Is Your HVAC System Inviting Pests into Your Home? Time to Call a Heating and Air Condition Service in Dallas, TX

HVAC systems work by exchanging air from the inside and outside of your property. This process can open the door to pests coming into your home. If you routinely get a heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX, pests will stay where they belong — outside! For this reason, it is important to maintain your HVAC system from season to season. In doing so, you put up defenses that block these tiny critters from making your home theirs.

How Does Maintaining Your HVAC System Keeps Pests at Bay?

By getting a routine heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX, you can decrease the chances of pests entering your home. When pests enter your home through your HVAC system, they leave behind skin cells, saliva, and droppings.

All these can cause harm to you and your family, especially those with asthma or another respiratory issue. It will also reduce the air quality in your home, which is why it becomes even more important to keep these pesky little pests away from your home.

How Do Pests Enter Your Home via the HVAC System?

As time passes by, heavy rains and wings can move the components of your HVAC system outside. When the electronic components of your HVAC system move out of place, they attract pests. For example, cockroaches, ants, and earwigs are the three of the common pests you will see enter your home is the electronic components shift around. These types of pests are attracted to the contract switch on the HVAC system placed outside of your home.

If you do not do something about it fast, you can have a serious problem on your hands. These pests come in large numbers and can prevent your HVAC system from working properly. You will have no choice, but to replace the HVAC system’s contactor. For this reason, you need to rely on the expertise of a trained technician who will provide you with a heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX.

The professional technician will install a closed style contractor and use caulking to fill in the gaps. Whatever you do, do not wait for the problem to become worse, as it only takes a few days for a small problem to become big. Another thing that attracts pests is moisture.

You need to inspect the drain pan or drain line to see if it is clogged. If they are clogged, pests will enter your home. If there is an issue with the condensation, contact a technician for a heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX. A technician can help you determine the problem and level of maintenance your HVAC system needs to work properly.

What Can You Do to Keep Pests Away from Your Home?

Apart from getting a heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX, you also need to take the following measures to ensure these pests stay out:

·     Seal Off All Entry Points from Where Pests Can Enter

If you are unsure from where pests are coming from, you can contact a professional who will inspect your HVAC system and inform you from where these pests are entering your home from. If these pests are using your HVAC system to enter your home, you need to call a heating and air condition technician to place vents with protective screens. They can also inspect the HVAC system and locate drafts, which pests usually use to enter your home.

·     Seal Your Ductwork

You need to seal your ductwork and check on it to ensure it has not degraded, as it does with time. Pests can enter your house through the gaps in the ducts. However, pests are not the only thing you have to worry about, as gaps in the ducts also means your HVAC system is using more energy to operate and cool your home. This will result in higher utility bills for you due to the HVAC using more energy than necessary to operate.

·     Control the Accumulation of Moisture

You need to control the accumulation of moisture by ensuring no puddles of water are in or around your home. Specifically check for puddles of water near your outdoor air conditioner condenser. You can use dehumidifiers in areas that tend to get damp. Most pests need water to survive, which is why it is so important to prevent puddles of water from forming in and around your house.

·     Clear Outdoor HVAC System

Your outdoor HVAC system needs protection from pests. To ensure pests do not become a problem, you need to clear your outdoor HVAC system. One thing you can do is to mount it on an elevated slap and remove weeds and grass near and around the HVAC system.

You can also set traps for pests in the garden. For instance, stink bugs are just one out of the many types of insects that may enter your home through your HVAC system. You can set traps for them around your HVAC system to resolve the issue. In addition to this, you can set traps for stink bugs near the vents as well to prevent them from entering your home via them.

·     Schedule Routine Maintenance of the HVAC System

You need to schedule a routine maintenance of your HVAC system by getting a heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX. The professional technician will visit your home to tune up your HVAC system and check to see if it has been infested with pests. If it has, they will recommend you call someone over for pest control inspections and spray each year to keep these pests away from your home.

Do you think pests are entering your home because there is an issue with your HVAC system or you think your system just needs a tune up? Whatever the case it, you can contact K&S Heating and Air for a heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX.

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