How Your AC Unit Can Affect Your Health

How Your AC Unit Can Affect Your Health

A majority of people install AC units in their homes to counter the scorching heat of sun. It is an effective method of keeping a space cool. Make sure that you carefully choose an AC unit for your house or office, so that it can efficiently maintain the required temperature. Also, acquire professional services for air conditioner Installation in Mesquite, instead of trying to do it on your own.

Some people keep the AC unit on throughout the day during summer. This practice is extremely harmful. Not only does it significantly increase your electricity consumption, but can also affect your health. Next time you keep it running for hours, make sure that you consider the following health risks.

• Dry Skin:

Staying in AC cooling for hours can damage your skin. It increases skin dryness when you keep the cooling on throughout the day. Modern AC units also act as dehumidifiers and efficiently control humidity in air. As a consequence, your skin may become dry.

Increase your water consumption to avoid skin dryness. Moreover, apply moisturizers suitable for your skin type. Acquire professional services for air conditioner installation in Mesquite. Turning it off after every few hours will reduce energy consumption and help you stay healthy.

• Respiratory Issues:

Nasal problems are quite common due to high exposure to cooling of an air conditioning unit. Extreme cooling causes the mucus membranes to dry out. It blocks nasal passage and you may feel difficulty in breathing. Do not keep the system on throughout the day if you are already suffering from respiratory problems, since it will make the issue even more severe.

• Allergies:

As compared to electric fans, air conditioning units spread allergies. Moreover, if you already have some symptoms of allergies, they will increase due to staying in cold air for long. Make sure that you hire professional services for regular maintenance and air conditioner installation in Mesquite. Professional workers will ensure that the air conditioner is in optimal condition and filters are efficiently improving the air quality by cleaning debris and dirt from surrounding air.

• Ear Irritation:

You may find it strange, but staying in AC cooling for long causes ear irritation. This happens when mold is present near leaking pipes in plumbing system. An air conditioner circulates air throughout the space to keep your house cool. The presence of mold affects air quality. It may deposit in your ear and may cause irritation and dryness. Moreover, your ears may bleed if you stay in this air for long.

Old air conditioning units cause noise pollution. Staying in this noise throughout the day affects hearing. Install a professional service for air conditioner installation in Mesquite. Moreover, choose the right brand and model so as to keep yourself safe from potential issues.

• Fatigue:

If you find yourself exhausted and tired most of the time, you may be staying in air conditioner cooling for too long. High cooling may cause headaches and does not allow you to concentrate on work in hand. It also causes different health issues, and makes you feel tired. You are more prone to catching cold and flu than those who do not stay in air conditioned environment throughout the day. Contact a professional service for efficient air conditioner installation in Mesquite.

• Heat Intolerance:

Keeping air conditioner on throughout the day efficiently helps you stay away from summer heat, but it also tends to reduce your heat tolerance. You will be extremely uneasy whenever you go out in a higher temperature. Moving from an extremely cold to hot temperature causes stress. Moreover, such people are more prone to fall ill or die due to summer heat waves. Their body becomes habitual of low temperatures. It affects your immune system and you find yourself falling ill quite often.

• Chronic Illness:

No matter which disease you are already suffering from, the cooling of air conditioner can enhance its effects. Symptoms of health issues such as neuritis, pharyngitis, arthritis, joint pains, and low blood pressure tends to get worse with time. Those who spend most of their time in a cool environment are unable to manage pain in an effective manner. They are prone to suffering from different chronic diseases. Moreover, it takes more time to get rid of allergies and health problems in a cool environment.

• Air Pollution:

Most of us believe that indoor environment of a house is much cleaner than outdoor environment. However, it is not necessarily true. If there are no ducts or vents for proper ventilation of air, then allergens stay in indoor environment. They cause allergies make you fall ill. If your AC system is unable to circulate air properly, indoor air may get more polluted than outdoor air.

How to Avoid Health Risks?

Due to humidity and hot air, most of us do not like to turn off the air conditioner. However, it is necessary to switch it off sometimes for the sake of your health. Acquire professional services for air conditioner installation in Mesquite. Moreover, make sure that professional workers perform AC maintenance and repairs on a regular basis.

Regular maintenance of AC units increases their lifespan. They can stay in optimal condition for many years to come. Moreover, it ensures that you are less prone to falling ill. Dirty units are the major reason behind spreading airborne diseases. They circulate bacteria, debris, dirt and mold with air. Hiring a professional service for maintenance and air conditioner installation in Mesquite ensures that you do not fall ill as often.

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