K&S Heating & Air For All Your Air Conditioner Installation Needs | Mesquite, TX

K&S Heating & Air For All Your Air Conditioner Installation Needs | Mesquite, TX

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Mesquite, TX is an eastern suburb of Dallas but is also the ‘Rodeo Capital of Texas’ according to the city’s officials. For the last 25 years, Mesquite has been declared a ‘Tree City’ by the National Arbor Day Foundation as a ‘Tree City’ for the last 25 years. The benefits of living close to Dallas without the noise, crime, and higher housing prices make Mesquite a pleasant place to live for commuters and homebodies alike.

Investing in a new air conditioner installation is going to take some research and chores to ensure that you buy the correctly sized unit for your home and office. Energy Star can help you choose the right unit and K&S can make sure the air conditioner installation is done with expertise.

The right air conditioner will reduce your carbon footprint (protecting the environment is important to every Texan) while saving you money and investing in an air conditioner installation that will save you money in the long-term with higher efficiency technology lowering electricity bills.

Older air conditioners are subpar compared to the new cooling environment technology. Choosing the right AC unit is as important as correctly performing an air conditioner installation.

There are options to cool specific rooms while turning down the air conditioning usage in rooms that are not being utilized. This is called zoning. The experts at K&S Heating and Air specialize in zoning homes for cooling and heating purposes to protect our planet and your wallet! These new AC types make air conditioner installation a lot simpler in many cases.

Air Conditioning Warning Signs That Your AC Is About to Die & You’ll Need an Air Conditioner Installation

Winter in Texas can be mild and comfortable. There is so much to see and do in such a diverse city as Dallas and the natural beauty of the region is hard to enjoy when the mercury rises past 100 degrees.

Do not take your air conditioner for granted. If you have not maintained your air conditioner on a semi-annual basis, it is much more likely that the appliance will last a lot less time than its cared-for counterparts.

Buying a new AC and having an air conditioner installation isn’t a cheap service, but like cheap paint and cheap luggage, the low cost can mean spending a lot more money to repaint properly or be able to carry your luggage without a busted wheel.

The Texan summer is dangerous for vulnerable people like seniors, people with chronic illnesses, and small children. Every year, people lose their lives to heatstroke. Air conditioning is not a luxury for Texans, it is a necessity. Researching and learning about the best air conditioner for your new installation

Here are a few red flags that you need a new air conditioner conducted by an air conditioner installation expert like K&S Heating & Air:

  • Pooling water indoors or outdoors: Condensation is normal for healthy air conditioners, but huge puddles of water and other coolants are a huge warning sign that your air conditioner is about to give up the ghost.


  • Coolants are dangerous: to plants, living creatures, and people if left untreated. Particularly, older units that rely on phasing out coolant Freon. The government is gently removing this from consumer and professional markets due to the damage it causes to the environment, the difficulty in responsibly disposing of it, and the risks posed to people and animals exposed to it.


  • Collecting Fluids: these substances can be due to the air conditioner overworking to reach the temperatures you have set your thermostat to. Overworking an air conditioner is an easy way to shorten the length of your appliance and spend more money on electricity bills because the AC must work harder, it is using up at least twice as much electricity if not more.


  • Strange Sounds: Most appliances around the house make ordinary sounds as a regular part of proper operation even when functioning well. Some sounds are indicators your unit needs attention and potentially needs a new unit and an air conditioning installation conducted by professionals who have integrity, work ethic, and dedication to the Mesquite community.


  • Grating, scraping, or any other extremely loud noises: should be your impetus to call K&S Heating and Air to get it fixed before you end up sweating all summer.


  • Mold: The air ducts which carry the airflow throughout an environment are the lungs of the space. If the vents are neglected and filthy or if the air conditioner has mold growth and has corroded intricate parts of the AC, you are going to need a professional air conditioner installation.


  • Collected mold or debris: in the heating and air conditioning vents, then the air moving throughout the area will be dirty. Musty smells are a sign of trouble with your vents and HVAC appliances.


  • Neglected HVAC systems: impacts the health of the household residents or workers in the office space. Stay aware of respiratory problems for those living and working in the space. Behaviors like coughing, irritation to your eyes and nose, asthma attacks, and headaches can all be traced to dirty air or a malfunctioning AC unit. These might be related to mold growth in the air ducts.

Customer Testimonials

“Last August our central air conditioner just stopped working during one of the strongest heat waves last year. We could not escape to a cooled hotel because my husband has COPD could kill him if he were exposed to the coronavirus. I spent the majority of an entire day trying to sweet-talk heating and air conditioning companies to come out to our home that same day with truly little luck.

After about three hours I found K&S Heating and Air, and after a five-minute conversation and discussing a small additional fee for the immediate response, the receptionist directed a technician directly to our home. I was so happy to see his friendly face less than an hour later. I was concerned that the heat would make it difficult for my husband to breathe comfortably.

Unfortunately, our AC was a goner. It took the technician a couple of hours, but he found a new unit the same day! He called in backup and the four of them stayed three hours past the end of their shifts to complete the task.

I was so very touched by the concern and care for my husband’s condition by the K&S Heating and Air Conditioning team. This company is all heart, and they offer affordable and transparent pricing without any surprises. Ditch the other HVAC companies and invest in K&S because they actually care about the comfort of their clients.”

Mary Whitmore, Mesquite, TX

For any of your heating or air conditioning needs give us at K&S Heating & Air a call today.