Increase the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner | Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX

Increase the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner | Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX

Climate change continues to make the weather unbearable. To escape the heat, people seek comfort in air-conditioned rooms. However, using too much energy and resources also contributes to global warming.

This is one of the biggest reasons you need to ensure that your cooling system is working at full efficiency. It is important to stay cool to avoid health concerns like dehydration and heat stroke, but homeowners can be more responsible.

Energy costs also hit peaks in summers as more and more homes turn on their cooling systems. Such costs can make it hard to have a crisp cold temperature in the house. It is important to have an efficient air conditioner so it consumes less energy.

There are a few ways you can keep your air conditioning unit efficient. The following suggestions are given by experts in air conditioning service in Richardson, TX, so you can have a good quality of life at home.

Insulated Air Ducts

Air ducts of the cooling system of your house need to be insulated properly to ensure that no air escapes. Experts on air conditioning service in Richardson, TX, recommend using fiberglass insulation as it can trap cold air inside and keep heat out. Insulating the air ducts properly can actually decrease energy bills by 17%. Plus, you will be a more environmentally friendly homeowner.

Filters in the Air Conditioner

Dirty air filters can cause slow air circulation. This obstacle can hinder the efficiency of the unit greatly. The dust and dirt can also decrease the quality of air in the home by a huge margin. Such filters can also develop mold which can raise a lot of health concerns and has a very unpleasant smell. It is important to clean them often or get them changed by an air conditioning service in Richardson, TX.

Shady Area

The more heat that hits the air conditioner, the less efficient it will be. Air conditioning units need to be installed in a shady area to prevent the sun from hitting the unit too hard. You can protect the air conditioning unit with the shade of a tree; however, make sure no leaves fall on the unit clogging the filters.

You can also install a cover over the air conditioner to reduce heat from the sun. According to experts, protecting your air conditioner from the sun can increase the efficiency of the system by 25%.

Space for the Air Conditioner

The air conditioner needs to be installed in an area where no debris can collect on it. Things like nests, bird features, dirt, dry leaves, and other trash can hinder the ventilation process of the cooling system. This can damage the air conditioning system as proper air ventilation is needed by the system to function properly.

It is important to keep the filters of the air conditioning unit clean to prevent any problems. Call experts in air conditioner installation in Richardson, TX, when you get a unit. They will make sure that the air conditioner is installed away from any hedges, bushes, trees or plants to reduce chances of debris. If you have already installed the unit near such growth, then make sure to keep the plants trimmed carefully.

Ventilation Fans

Air flow for any air conditioning system is very important as it regulates the temperature within the system. If they bump together or close then it can restrict the air flow and cause efficiency problems. Call for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX, to repair the fans immediately. Neglect may result in damage to your air conditioning unit since it won’t be able to work properly.

Windows and Doors

To make sure your air conditioning unit is working effectively ensure that no cool air escapes. Keep the windows and doors in the house closed so your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work overtime to cool the house.

Adjust the Temperature

When you are sleeping or are out of the house you don’t need the air conditioner working a lot. Turn up the degrees as much as you can if high levels of cooling aren’t required. Every degree you turn up will have an effect on how much energy bill you have to pay.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help increase the air flow in the room. They assist the air conditioner in circulating cool air around the room. This means that the air conditioner will have increased efficiency. Fans don’t even utilize as much energy as air conditioning systems which mean lower energy costs. They can also keep the room cool as well, which means you can turn up the degrees of the air conditioner higher.


A lot of heat can enter your home if your attic and roof are not insulated. The heat of the sun directly hits the top floor of the home which diffuses into the home. You can install an energy efficient roof which is properly insulated against such heat.

For the attic, take steps to keep it cool so the internal temperature of the house isn’t hot. Keep the windows of the attic open to create good ventilation in the room. Experts in air conditioning service in Richardson, TX, also recommend using box fans to blow hot air out of the attic. This will also increase ventilation in the room which will act as a barrier between the house and the heat from the sun.


It is important to maintain the air conditioning unit properly to reduce the chance of break down or inefficiencies. Make sure to call an expert in air conditioning service in Richardson, TX, to inspect your cooling system often. This will keep your air conditioning unit working in optimum condition.

If any component breaks down or strange noises come from your air conditioning system, make sure to get it fixed at once. Neglecting any issues can result in a shorter lifespan for your air conditioning unit. It may also cause a series of malfunctions that result in higher maintenance costs.


Always hire a trained professional for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX. Air conditioning units are complex systems that can face damage if amateurs meddle with them. Experts like K&S Heating and Air can reduce chances of break down and make sure your air conditioning unit is efficient.