Importance of Healthy Indoor Air and Role of Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems in Mesquite, TX

Importance of Healthy Indoor Air and Role of Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems in Mesquite, TX

With poor ventilation systems and more overall pollution on the ecosphere, the quality of indoor air has been decreased considerably in some recent decades. Especially if we talks about cities then the situation is very appalling regarding the health and quality of indoor air.

Indoor air can be polluted with variety of different material including dust, pollen, air-borne microorganisms and many other substances detrimental to human health. In the list of environmental health risks to human population, poor and unhealthy indoor air comes among the top five. A professional heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX can assist you with better indoor quality. But first, let’s see what indoor air pollutant entails.

What is indoor air pollution?

The phrase ‘indoor air pollution’ doesn’t refer to any one element. A whole lot of pollutants in different states of matter can contaminate indoor air of the house. For instance, there is a group of numerous particulate or solid pollutants that can ever be present in the house. These include smoke particles, pollen, dust, pet dander, mites, bacteria and molds. Pollutants in gaseous and liquid phase in the form of fumes of insecticides, cleaning and bleaching products and paints can also infect the indoor air.

All the mentioned pollutant particles can become a reason for numerous health complications for any household. Therefore it is necessary to address the problem of indoor air pollution. Air conditioning experts can help you with that. Whether gaseous, liquid or solid pollutants are present in your indoors, an ace heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX are equipped with solutions that can completely treat your indoor air for better results.

Options for improving indoor air quality

There are two distinctive ways through which a professional and experienced heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX can help you with improving the air quality of the house by reducing and eliminating the air pollutants.

By improving ventilation

Many houses don’t have any ventilation systems except from the exhausts in kitchen and bathrooms. This insufficient ventilation is not good for better air quality in the house. To increase aeration in the house with more ventilation, expert heating and air condition in Mesquite, TX can utilize the ductwork of the house’s HVAC systems. They connect the HVAC duct returns to the outdoors with the help of motorized damper and controller which help in aeration of indoor space with the outdoor air.

However, there are some limitations attached to this method of improving indoor air quality. If the outdoor air itself is not suitable for human health due to plenty of contaminants in it then the purpose of ventilation would go in vain. Weather conditions also impact the quality and quantity of ventilating air coming from the outside.

Air filtration systems

Apart from increasing the ventilation of the house, air filtration systems are also employed by heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX to improve the quality of air of the indoors. Air filtration systems come in different settings. There are some that can be installed within the ductwork of home’s HVAC system while portable air filtration systems can be used to clean air in the specific areas of your house. Let’s look into different types of air filtration systems used by heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX for a better quality indoor air.

Solid particulate removal

These air filtration systems remove solid and suspended particulate pollutant from the indoor air that we have already discussed. Air filtrations for such pollutants are usually mechanically and electrically driven.

Mechanical air filtration systems

This type of filtration system works on a simple mechanism where pollutant particles get trapped in the synthetic fiber of the filters. These fibers are either arranged in flat or pleated assembly. Pleated ones are more efficient because of more surface area of filtering material which helps in filtering out the particles that can end up in lungs through respiration.

If not installed properly, then mechanical air filters can decelerate the performance of HVAC system by restricting its air flow. Therefore, only avail the services of a heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX with a considerable experience of installing and upgrading the air filtration systems.

Electronic or HEPA air filtration systems

A more efficient variant of air filtration system is available in the form of electronic or HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters.  This type of filters is more efficient because they use the phenomenon of electrostatic attraction to trap pollutants. The particle-laden air is initially passes through ionization chamber where the pollutant particles get ionized. In second step, these charged pollutants get deposited on collector plates having opposite charges.

Good heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX recommends the installation of HEPA air filtration in your HVAC systems for optimal removal of solid pollutants from the indoor air.

Gas-liquid phase air filters

Air filtration systems for the removal of gaseous pollutants remove the unwanted gases and odors from the air. Traditional gas air filtration systems use the component called sorbent which absorbs the gaseous pollutants from the indoor air. Usually, carbon is used as the absorbent material in these types of filters. Since gas pollutant air filtration systems are specifically designed to remove certain pollutants, therefore consult a good heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX in choosing the one suitable for your indoors.

Some air filtration systems (usually portable ones) employ ultraviolet light to destroy air-borne pollutants in the house. They are known by the name of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation can photovoltaic oxidation air filtration systems. Having them along with HVAC-fitted air filtration system in the house will surely help in improving the heath index of the indoor air.

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