Key Considerations Before Air Conditioner Installation in Garland

Key Considerations Before Air Conditioner Installation in Garland

As summer approaches, homeowners in Garland are on the look-out for new air conditioners. AC units are necessary for making our homes comfortable during the sweltering summer heat. While buying a new system may seem simple, there are many things you have to consider before air conditioner installation in Garland.

Not getting the right AC unit means that you’ll have to bear through the summers in discomfort. Below, we enlist all the necessary considerations people in Garland need to think about during air conditioner installation.


There is a common perception among homeowners in Garland that the least expensive systems are better. However, these people often forget that there is a reason why some units have reduced prices. Low-priced units often have older technologies that are not as efficient as new ones. In most cases, costlier units are better at saving energy and are cost-effective in the long-run.

These units only need a small amount of energy to function. Moreover, units with improved technologies are more adept at maintaining temperatures. As a result, they don’t spike up your energy bills like their cheaper counter-parts.

However, people in Garland should avoid trying their hand at installing these units. Instead, they should contact a professional for air conditioner installation in Garland.


The cost of a unit is has a major role in the choice of an AC system. However, the quality of that AC unit will carry more far-reaching effects in the future. Some units may be expensive but they in optimal condition for a longer period of time.

As a result, people won’t have to worry about frequent repairs after an air conditioner installation. The higher initial cost of expensive units will eventually even out. High-quality units won’t trouble you with constant repair and maintenance jobs.


Homeowners in Garland have to ensure that the AC they’re buying is of a suitable size. Determining the size of a unit is essential before buying. The AC unit should easily fit at the desired location. Getting the help of a professional air conditioner service in Garland can help you get the right unit for your home.

However, available space isn’t the only thing you should consider before the air conditioner installation. The size of the air conditioner also affects the efficiency of your AC system.

When an AC unit is too small, it won’t cool your home effectively. On the other hand, larger units will cool the room way more quickly than it needs to. Only a professional from an air conditioner installation service has the expertise to suggest the ideal size of an AC.

Condition of Ductwork

If you still have duct systems in your home, then you will have to evaluate their condition before the air conditioner installation. It’s good to seal the joints to ensure that the ductwork remains inefficient. Old duct systems tend to leak up to 20% of cool air which ends up in waste.

You can hire a reliable air conditioner installation and maintenance service to improve the duct’s condition. Once these ducts are fixed, you can ask those technicians to perform air conditioner installation as well.

Air Quality

AC systems in Garland have pre-installed requirements to maintain air quality. Manufacturers embed these functionalities before they send their units in the market. Maintaining air quality at home is extremely important to let these machines work in an optimal manner. A professional HVAC K&S Heating and Air can help you find a suitable air-controlling device for your home.

Energy Consumption

Homeowners in Garland need to make sure that their desired AC unit doesn’t increase your energy bills. To do this, you have to verify that the unit has a qualifiable energy efficiency rating (EER). A good EER means that the unit is cost-effective in terms of energy use. The range of this rating is from 8 to 11.5. The higher an EER rating is, the more energy efficient solution the unit will be.

Furthermore, AC units with sufficient EER are also good for the environment. Opposed to old systems, these AC units do not emit excessive heat and harmful gases to the environment. To top it off, these units have advanced features such as variable fan speeds, digital temperature controls, and sleep settings. While going for air conditioner installation in Garland choose a system that gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Additional Equipment

It’s wiser to do a little research before having an air conditioner installation in Garland. Some AC units come with many additional devices. These additional units can boost the AC’s performance even more and enable you to enjoy supreme comfort.

In other cases, it can make your environment healthier. For instance, devices like air purifiers remove harmful allergens from the air. People shouldn’t forget that a healthy atmosphere is important for your family, especially your children.

Moreover, there other gadgets that can make your AC unit multi-functional. Getting a heat pump for your AC enables units to behave both like cooling and heating unit for you.

Who Should You Call?

K&S Heating and Air have years of experience in air conditioner installation in Garland.  K&S Heating and Air also provides air conditioner installation services in cities surrounding Garland. Other than installing AC units, its professionals can help you choose the unit that will be perfect for your home. Not only that, the staff is trained to do all kinds of repairing services, no matter how complex they are.

You can check out K&S Heating and Air’s website to know more about services. Call them at 972-271-9319 now to take advantage of K&S Heating and Air’s air conditioner installation services.