Is Your HVAC System Making You and Your Loved Ones Ill? | Air Conditioning Service in Frisco, TX

Is Your HVAC System Making You and Your Loved Ones Ill? | Air Conditioning Service in Frisco, TX

Is Your HVAC System Spreading Disease? | Air Conditioning Service in Frisco, TX

It is hard to imagine life without air conditioning during the summer heat. We are all grateful for the immense comfort that we get through HVAC technology.

A nice cool temperature in the scorching heat can be so helpful. As soon as you step into air conditioned space you feel reinvigorated and serene. You notice that there is a dramatic drop in your stress levels. Everyone is aware of the great health benefits of lower stress levels.

Air conditioners also provide benefits through purified air. Air conditioning systems filter pollen, dust and other allergens which can create serious health problems for those suffering from asthma, breathing problems and allergies.

However, you must remember that air conditioners also need to be properly maintained and checked on a regular otherwise they can actually become a health hazard. Far from rejuvenating you, a poorly maintained air conditioning system may actually make you sick and lethargic.

To keep your HVAC system safe and problem-free you should contact air conditioning service in Frisco, TX.

Here are the problems that can arise if your HVAC system is not maintained regularly:

Your HVAC System Can Actually Start Spreading Diseases

If air conditioners are not routinely inspected and maintained then they can turn into a breeding ground for all sorts of dangerous viruses and bacteria. HVAC systems can actually harbor and spread mold if they are not cleaned for a long time. Mold can proliferate when there is a buildup of moisture in the ducts and coils as a result of condensation that results from the cooling process.

These dangerous microorganisms can then become airborne and start spreading diseases. This will increase breathing problems in particular.

It can also lead to the spread of the Legionella pneumophila bacterium which is responsible for Legionnaire’s disease, a pneumonia infection that can possibly be fatal.

In order to prevent such problems from being created, you should contact air conditioning service in Frisco, TX to clean up you HVAC system.

Headaches, Fatigue and Malaise

A lot of office workers find that at the end of the day they feel very tired, have headaches and suffer from malaise. This could be in part due to the high work load. But there are definitely other factors as well behind this phenomenon.

That’s because as soon as these people step outside the building and breathe in fresh air they feel instantly refreshed and reinvigorated. Their symptoms suddenly disappear just through a few breaths of fresh air. As a consequence, this phenomenon is also called the ‘sick building syndrome’.

You can use common sense to reduce the extent of sick building syndrome. You should step outside at regular intervals and also throw open the windows when you are not feeling well.

One possible way to reduce the severity of this problem is to get your HVAC system checked so that you can be sure that it is not circulating unhealthy air. The ducts and other parts of the HVAC system should be inspected and cleaned according to schedule so that they don’t start spreading molds, viruses and bacteria.

You can do a lot for your own health and the health of your loved ones by calling expert air conditioning service in Frisco, TX.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we may be at a greater risk of being exposed to pollutants while we are indoor. We often think that we will be exposed to greater amounts of pollutants when we step outside. The common perception is that the outside air is contaminated owing to air pollution which is endemic.

But the fact is that indoor air has actually become a big health hazard as a result of our own mistakes.

The problem arises because central air conditioning does not circulate fresh air from outside. It keeps circulating old air which can accumulate dust, dander, germs and mold.

However, this problem can be solved easily. You just need to throw open windows from time to time to let in some fresh air. A little common sense can go a long way.

You should talk to experts who care for the health and wellbeing of their customers. Contact the most caring and the best experts so that they can provide you air conditioning service in Frisco, TX.

Dry Skin

On average, people are spending a greater amount of time indoors. This can result in skin drying because you are constantly exposed to cold and dry air. Your hair can also be adversely affected.

If you want to avoid such ill effects then you should step outside regularly and use your air conditioning with care. It is amazing how so many people set their thermostats to very low temperatures and keep running their air conditioners at this setting throughout the day.

It is only necessary to keep the temperature low if you have come in from outside or have engaged in strenuous activity. Once you cool down you can raise the temperature and remain comfortable. You can keep the temperature up to 25 degrees Celsius and still remain comfortable. Not only will you be able to avoid dry skin your bills will also be low.

To extend the life of your air-conditioning system and to keep it problem free you should immediately hire air conditioning service in Frisco, TX.

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