K&S Heating and Air – A Trustworthy Heating And AC Repair Company | Richardson, TX

K&S Heating and Air – A Trustworthy Heating And AC Repair Company | Richardson, TX

Richardson is an inner part of the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area. The affluent suburb is home to the University of Texas at Dallas and is known for the Telecom Corridor which boasts 5000 businesses operating within the 28-mile radius of our fair neck of the woods.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas have their headquarters in our fair neck of the woods. Businesses like Geico, Fujitsu, and Samsung all earn revenue in our blessed area.

It is an ideal place to live for many local workers, not solely due to the short commute but for the generous park system, endless trails to explore via hiking or biking, and an 80 acres nature park where children and adults alike can wonder and marvel at mother nature’s creations.

Texas is not the place to be in the summer if you do not like hot weather! Temperatures can easily reach three digits where it is hot enough to fry an egg on the asphalt. The winter is not all breezy 60 degrees days either. Winter storms do happen from time to time, and when they do you will want your furnace to warm your home without interruption or failure.

Every Texan community needs experts who specialize in heating and AC repair. These dog days of summer cause endless cases of sunburns, sunstroke, and dehydration throughout the region. Once a winter wind rolls in you will want your heater running efficiently and without interruptions and that is why we do what we do because we care about our community and want to help keep you comfortable!

Eco-Friendly Heating and AC Repair

The world is becoming more aware of how the environment is impacted by our modern standards of living. Smart homes and offices are becoming more and more popular as savvy customers choose Energy Star appliances that protect the earth and lower electricity bills.

The best way to protect the environment and your bank balance is to routinely service your HVAC system. Not only does this help to avoid costly repairs, but it also means your cooling and heating systems are not struggling to meet demand which naturally lowers energy usage.

The specialized team at K&S Heating and Air include a myriad of tasks in routine services like changing the filters, repairing fins, cleaning the drain tube, and reinforcing the insulation.

Warning Signs It Is Time for a Repair

Older HVAC systems can begin to leak, overheat, or plainly break down. New systems need heating and AC repair from time to time as well, but regular maintenance and digital flags prevent faults from becoming enormous problems.

We are going to discuss a few of the warning signs that indicate it is time for a heating or AC repair below:

The Furnace, Boiler, or Air Conditioner Does Not Turn On

The last thing anyone wants to deal with in the middle of August is a broken-down air conditioner. Alternatively, waking up to an icy house in February is not a fun prospect either. A dead air conditioner might be due to a blown fuse or even a circuit break.

Boilers and furnaces may need to be relighted or cleaned. There are endless reasons as to why your home is not warm when it is supposed to be. K&S offers a subscription service that schedules maintenance care to prevent these problems and keep you comfy!

Weird Sounds

It is perfectly acceptable for an HVAC system to make humming and other low-level sounds, but when they start to make a loud rattling or knocking noise then it is time to schedule a heating and AC repair.

Dirty Air Ducts

The average home produces 40 pounds of dust every, single year! Dust collects in the ductwork which can cause obstructions limiting the performance of your heating and cooling systems. Dirty ducts can also trigger allergies, aggravate pulmonary illness, and cause other wellness hazards.

Bad Smells

Unusual smells act as red flags that there is something wrong with the homes’ climate controls. Mold, mildew, and gas smells are all indicators that you need immediate heating and AC repair. If you smell gas, leave the house and call the gas company. Do not reenter the home until authorities state it is safe to do so.

Heating and AC Repair that Cares

It is particularly important to have dependable air conditioning, particularly during the hottest months in Texas. Our NATE certified tradespeople are hired for their specialized skills, exceptional customer service, and a dedication to serving the Richardson, TX community with integrity and honesty.

K&S performs extensive background checks before offering a potential employee a position at our company. Also, we require every member of our team to submit to periodic and unannounced drug and alcohol testing.

Team members are required to continue their training to stay abreast of developing technologies and to continue to improve their skills while working with us.

Customer Feedback

“Fantastic heating and AC repair and super-friendly workers. The repairman was friendly, quick, and wore his mask the entire time he was inside working on our furnace. I will be calling them again!”

Chelsea Winters, March 2020, Richardson, TX

“Our air conditioner started making this banging noise. You could hear the central air conditioner knocking away outside with the television on full blast. I have been a K&S customer for a few years now and I cannot recommend them enough for any heating and AC repair. There are few businesses these days that care about their customers! Thanks, Guys!!!”

Mark Smith, June 2020, Richardson, TX

“I run hot so I rarely turn on the heating during the cooler months but a few years ago (2015-I believe) we got snow in Dallas, Texas which has not happened since the 1970s. I went to turn on the heating and nothing but tepid air blew out. I called K&S and they came out in the snowstorm right away to help this old woman out! I am so grateful. If you have a heating and AC repair that needs attention to call K&S, they will sort you out and at a good price too!”

Shelly Samms, March 2019, Dallas, TX

At K&S Heating & Air we are here for you!