Most Common AC Problems – Here’s How an Air Conditioning Service Can Help  | Air Conditioning Service in Farmers Branch

Most Common AC Problems – Here’s How an Air Conditioning Service Can Help | Air Conditioning Service in Farmers Branch

Summer is on its way and it is going to get sweltering hot very soon. The summer season can be a bit hard going at times. Residents at Farmers Branch are all too familiar with skin burning sunlight and gusts of humid air. Sometimes, it even feels like the sun has flung open the gates of hell.

However, people can go by these hard times by having a reliable AC system in their home. Without a doubt, air conditioning has been a blessing for residents of Farmers Branch. It’s difficult to go through sweltering hot summers without them. However, it is not uncommon for AC to breakdown when summer is at its prime.

Also, it’s very hard to find a reliable air conditioning service in an emergency situation. However, if someone can spot existing issues with their unit beforehand, they can lessen their suffering. This article explains the most common AC problems and how an air conditioning service in Farmers Branch can help.


Clogged or Dirty filters are some of the most common reasons why AC’s struggle to work. While cleaning dirty filters is no rocket science; you should be wary of the dust accumulated on the filter. Be sure that you clean the filters in a way that you don’t breathe in dust and other allergens.

Some people can face problems while cleaning filters. In such a case, it’s wiser to consult the manufacturer manual. One way of knowing that it’s time to clean filters is by passing light through the filter. If light can’t pass through, you should clean the filters immediately.

The time required to replace filters can vary according to use and their exposure to dust. Some filters last for only a month; while in others you have to replace these filters every three months.

Moreover, clogged air filters can dwindle down the quality of air in your home. Sometimes, these dirty filters even block the airflow of the unit and affect the AC. One of the most common symptoms of this happening is seeing excessive dust around your home. In other cases, the AC can even freeze due to lack of airflow.

Issues such as dirty filters are not that complex. Most people won’t have to call an air conditioning service in Farmers Branch to replace a filter. However, there are more complex problems in this list that need air conditioning service in Farmers Branch to get the job done.


The thermostat in your home can also be a reason behind many problems. The device is responsible for controlling room temperature inside your house. Simple things such as keeping the thermostat away from sunlight or cleaning it; can help it work properly.

However, the thermostat can face issues with downtime as well. A malfunctioned thermostat will find it difficult to set your air conditioner right. If you’re facing issues with the thermostat, contact an air conditioning service in Farmers Branch now.

Refrigerant Leaks

Leaking coolant can cause the AC system to malfunction. A malfunctioned AC will can’t work the way it should and users will see fluctuation in temperatures. How much these leak affect an AC depends on the location of the leak.

The cost for fixing these leaks can also vary according to where the AC is leaking from. Professionals in an air conditioning service in Farmers Branch have better chances of identifying the origins of a leak. It’s ideal to be cautious in the event of a leak. People should avoid looking for leaks themselves and consult a professional air conditioning service in Farmers Branch instead.


As it goes with air filters, the drain must also be clean. Negligence can cause the drain line to accumulate dust, dirt and lint. Accumulation over time causes the drain line to clog.

A clogged drain line means that water can fill up inside the pan. Once the water in the pan overflows, it can get inside your AC unit. Like any electrical appliance, water inside the AC unit can damage the unit severely. Even if water doesn’t do internal damage, constant exposure will cause your air conditioner to rust.

Also, anything in touching distance of the pan can get spoiled as well. For this reason, experts recommend keeping an eye on your AC’s draining pan. Even seemingly preventions can save your AC unit from bigger problems. Whenever you spot water going inside your AC, call air conditioning service in Farmers Branch immediately.


The compressor is the heart of your AC unit. It provides energy to refrigerants which helps them get propelled through the coils. This step is necessary for heat exchange inside these coils. If the compressor malfunctions, the AC won’t have the slightest bit of effect on your room temperature.

A compressor can malfunction due to several reasons in Farmer Branch. It can happen when the AC unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant. In such a case, the compressor will get dry, boil up and ultimately seize itself.

However, when the refrigerant is more than it should be, it can get overwhelmed by the refrigerant. Excessive volume of refrigerant can choke the AC unit and eventually cause it to fail.

Who Should You Call?

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