Heating And Air Conditioning Service | Wylie, TX

Heating And Air Conditioning Service | Wylie, TX

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Many homeowners in Wylie, TX, have installed heating and air conditioning systems in their properties. These systems ensure that the occupants keep cool during summer and warm in winter. The HVAC systems are used in residential, industrial, institutional and commercial settings. People often complain that the services rendered by their HVAC systems account for almost half of their monthly utility bills. This is why a professional in heating and air conditioning service will recommend choosing the type that meets your needs without consuming too much power. Before installing an HVAC unit on your property, here is vital information you must know.

Types of HVAC Systems

During the architectural designing of buildings, architects consider HVAC systems for these reasons:

  • They’re a crucial investment
  • They require enough space on your houses’ floor to place the unit and the distribution equipment
  • They contribute a huge part to your property’s operation expenses

There are many types of HVAC systems used in different building settings. Below are the most common ones.

Decentralized or Individual System

They provide heating and air conditioning through individual units placed in different building positions, hence the name individual systems. These units can be located in separate rooms and rooftops. Their advantage is that they’re easy to control and require a smaller initial investment.

Centralized System

It is a single system designed to serve all the rooms on your property. Centralized systems feature extensive ductwork for air distribution, and they use water as the cooling medium. Even though they’re challenging to operate and costly to install and maintain, they’re powerful.

Packaged System

They’re called packaged systems because they’re an all in one package. They’re often used in structure settings that do not have the required space for separate components. A packaged system is composed of:

  • Optional quality improvers like cleaners, UV lamps, ventilators, and air purifiers
  • The fan coil and the heat pump
  • A thermostat

Selecting the Appropriate HVAC System

When selecting the appropriate system for your building, the main factors to consider are your preferences, your area’s climatic conditions, and the building type. Professionals in heating and air conditioning service will recommend various air conditioning systems that best suit you. Other factors include:

  • The all-inclusive cost that is, installation cost, operating cost, and maintenance cost
  • Reliability and flexibility
  • The space available
  • Property capacity
  • Climatic changes in your location

The Common AC Problems and How to Fix Them

Refrigerant Leakage

The low refrigerant level is caused by either a leak or undercharging during installation, but the latter rarely happens. The level of the system’s refrigerant must match the manufacturer’s specifications. Refilling the refrigerant is not a solution because it can be caused by a leak that must be repaired by a professional in air conditioning service.

If you experience this problem in a commercial building, you can refill the refrigerant to keep the operations running before the leak is sealed. Repairing leaks in access ports, evaporator coils, valves, and condensing coils require heavy-duty soldering, so an expert must fix them.

Poor Quality Airflow

Many HVAC users often complain that, at times, there’s inadequate ventilation in all rooms. Blocked air filters mostly cause airflow restriction. Air filters’ work is to sieve dust, dirt, and debris accumulated in the system and restrict airflow with time. If dirty filters are not replaced, the evaporator coils will freeze and malfunction due to insufficient ventilation.

To avoid this problem, you must replace the filters routinely. If you replace the air filters and the problem persists, then the evaporator coils have frozen, and the only solution is defrosting them.

Thermostat Glitches

Your AC system can fail to turn on when the thermostat is damaged or wrongly calibrated. If your thermostat is set to the lowest temperature and still fails to work, it’s time you consult your thermostat¬†manual to ensure the thermostat is programmed correctly. If it completely fails to perform, call in an air conditioning service expert to replace or recalibrate the thermostat.

Dirty Condenser Coil

The compressor and condenser coils are placed outdoor and exposed to the elements. In the outdoor environment, your AC system’s components are exposed to dust, dirt, and other debris like the surrounding vegetation leaves and bird droppings. To avoid condenser coil damage, schedule routine cleaning using a water hose to remove the dirt. If the dirt has accumulated heavily, hire a technician for air conditioning service to clean the condenser coils using specialized chemical cleaners.

Short Cycling

Dirty filters, damaged thermostat and refrigerant leaks are the notorious culprits causing your HVAC system to turn off shortly after it’s turned on repeatedly. Other causes for short cycling are incorrectly sized systems for your property and wrong thermostat placement.

The causes of this problem are almost similar to those leading to a frozen air conditioner. Therefore, fixing it involves cleaning or replacing the dirty air filters. If you try this and the problem is not

solved, it’s time you hire a professional in air conditioning service.

Overcharged or Undercharged Compressor

Overcharging with refrigerant causes the liquid to get back into the compressor, resulting in liquid slugging. When undercharged, it overheats and finally stops operating. To avoid these problems, always check if the compressor has enough refrigerant liquid. If you have to refill the refrigerant and are not sure of the right amount to add, consult a professional with extensive air conditioning service experience.

Drainage Difficulties

The moisture removed by an AC system passes through a drain line to the pan before being channeled out. Suppose the drain is dirty and blocked water that should be lost backs up and damages the AC? You should hire experienced air conditioning service providers to remove the clog and save you from expensive AC repairs or replacement costs.

When your air conditioning system fails to serve you right, there must be a problem. To avoid causing further damage to the system while trying to fix the problems yourself, contact air conditioning service experts at K&S Heating & Air for affordable and reliable repair service.