How to Decide on an Air Conditioner Repair or Replacement | Mesquite, TX

How to Decide on an Air Conditioner Repair or Replacement | Mesquite, TX

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When your air conditioner’s getting older and less functional, you might be stuck between getting it repaired or replacing it altogether. On one hand, a repair can be an easy fix that keeps it trudging along for hopefully a few more months, but maybe a replacement will give you added peace of mind and greater efficiency. It’s an easy one to figure out when you’re aware of these things to look out for.

Take Your Time to Assess

Try spending a hot summer’s day without air conditioning and you’ll realize the importance of your air conditioning. That’s why you shouldn’t rush to make the decision. The first step should always be to speak to a professional so that you get exact information on what’s wrong. After that, you can make a much more informed decision. Rushing a choice without enough information rarely leads to good outcomes when it comes to air conditioners.

If you have a system that’s not necessarily new but could remain in working order, an air conditioner repair might do the trick. That gives you enough time to save up for a more efficient system when you eventually need to get a new one. Call us if you’re in Mesquite, TX, and want more advice.

What’s the Exact Problem? 

Not all HVAC system problems are equal. Some are easy to fix, others not so much. Electrical issues, for example, can be solved with an air conditioner repair. That also goes for a system that’s making a little too much noise. Having a professional take a look at it can often be enough.

Problems that may point to you needing to get a replacement include a failing compressor. That’s essentially the heart of the system, meaning that a repair may be a less effective investment than getting a new one installed. An air conditioner repair in this case is also risky because compressor failure may be the result of a secondary issue that’s often discovered after the repair.

Think About Its Recent Performance 

No one can blame you for not being able to provide a full and detailed report for how your air conditioner has been operating recently. It’s not something people to think to check, usually. However, if it’s been breaking down often and raking costs, another air conditioner repair might not do the trick.

Then again, there are cases where a professional can narrow down on the exact problem that’s been leading to all those breakdowns, leaving you with a much more efficient system that doesn’t give you any problems. It all comes down to a trained professional’s assessment of the situation, as they know the system well enough to advise you on the best way forward.

If there’s a particular problem that has been going on for a while, it might be best to get that checked out before making a hasty decision. In some cases, it can be a minor part that’s affecting the whole system’s performance and an air conditioner repair might be able to do the trick.

If you’re in Mesquite, TX, we can help you with advice and a service tailored to your specific situation.

Can You Save on Energy Bills by Getting a Replacement? 

Newer systems tend to be more efficient, in line with government regulations and more recent technologies. That means they can also save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the system. If your aging HVAC system is starting to show stuttery performance, a replacement might have that added benefit.

At the same time, you might be better off repairing it now, especially if you’re eyeing those savings that come with newer systems. That’s because you’ll be able to buy yourself more time as you decide on what efficient system you’re looking to get, along with consolidating the budget for it.

You might also find that an old system is costing you more in energy bills that it did in the past. That’s a natural consequence of it’s age, and it’s likely that as it gets older and loses more efficiency, the energy bill will also get heftier. The good news is that a repair, especially if you sense some parts aren’t working how they should, can keep that in check, After the repair, you ought to schedule regular maintenance for extra assurance.

We offer air conditioner repair to clients in Mesquite, TX, helping to improve the efficiency of their systems and keep energy costs lower.

System Age 

If your system’s over 10 years old, you might be thinking about getting a replacement by now. Perhaps you’re already looking into specifics of the new system you’re going to get. If for some reason or the other you’re not ready to get a new HVAC system, your old system might still be able to serve you for a few more summers.

That largely depends on how you’ve been treating it. Namely, it depends on if you’ve been cleaning it according to the manufacturer’s instructions as well as its overall maintenance history. A well-maintained system, even if the age is getting advanced, can return to good working order with an air conditioner repair. Give us a call if you’re Mesquite, TX, and we’ll let you know more about what fits your situation best.

Get Guidance from an Unbiased Service Provider

The best service provider to ask for advice on how to go about getting efficient cooling in your home again is one that offers both new installations and repairs. You can be sure that they have no vested interest in influencing you to buy a new system. Likewise, you can also be sure that they’ll give you the best advice to deal with your exact situation.

Whether what you’re in need of is an air conditioner repair or a new system to replace your old one, a provider who does both is your best bet. We provide services in the Mesquite, TX area.

When you’re faced with a decision between air conditioner repair and replacement, it can be a tricky choice to make. These pointers should help make that much easier. Call K&S Heating and Air for all of your ac needs.