Heating And Air Conditioning Service: Five Signs That Show Your Air Ducts Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced | Mesquite, TX

Heating And Air Conditioning Service: Five Signs That Show Your Air Ducts Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced | Mesquite, TX

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Many residential and commercial buildings, especially in Mesquite, TX, have heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems installed by a professional heating and air conditioning service. You will hardly find a home without such an installation.

The HVAC system represents a series of components that perform heating and air conditioning service and other related functions. Air ducts play a focal role in the functioning of any HVAC system, so special attention should be paid to them.

The air ducts represent a network of tubes that connect numerous heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. These tubes supply the conditioned air in and out of your home. In so doing, these air ducts supply warm or cool air as dictated by your instructions on the air conditioner. Therefore, they make your home comfortable and habitable.

As air ducts perform some primary roles in the HVAC system, they need to be well maintained. Frequent maintenance of the air ducts by heating and air conditioning service professionals ensures the longevity of your HVAC system. It is also cost-effective as opposed to replacing the entire system when it breaks down.

Unfortunately, many homeowners either forget or ignore checking their air ducts regularly. They only rush to have the HVAC system replaced or repaired when a significant problem with air conditioning sets in. However, this shouldn’t be the modus operandi of looking after your HVAC system.

Incredibly, some homeowners don’t know the signs that indicate that their air ducts may be faulty. Therefore, we compiled a list of issues that may need urgent heating and air conditioning service.

These red flags indicate that your ducts need immediate attention from a professional HVAC Company. Please don’t attempt to remedy them yourself, as this will only worsen the situation.

1. Inadequate heating and cooling operations

If you realize that your room temperature is different from the other rooms, you may have a problem. More so if you haven’t adjusted the air conditioner or thermostat. Air ducts in good condition ensure that there is a uniform transfer of temperature in your house.

Variations in temperature among different rooms despite not adjusting indicate a fault in your heat and air conditioning service. As mentioned above, please don’t try to self-diagnose the problem. You should call a professional to come and investigate the conditions of your ducts.

Heating and air conditioning service experts can establish whether your HVAC system needs to be repaired or replaced. Having the ducts checked as soon as you start noticing the temperature variation can be pretty cost-effective.

2. When you start incurring high bills on energy

When you realize that your utility bills have significantly increased when you haven’t purchased additional electronic devices, know that one of your HVAC components may be faulty. To avoid incurring these additional charges, you need to contact experts within Mesquite, TX, to come and investigate your ducts.

Additionally, when the ducts are blocked or have become faulty, the other HVAC system components tend to use a high amount of energy to carry out their functions. A licensed professional’s assessment will help establish whether the air ducts need to be replaced or repaired.

3. Unusual sounds from the air ducts

Since air ducts carry warm or cool air, there’s a continuous expansion and contraction of these ducts, producing some sound. However, if you begin to hear some unusual sounds or noise coming from the ducts, there’s a high likelihood that the ducts have been damaged.

When that happens, please can an experienced and licensed heating and air conditioning service expert(s) to assess the extent of damage to these air ducts. The expert(s) will then be able to make recommendations on the best way to handle these ducts.

4. Installation issues

Sometimes you can move into a house that already has an HVAC system. If you realize that the system was improperly installed, please don’t attempt to fix it. It would be helpful if you sought the services of heating and air conditioning service professionals.

Improper installation of a system of air ducts can significantly affect the performance of your HVAC system. You should consider replacing the air ducts and have them properly installed. You can do this by finding a reputable HVAC company and have the job done.

5. The growth of molds in the ducts system

Air ducts can be significantly damaged by mold. Mold growth adversely affects the transfer of conditioned air to various rooms in your house. If you observe the growth of molds near your ducts, it’s time to look for a professional HVAC company to check whether these molds have grown inside the duct system.

Additionally, when you smell some lousy odor coming from your HVAC system, you should be alarmed. There’s a high likelihood that your ducts have been damaged, thus the smell. A heating and air conditioning service professional can examine the extent of damage to these ducts and advice on the appropriate remedy.


Finding a reliable HVAC company might seem like a daunting task when you need an immediate repair or replacement done. However, with the correct information, your search can be swift. Some key considerations to look for when searching for a professional HVAC company include the following;

Licensing: You need to look for a certified company mandated to operate. A certified company means that it pays its taxes on time and is authorized to carry out its function in the area.

Experience: A great company should have some years of experience in the HVAC industry. A company with experience will enable you to look for reviews from some of their clients.

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