Offering A Quality Air Conditioning Service | Rockwall, TX

Offering A Quality Air Conditioning Service | Rockwall, TX

K&S Heating & Air has been serving the city of Rockwall, TX for many years. When temperatures reach over 100 degrees, it is important that you can depend on a company that can deliver quality air conditioning service, 24/7. Whatever your problem is, you can rely on us to quickly and affordably fix the issue.

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

Working knowledge of air conditioners can help explain why things can go wrong and what you can do to avoid them, but these complex machines are easily damaged by someone who is not trained to properly repair them. Understanding how an air conditioner works may help you understand what repairs you need.

The compressor pumps the coolant through copper pipes that link the other components such as the evaporator coils, condenser, and cooling fins. A fan extracts the warm air from inside your home and blows it over the evaporator coils. The coolant absorbs heat from the warm air and then the cooler air is blown back into your home. The warm air is now transferred outside again and the colder air continues its journey back and repeats the cycle.

Signs That You Need an Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioners are normally very robust and reliable. But when they do break down a repair can often run into hundreds of dollars. To work efficiently they need regular servicing, to ensure that they are running safely and more cost-effectively.

Calling a Dallas air conditioning service technician is the best thing you can do for your unit. It will give you peace of mind during the long hot summer in Rockwall, TX. Without a regular air conditioning maintenance service, you will increase the chance of needing an expensive AC repair.

Keep a lookout for the following signs:

  • Frost and ice forming on the evaporator coil
  • Condenser and cooling fins are dirty
  • Your energy bills are higher
  • High level of humidity
  • Puddles of water around the unit
  • The AC will not turn on

Frost and Ice Forming on the Evaporator Coil

There can be several reasons why frost and ice can form. A reduction in airflow is one reason. Dirty air filters and a faulty fan can reduce the airflow, and this means that less heat is absorbed from the warm air and so the air being blown back into your home will not be as cool or comfortable.

Another reason is that there may not be enough coolant in the system. Less coolant will also mean less heat will be absorbed from the warm air and the cooling effect reduced. An air conditioning service from K&S Heating & Air will replace and clean the air filters and top up the coolant if necessary.

A service will also clean the evaporator coils, as any dirt layer on the coils will also cause a build-up of frost and ice. Ignoring this problem will only store up problems for the future. Should the coils freeze, you will need to turn your air conditioner off for up to 24 hours to allow them to thaw.

The Condenser and Cooling Fins are Dirty

Being located outside your home the condenser and cooling fins will get covered in dirt, debris, moss, and weeds. These need to be removed periodically because they reduce the rate at which the heat from the coolant is transferred to the outside air.

Failure to clean the condenser and cooling fins will result in a reduced cooling effect from your air conditioner. The condenser could even overheat and break down needing repair. Any cleaning is part of an air conditioning service from K&S Heating & Air.

Your Energy Bills Are Higher

If one component is underperforming, the others compensate by working harder. For example, if the coolant levels are low then the compressor will work harder to try and maintain the temperature you have selected. Any component that works harder will use more energy and increase your energy bill. Overworked components are also more likely to overheat and break down. An air conditioning service will ensure that each component is running safely.

High Levels of Humidity

By extracting the heat from the warm air, the coolant reduces the temperature of the air. Colder air contains less moisture than warmer air. If the air being blown back into your home is not as cool as you would like, it carries more moisture making your home more humid.

Puddles of Water Around the Unit

After the heat is removed from the warm air the excess moisture is deposited as water in the drain pan and then flows outside through the AC drain line. The growth of moss and mold could block this cycle., The water will overflow the drain into the air conditioner and then inside your home. The water could cause a short circuit. The water will also increase the humidity levels in your home.

A blocked AC drain line could cause the air conditioner to shut down, routine checks include an inspection to see if the AC drain line is free of debris such as leaves or dirt. The drain pan and AC drain line need to be cleaned regularly to avoid the build-up of any moss and this is a task that is done during a routine air conditioning service.

The AC Will Not Turn On

Before calling for a repair, it may be worth checking your circuit breaker to see whether you have a simple blown or tripped fuse. If the air conditioner still has not come on after you have reset the circuit breaker, then call K&S Heating & Air and we can send one of our technicians around to help.

K&S Is the Best Air Conditioning Service Company in Rockwall, TX

K&S Heating & Air understand how quickly life can become unbearable and dangerous once your air conditioner breaks down. You and your family’s safety are our top priority, and we promise to send somebody around quickly to deal with the problem. We have highly trained technicians who can repair all models of air conditioners. Whatever your HVAC problem, please call us today.