Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Mesquite, TX Asks You to Consider 3 Factors Before Installing an HVAC Unit

Today’s heating and cooling systems can last you for 20 years or more. Hard to believe, right? Your HVAC unit most likely gave out before then. The reason:  the lack of service and maintenance. All you had to do was to contact an HVAC company for heating and air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX.

All your HVAC unit required was routine maintenance, which you failed to provide. Now, you are staring at an HVAC unit replacement. Professionals in heating and air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX say that homeowners should not make the mistake of selecting an air conditioning unit without considering all the factors needed to make the right choice.

What are those factors exactly?

That is what you are here to find out, right? Let’s dive right in! Listen up, pay attention, and consider the following factors:

1.  The Size of the HVAC Unit

Heating and cooling units are available in an assortment of sizes. You just need to pick the right for your home. The HVAC unit should meet your cooling and heating needs. Base your judgment on the HVAC unit’s cooling capacity.

Can the HVAC unit cool your home effectively? Is the HVAC unit energy-efficient? Even though your first instinct would be to go with a big HVAC unit, remember, bigger is not always better. An oversized air conditioning system will consume more energy than needed while not cooling and heating your home as required. So, does this mean that you should buy a smaller air conditioning unit? No, of course not.

Because you will face the same problem — your cooling needs will be unmet and increased energy consumption. What should you do? You call the experts, that is what you do! The HVAC technician, experienced in heating and air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX, can come to your home and determine the type of heating and cooling unit you need to invest in.

2.  An Energy-efficient HVAC Unit

HVAC units consume energy by removing heat from your home and releasing it outside. You need to invest in an energy-efficient HVAC unit, one that consumes energy, turning it into cool air better than others. A heating and cooling unit with this ability can save you money and energy. Here is a hint:  Look at its Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) value.

The higher the SEER value is, the more energy-efficient the HVAC unit is. The minimum SEER value in the United States for heating and cooling units is 13. The SEER value increases the cost of the HVAC unit. HVAC professionals, specializing in heating and air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX, will advise you to go with an air conditioning system with a higher SEER value, as that will offset the cost by lowering your electricity bill and saving you money.

3.  Multi-Room or Single Room

Are you using a window or portable air conditioning unit? If you are, your home does not have HVAC ductwork. Instead of installing ductwork, you can install a mini-split HVAC unit for multi-room cooling. The HVAC professional will create a small hole in the exterior of your property.

If you have numerous HVAC unit inside your home, install a single outdoor condenser outside your home. One benefit of having a multi-system unit is the increased control it gives you to regulate the temperature in each room separately. This will result in more savings for you. From there, be sure to call the experts for heating and air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX on a routine basis.

Once you have installed an air conditioning unit that works for your home, you can take additional steps to save even more money.

5 Quick Tips to Lower Costs and Increase Efficiency

Here are five tips you can use to lower costs and increase efficiency:

1.  Clean Around Your HVAC Unit

You need to clean around your heating and cooling unit at least two times each year. Remember to turn off the power of the air conditioning system before cleaning. Remove any large objects such as branches from around it and then wash it. Just call for heating and air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX. They will examine your HVAC unit to ensure it works properly.

2.  Adjust the Temperature of Your Thermostat

You need to increase the temperature of your thermostat by five to eight degrees in the winter and decrease in the summer to save money. Your HVAC company providing heating and air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX will advise you to install a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature during the day.

3.  Keep Appliances that Generate Heat Away from Your Thermostat

Do not place a lamp or any other appliance that generates heat near your thermostat. In doing so, your thermostat will think it needs to cool your home. Your thermostat will work harder and for longer if you do this.

4.  Ensure You Close the Blinds and Curtains on Hot Days

When it is extremely sunny outside, you need to close all the blinds and curtains of your home. You do not want the heat from outside to warm your home. If you keep them open, your air conditioning unit will just have to work harder.

5.  Clean Your Drain Line

You will find the drain line near the indoor cooling coil. You need pour one cup of chlorine bleach down the heating and cooling system’s drain and then add water into it to ensure it remains clean during summer. By calling an HVAC professional for routine heating and air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX, your heating and cooling unit will past its expiry date.

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