Help! My AC’s Refrigerant has leaked | Heating and AC Repair in Garland, TX

Help! My AC’s Refrigerant has leaked | Heating and AC Repair in Garland, TX

On a particularly hot and sweltering summer day at noon time, you decide to beat the heat by switching on your air conditioner. The unit starts with a nice satisfying hum as it purrs into life. You sigh in relief and settle down on your LZ boy with a beer can in hand, waiting for the room to cool down.

Unfortunately, that does not happen, and as the seconds tick by, you realize that even though the AC is ostensibly working perfectly fine, the display shows the desired temperature and the external and internal units (in case of a split AC) are also doing their jobs, there is a complete lack of cooling and in fact, if anything, the room seems even hotter and stuffier than before.

Checking the batteries

You immediately check the batteries of the air conditioning unit’s remote controller. After that, you proceed to checking if there is any recent fluctuation in the voltage. You can easily do that by confirming that all your other electrical gadgets are working perfectly fine as such. This would not be possible in the case of a large power surge or low voltage issues; both are common problems in areas prone to powerful thunder storms.

Once you have done that, you quickly discover that the air conditioner is switched on while the power supply is perfectly steady, and even the compressor and condensing units are also doing their jobs as well as they should, as is the remote control.

Ergo, it is an axiomatic enough of an assumption that there is something wrong in the AC unit itself. But what it could actually be will depend upon the professionals that you hire for the task of air conditioner repair in Garland, TX.

The odds are it will probably be something as prosaic and fairly simple, as a lack of cooling or refrigerant gas per se. Actually, the AC unit works though the principle of circulating refrigerant though the cooling coils and should there not be adequate supply of refrigerant gases in the system, then it is perfectly natural to assume that the unit will not be able to do its job properly even if each and every other component is working as well as it should.  This is because the gas is chilled to a very high degree and it does the same for the aptly named ‘cooling’ coils. The blower passes normal (albeit filtered) air though those coils so that it too becomes cold enough to cool the entire room once it has exited the blower into the room. However, all of these intricacies are only known to the professionals who offer air conditioner repair in Garland, TX.

Why has the refrigerant leaked from your AC?

There is a wide array of reasons due to which this refrigerant gas tends to leak out from the pipes, ducts, and coils in the AC. The most common factor would be the fact that the machine is simply not being used for extended periods of time. As a matter of fact, it is actually pretty common in areas where AC units are used almost exclusively in summers only.

Fortunately for you, it is not a particularly major problem per se, not if you call in the experts for air conditioner repair in Garland, TX.

The professionals who excel at the task of air conditioner repair in Garland, TX will easily purge all the stale and residual gas from each and every nook and cranny of your AC. They will use a vacuum pump to do the needful.

Once the outfit responsible for air conditioner repair in Garland, TX has successfully purged or flushed the entire system, they will proceed to come to grips with the actual problem itself, and that is, to detect the leak in the system from where the gas has escaped into the atmosphere.

Detecting a simple leak is no problem or issue to the true-blue experts in the field of air conditioner repair in Garland, TX. And once the offending leak has been detected, it is a fairly simple matter to plug it in a manner that it does not leak again.

The outfit tasked with air conditioner repair in Garland, TX might take the unit to their workshop where they may weld it shut to ensure that there is no chance whatsoever of a recurrence.

After that, the final stage is to simply pump fresh refrigerant into the wholes system and et viola, the air conditioning unit is once again as good as new and working up to factory specs all over again. A team of skilled technicians well versed in air conditioner repair in Garland, TX can do the job with no fuss at all and what is more, you can rest assured that there will be no mess to contend with once they are gone.

Periodic maintenance and care has to be taken to ensure that the people entrusted with the task of air conditioner repair in Garland, TX use only the top-quality refrigerant and not environment destroying CFC gases that are responsible for the hole in the ozone layer of our planet. Only top end professionals in conditioner repair in Garland, TX can ensure that the materials and gases they use are up to international standards.

If you want your AC all spruced up and working well, then you should call in the experts in the field of air conditioner repair in Garland, TX. Once such an outfit has been hired for the job, you can rest assured of a satisfactory experience. One such outfit for air conditioner repair in Garland, TX is, the proven experts in this field.