How to Protect Your HVAC System in Extreme Weather | Heating and AC in Frisco, TX

How to Protect Your HVAC System in Extreme Weather | Heating and AC in Frisco, TX

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The world is facing tremendous climate change. It has become important for homeowners to be prepared for bad weather and sudden storms and hurricanes.

While extreme weather highly affects the routine life of the residents, it can also cause substantial damage to the system of heating and ac in Frisco, TX. Hence, you need to take appropriate measures that can ensure the safety of your HVAC units. To help you make it through the extreme weather safely and with least damage incurred by your heating and cooling system, we have gathered some of the best tips from professionals to protect your HVAC system.

These tips can assist you in minimizing the damage and keeping the HVAC units safe. Let’s see what the professionals tell you about this.

1.   Cover Your Outdoor Heating and Cooling Unit

The very first measure you need to take to protect your heating and ac in Frisco, TX, is to look out for the units that are directly exposed to the extreme weather. The outdoor units can incur major damage from storms and hurricanes. The fins and refrigerant coils in the outdoor unit can get affected and cause trouble for your entire system. The precautionary measure you can take to protect your heating and ac in Frisco, TX is to cover your outdoor unit.

Have hail guards installed for the outdoor HVAC system. They are made of heavy metal mesh that can stay in place all year long and protect your system. Your heating and cooling will not get affected by them. You can easily remove them to access the unit and then put them back even in normal weather. They can even protect your unit from catching trash that can affect the system’s performance.

2.   Curbing the Use of HVAC System

In extreme weathers, your system of heating and ac in Frisco, TX can experience irrevocable damage that may lead to a complete replacement of the system. Therefore, it is professionally recommended that you keep your HVAC system switched off during this time. If you receive alerts about bad weather, it is best to turn off your thermostat and then cut the power from the main breaker. This will cease the entire energy supply to the system.

This substantially lowers the risk of any power-related mishap. Extreme weather can damage transformers and cause a power outage. This abruption in the power supply can be quite damaging for your system of heating and ac in Frisco, TX. They may not cause a breakdown right away but can weaken your system.

A better thing to do is to get a professional install a protector at your circuit breaker which will protect your HVAC system from all surges related to weather.

3.   Protecting the Exposed Wires

In extreme weathers, several short-circuiting incidents are caused because of the wires exposed to the weather and temperature changes. It is better that you call a professional of heating and ac in Frisco, TX and get the wires between your outdoor HVAC unit and your home are covered and properly insulated so that you don’t face any trouble amidst the harsh weather.

4.   Don’t Cut Back on Maintenance

Routine maintenance is very important if you want to prevent damages in extreme weather. Heating and ac in Frisco, TX requires routine servicing and tune-ups to function optimally all year. If you haven’t kept up with the maintenance, it is most likely your system will have issues with the change in temperature. So, make sure that you have professional of heating and ac in Frisco, TX servicing your units regularly.

5.   Secure Your Unit from High Winds

High and strong winds aren’t considered as extreme weather but they can be problematic for your HVAC. The reason is that strong winds bring lots of debris and dust with them that can enter into your HVAC system through the outdoor units. As this debris accumulates, it starts affecting the air intake. It not only obstructs the flow of air but also damages the quality of air passed through. This way more burden is caused on your system, resulting in more energy consumption and higher wear and tear. Besides, it also poses more health risk for you and your family.

To avoid such incidents, you can cover your outdoor units of heating and ac in Frisco, TX. It is ideal not to use your heating and cooling system in this weather.

6.   Installing Outdoor Units on Elevation

This precautionary measure can be taken for flood-like situations. You can place the outdoor units of heating and ac in Frisco, TX on raised concrete platforms like patio stones. This will protect them well from the flood.

7.   Keep the Area Clear

To avoid HVAC damage during hurricanes, storms, and floods, it is important that you keep the surrounding of the outdoor unit clear. Any furniture, tool, toys, or other similar things must be put away from the outdoor units of heating and ac in Frisco, TX. Winds and water can cause them to hit or enter the heating and cooling unit, causing damage resultantly.

8.   Getting the Right Help

The most important thing of all is to get the right assistance. To ensure that your HVAC system remains optimally functioning, it is important that you have a certified professional on board with you. Only they can guide you with the right measures to protect your heating and ac in Frisco, TX from bad weather.

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