Is Your Air Conditioner Malfunctioning? | Air Conditioning Service in McKinney, TX

Is Your Air Conditioner Malfunctioning? | Air Conditioning Service in McKinney, TX

Whenever we encounter a problem with our air conditioning units, the first thing that springs in our mind:

Should we call a HVAC service professional to do the job, or try executing it on our own?

As a company that has been providing air conditioning service in McKinney, TX, for several years, the team of K&S Heating and Air, gets asked this question many times on our complaint visits.

We understand the reasoning behind this question. After all, if there is a dirty filter to be cleaned, doing it on your own is more economically feasible than hiring a professional service for it. We get that, and we are in agreement.

However, not all AC malfunctioning problems are as simple as cleaning a dirty filter. Your AC unit is a complex arrangement of mechanical and electrical components. It requires expert knowledge and expert tools to identify the underlying cause of a problem, before it can be resolved. This requires the address of a HVAC professional.

Moreover, since air conditioners operate on electricity, you can risk your safety when trying to troubleshoot the problem on your own. Something as simple as cleaning a dirty filter, should not be a problem. But, beyond that, we won’t encourage an intervention that involves unqualified practice.

Therefore, when it comes to handling the majority of air conditioning problems, you need a reliable and trustworthy air conditioning service in McKinney, TX to do the job for you.

However, there are some technical problems, that you are going to encounter more frequently as a homeowner. We take a quick look at them.      

Common AC Problems that Require Professional Address

The problems are listed as follows:

Problem #1: Your AC Is Not Cooling Enough

A drop in cooling power, is one of the most common complaints that we come across as a provider of air conditioning service in McKinney, TX.

Insufficient cooling can sometimes be fixed, simply by servicing the clogged filter. While, at other times, the solution could be more complex.

  • It could be that the temperature sensor of the thermostat is not functioning, affecting the feedback loop and causing the cooling power to drop.
  • The problem could be with the electrical relays or capacitors, that make your compressor work. A malfunctioning compressor directly affects the refrigeration cycle, which results in insufficient cooling.
  • Your air conditioner might be leaking refrigerant, which has caused the refrigerant levels to drop. Low refrigerant pressure can cause cooling power to drop significantly. Contact a local air conditioning service in McKinney, TX and get the AC recharged, while making sure that the leak is fixed.

Problem #2: Your Air Conditioner is Billing You in Excess

This complaint is quite common. People experience the problem at least once during the expended service life of their air conditioner unit.

Again, the underlying cause of this issue could be a dirty air filter. However, most of the times, the excessive consumption of electricity is attributed to:

  • The evaporator coils of your air conditioner becoming clogged.
  • Your air conditioner could be running low on refrigerant, due to a potential leak, which is keeping the unit away from working at optimum efficiency.
  • Your compressor could be damaged.
  • If your air conditioner is part of a HVAC system, then it could be a malfunctioning strip heat breaker. A faulty breaker, causes the system to produce heating and cooling at the same time, and thus consuming more electricity than what is required to keep your indoors cool.
  • There could be an air leak in the ductwork.

Problem #3: The Outdoor Unit Fan is Not Working

The fan assembly in your outdoor unit, helps expel the heat from the refrigerant and into the outdoor environment. Sometimes, the fan can stop working. This causes a drop, in cooling levels, before eventually resulting in a complete failure of the air conditioning system.

The reason for the failure of the fan assembly could be:

  • The fuse in the evaporator coils has been blown up. This fuse is responsible for protecting the fan assembly against the effects of overheating.
  • A burnt capacitor, located in the outdoor unit of your air conditioner.

In both of these cases, the burnt-out components should only be replaced with parts of identical electrical ratings, as stated in the manufacturer’s data sheet. An air conditioning service in McKinney, TX can help you in finding the required stock and getting the issue resolved.

Problem #4: A Technical Fault in the Air Handler

The air handler of an air conditioning system, helps to draw in warm air from the indoors, circulates it through the evaporator coils, and then redistributes it into the indoors through the installed registers. It is the component of your air conditioning system that is in continuous operation.

Because of this increased workload, air handler tends to experience technical faults which should only be addressed by an experienced air conditioning service in McKinney, TX.

  • The blower motor of the air handler may fail due to a blown-out capacitor, damaged control board or a bad relay. This can cause the air handler to malfunction.
  • The air filter installed inside the air handler may lose its structural integrity due to continuous usage, which in turn can clog the evaporator coils and cause damage to the compressor in long term.

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