How to Avoid Heating and AC Repair Problems | Lewisville, TX

How to Avoid Heating and AC Repair Problems | Lewisville, TX

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Residents of Lewisville, TX know how important it is to have a dependable heater and air conditioner. Keeping your HVAC system in good working order isn’t hard, but there are some basic things that can extend the life and efficiency of your unit. Every heating and air conditioning system is vulnerable to problems. All machines can break down over time, but you can do a lot to keep your heating and air conditioning repair issues to a minimum.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

According to the professionals, you should have heating and ac repair specialists provide annual maintenance for best results. A proper maintenance job includes a thorough inspection of your HVAC system and complete cleaning of all the most common parts to break down. A licensed service technician will check your HVAC system for any leaking, blockages, problems with the thermostat, and wiring and electrical issues that could cause a reduction of efficiency and performance. In the winter, your technician will need to check your heater’s thermocouple, heating elements, and pilot light, along with the burners, limit controls, and safety controls. Regular maintenance can not only make sure you are prepared for extreme temperatures, it can keep your heating and air conditioner working at optimal levels for much longer. Your heating and ac repair professional can provide comprehensive maintenance for your HVAC system, so you can save money on repair and replacement service.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

One of the simplest maintenance issues can be taken care of by you. Your heating and air conditioning system needs a regular air filter change to keep it working well. When your filter gets dirty or blocked, the airflow in your home is restricted. A clogged filter can force your HVAC system to work much harder than it should. This added stress can cause your heater or air conditioner components to break down, eventually leading to expensive repair and replacement work.

To keep the air flowing freely in your home, professionals suggest that you change your air filter about every 30 days. However, there are several other factors that need to be considered for optimal indoor air quality. For example, if you have pets, you should probably change your air filter every 20 days, to take care of the additional fur and dander in the air.

Keep a Proper Fuel Level

Your furnace needs the right amount of fuel to provide the needed heat to your house. If your fuel level gets too low, you are going to notice several things. First, you should notice a drop in the indoor temperature. Your furnace will work harder to try to keep your home the temperature you set on the thermostat. This additional stress can result in heating and ac repair issues that could have been avoided. Another sign that your fuel level is too low is the presence of strange odors, especially near the heater. If the problem persists, you and your family could be exposed to harmful fumes.

You should check your fuel level, and if you notice it is getting low, immediately call for more. It is not worth the discomfort or possibly putting your family at risk to delay. If you need added assistance, you should call your heating and ac repair professional.

Keep a Proper Refrigerant Level

Just as the fuel for a furnace, keeping the right amount of refrigerant in your air conditioner is crucial to your home’s comfort. The refrigerant is responsible for pulling the heat and humidity out of your house. If you don’t have enough refrigerant in your air conditioner, you will not get efficient cooling. The air coming from your vents will be warm and it won’t be long until the whole house is uncomfortable.

The problem could be due to leaking in your refrigerant lines. If this is the case, the refrigerant that you add will just leak out before it can be beneficial. If you have simply run out of refrigerant, your heating and ac repair specialist can ensure that the right amount is added. Too much or too little can cause further problems with your air conditioner’s performance.

Keep the Area around Your Outdoor Unit Clear

If your air conditioner is not performing as it should, the problem could be with your outdoor unit. When it gets covered in dirt, leaves, or grime, you will need help from your heating and ac repair specialist. This corrosion can lead to a lot of issues, including dirty condenser coils. The condenser coils are what gets rid of the hot air inside, and when they are dirty they cause your air conditioner to work harder for poor cooling. The additional stress on your system can lead to the need for heating and ac repair work.

Your outdoor HVAC unit should be kept clear at all times for best results. You should remove any dirt and debris that gathers from the outside of the unit. Also, keep the area around it swept and don’t allow leaves to build up around the base. Do not plant any trees, shrubs, or other large foliage within three feet of your air conditioning unit. When you mow your lawn, make sure that the trimmings don’t clog your unit.

Call for Professional Heating and AC Repair as Soon as You Notice a Problem

If you notice that your heating and air conditioning system is not working well, you should call your repair team as soon as possible. Most problems, if left unattended for too long, can create unnecessary stress on your HVAC system. This strain can lead to a breakdown of other parts, ending up in a major repair or replacement. When you call for professional repair right away, your tech can get right on the problem before it has time to wear out other parts of your system.

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