How Often Should You Get Heating and Air Conditioning Service? | Irving, TX

How Often Should You Get Heating and Air Conditioning Service? | Irving, TX

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Your air conditioner is one of the most important components at home. Heating and Air Conditioning Service can keep your air conditioner in good condition for a long time. Air conditioners keep your home cool when it is hot outside and reduce humidity levels. They purify the air and filter out dust particles, smoke, and mites. Modern air conditioners are efficient and they have superior cooling rates. They can help you save up to 60% of electricity. Like any other equipment, they need regular service to maintain peak performance.

How Often Do You Need Heating and Air Conditioning Service?

According to Irving, TX heating and cooling experts, you should seek Heating and Air Conditioning Service even when your air conditioning unit is not displaying any signs of being faulty. You should schedule routine maintenance at least once every year. These services make it possible to detect faults with your unit and repair them while it is still possible.

It keeps your air conditioner running at maximum efficiency for a long time and reduces breakdowns.

As your unit runs, it may accumulate lots of dirt, dust, and debris. If they accumulate in condensing coils or air filters, the efficiency of your unit may be compromised. The unit may be unable to cool your home as it should. Your Irving, TX Heating and Air Conditioning Service technician can help you wash the condenser to avoid problems in the future. They will advise you to change the filter frequently. A clean filter ensures that your indoor air quality is always good.

You may seek Heating and Air Conditioning Service more often if you suspect that your unit may be faulty. Some of the most important things that your technician will check include;

  • Drain line
  • Coils
  • Temperatures
  • Pressure levels
  • Motor and coils

Before and After Summer

Even though there are lots of factors that determine how often you should get Heating and Air Conditioning Service, it is generally a good idea to do it right before or after summer. Your technician will check the unit for heat damage and repair it if necessary. It is a simple way to save money and maintain the efficiency of your system.

Consider Getting a New System

If you have an old air conditioner, you may have to perform too many repairs. In such instances, buying a new air conditioner may make more economical sense. Your HVAC expert can help you make the right purchase. Modern air conditioners are a lot more efficient than older ones.


Your air conditioning system has two coils. Accumulation of dust and dirt particles may cause the coils to overheat. Your coils should be serviced at least once every year.

Coil Fins

Your coils have aluminum fins as covering. Coil fins are fragile so they can easily break. Regular service can keep your coil fins in good condition for a long time.


Even if you schedule an annual Heating and Air Conditioning Service, you still need to change your AC filters regularly to maintain the proper functioning of your system. Try to change your filters every two weeks to maintain energy efficiency. If your air filters can be cleaned, you don’t always need to replace them. You can clean and reuse them.

Why Should You Maintain Your Air Conditioner?

Heating and Air Conditioning Service is important and it must be taken seriously. There are lots of reasons why Heating and Air Conditioning Service is important. Some of them include;

1.  You Can Save Money

With proper maintenance, your air conditioner can continue to run efficiently for a long time. The chances of breakdowns are low since issues can be detected before they get out of hand. Regular maintenance helps you avoid costly repairs.

2.  Improved Air Quality

The quality of your indoor air has a significant impact on your health. If your unit has lots of dirt and dust, it may be circulated throughout your home. It may trigger allergic reactions and affect your general comfort. Regular maintenance will improve your air quality.

3.  Better Summers

A properly maintained air conditioner will make your summers easier. You can enjoy your summer when you have a cool and comfortable space to live in. If your air conditioner does not work well, you are likely to get sick from the heat. It may make it difficult to sleep.

4.  Improved Safety

Regular servicing ensures that the parts of your air conditioner are always working well. Air conditioners have electric parts that may break and trigger fires. With regular servicing, your HVAC technician can detect broken parts and repair them before they cause bigger problems.

5.  Improved Efficiency

If you are trying to limit the carbon footprint of your household, regular servicing is mandatory. If you don’t service your air conditioner, it may lose up to 5% of its efficiency every year. A poorly maintained air conditioning system is not only bad for the environment but may also cause you to incur high energy bills.

Air conditioner servicing can help you recover up to 95% of your air conditioner’s lost efficiency. Even though it may seem like an unnecessary expense, regular air conditioner servicing helps you save money.

Generally, air conditioners should be serviced at least once every year. However, you may need to service yours more often depending on its model and the size of your home. Regular servicing helps to uncover problems before they get worse. ‘

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