do something wrong.

Thanks to the fairly rapid advancements in the state of the art ‘climate control technology’, now it is possible to not just thoroughly clean but also service a full-fledged air and heat system easily enough, without putting in a lot of effort.

This is due to the fact that many modern split AC units now boast of a heating option that goes with the usual cooling system that is present in every air conditioning unit.  This means that such heat enabled ACs are the ideal choice when it comes to temperature regulation in both the sizzling heat of a hot mid-summer day as well as bang in the middle of a freezing winter. Basically, such units offer the very best of both worlds; hence, they can easily dispense with the much heavier and more cumbersome HVAC or “Heating Air and Ventilation” unit.  Thus, heat enabled ACs are a whole lot more convenient in terms of both installation as well as service. And not to mention the fact that an AC is also somewhat cheaper than an HVAC climate control system.  Some of the steps that are involved in Heating and air condition service in Plano TX, include the following ones:

•   Cleaning the Blower Quite Thoroughly

Just about all HVAC climate control units as well as their simpler air conditioner cousins are suitably equipped with a really powerful blower or fan. If this fan ends up becoming really clogged with layers of grime and dust, then it will not be able to do its work properly enough.

This, in turn, will lead to the whole system working harder by using more power in order to maintain the temperature set by the thermostat. And if the weight of all of that dirt slows down the blower down to its maximum point, then it is likely that the whole blower might just short circuit. And acquiring a new blower unit with a fresh motor might be the least of your worries, since the short circuit can easily spark a fire. While it is certainly possible for a layman to open it and subsequently clean the fan, such ‘ad hoc’ cleaning efforts are stopgap measures at best since they will only take care of the visible grime.

For a proper cleaning session, the whole unit has to be disassembled, cleaned with special anti-corrosive cleaning and scouring agents and then re-assembled again.

The technicians responsible for servicing your unit will dip the non-electrical components in a soapy bath and then clean it all with a soft dry cloth. And once the dirt has been loosened enough, then they will use a high power blower of their own to blast away any residual water and dust particles. However, they will also take all possible care to make good and sure that no water or moisture has been left over that can find its way into the electronic parts and short circuit the motor. Such deep cleaning is an important part of Heating and air condition service in Plano TX.

•   Cleaning the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are another important component of just about any HVAC system. This is due to the fact that they carry the refrigerant gas and ensure that proper cooling takes place and the pre-set temperature is maintained in the room.

These fins or coils are generally cleaned through the simple expedient of forcing high powered jets of water in between the many coils. Once the cleaning is complete, they are then blow dried and placed back in their unit. The reason why these condenser coils are included in Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX, has a lot to do with the fact that dirty condenser coils will clog up the airways of the whole HVAC system. Apart from that, they will also decrease the force of the airflow being thrown into the room by the fan. However, it is very important to ensure that proper care has been taken to ensure that these thin and delicate coils are not bent during the cleaning process while the experts are conducting Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX.

•   Routine Check-ups

All the other major components of the HVAC unit such as the ventilators, the ducts as well as the compressor and thermostat are checked to ensure peak performance. And such a checkup is also an important element of Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX.

•  Conclusion

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