Heating And Air Conditioning Repair: Coping With Texan Heat | Plano, TX

Heating And Air Conditioning Repair: Coping With Texan Heat | Plano, TX

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The first settlers did not arrive in the area until the 1840s. Many different names were considered (including naming the town after the U.S. President, Millard Filmore) but these pragmatic pioneers chose the Mexican word for flat, ‘Plano.’

A few decades later, the Houston and Central Texas Railway helped to bring the town to life, and Plano, TX was incorporated in 1873. The very next year, the town’s population grew to 500 residents.

In 1881, a fire ravaged through the town and forced citizens to start rebuilding. The work paid off because the 1880s were a very prosperous time for the locals.

Can you imagine what it would be like to build a city without air conditioning in the Texan heat? The founders of Plano did not have the technology that leaves the scorching summer months a lot more bearable.

High Temperatures

The average high temperature during July is 93° Fahrenheit, for August it is 94° Fahrenheit, and September does not cool off a lot more at an average temperature of 87° Fahrenheit. Air conditioning is a necessity if you live in Texas and it is necessary to be prepared when the Mercury starts to bolt.

Modern technology keeps us cool, but it isn’t foolproof. If heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance aren’t appropriately looked after, then you could find yourself sweating in the heat of a Texas summer. It is vital to protect your heating and cooling environmental systems and to maintain them regularly.

Dehydration, Sun Stroke, & Vulnerable People

Have you ever watched the weather report on the news during a heatwave? If so, you have probably heard the meteorologist remind viewers to check on their elders and individuals with health concerns.

Heatwaves are not just uncomfortable, they can be deadly. Dehydration and sunstroke can kill loved ones that’s why maintaining fully functioning air conditioners should be a priority in most TX homes. Planning during the shoulder seasons for heating and air conditioning repair can make dealing with the extreme seasons less stressful.

The practical folks of Plano, TX rely on K&S Heating and Air for every heating and air conditioning repair because we are efficient, honest, and affordable. Our subscription services are ideal during the shoulder months to prepare your home or office for the sunny days with a comprehensive repair.

Heating and AC Repair You Can Trust

Air conditioning is a part of enjoying the long, summer days and enjoying all that this fair city has to offer residents. However, if you don’t take good care of your air conditioning unit, you might be in for some serious heat in your home.

A central air conditioning unit can run on average about 10 to 15 years. The life of your AC depends on how the climate control utility is looked at during its service life.

Another element to factor in is if the unit is capable of easily cooling the size of your home and can adequately reach set temperatures. If the AC is an older unit using the refrigerant ‘Freon’ you will discover repairs are more expensive.

Freon is harmful to the environment and human health. The coolant is difficult to dispose of and because of this element many HVAC technicians must charge higher fees. Freon is not used in modern air conditioning units because it has been replaced with safer and more environmentally sound options.

Save Cash on Electricity Bills

A regular complaint from new customers is that their electricity bills are extremely expensive. Air conditioners struggling to function can add up to 30% to an electric bill.

If the air conditioner’s fans and motors strain to meet the cooling needs of a residence or office the unit will become stressed and begin to affect its operation and increase your electric bill. Unfortunately, this a routine situation K&S technicians encounter every day when completing heating and air conditioning repairs.

Delaying any heating and air conditioning repair can ultimately cost you a lot more money shortly. Maintenance protects the unit from everyday issues from becoming big, expensive problems.

It is worth considering purchasing a new air conditioner if the unit is older than a decade. Why invest in maintaining climate controls that won’t work next summer when you can save money on your electric bill with a newer model?

The team at K&S Heating and Air helps customers find the right solution to cooling and heating their homes. We proudly promote ENERGY Star rated air conditioning units that help conserve energy, money, and damage to the natural world.

Customer Feedback

“I truly dreaded any heating and air conditioning repair that needed to be fixed because the service we used before K&S always made it a huge hassle. They didn’t show up on the right days and then when they did finally appear it would be hours past the scheduled appointment.

The technician didn’t appreciate my involvement or questions either and we ended up paying them double what we paid K&S. I didn’t realize how bad our heating and air conditioning repair serviceman was until I took a chance with K&S.

K&S turned up promptly at the agreed-upon time, completed the AC repair within half an hour, and charged me 50 percent less than the other guys. I’m never going back. I’ll be calling K&S for all my heating and air conditioning repairs from this moment on!”

Chad Simmons, Plano, TX, June 2019

“My elderly father recently moved in with my family. He’s hypersensitive to heat due to a health condition and he can’t be exposed to higher temperatures for longer than an hour or two.

I wanted a heating and air conditioning repair service that would routinely look after my air conditioning and heating units. I want to be prepared for winter and more importantly for summer to protect my dad. My boss suggested K&S for their exceptional service and affordability. I discussed my situation with the customer service representative and she provided me with a few options to achieve my aims.

The HVAC technicians who service the furnace and air conditioner are always very kind and professional. K&S has put my mind at ease. I don’t need to worry whether my father is going to have an attack because the AC goes out while I’m at work! Thank you K&S!!!

Jenny Bishop, Dallas, Texas, June 2019

If you are encountering issues with your HVAC system give us a call and our friendly team members will help you explore your options!


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