Optimizing Your AC to Reduce Your Energy Bill During the Winter | Tips from Your Trusted Dallas, TX Air Conditioning Service

Optimizing Your AC to Reduce Your Energy Bill During the Winter | Tips from Your Trusted Dallas, TX Air Conditioning Service

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According to the US Department of Energy, AC expenses can amount to almost half of your annual utility bills. As such, it is essential to find ways to reduce energy expenditure in your home. There are several things you can do to minimize the total energy you spend to heat and cool your home, especially during the winter. As a rule of thumb, you should start by calling experienced HVAC professionals to inspect and optimize your systems. This will make it easier to perform routine DIY maintenances. Finding air conditioning service shouldn’t be a daunting task as there are several heating and cooling companies. Nonetheless, you need to pick dependable businesses that can guarantee high-quality services. Here are some insights on optimizing your AC for winter and fall.

Find and Seal All Leaks

When you call for an expert air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, leak inspection and repair is among the services you will receive. Leakages can compromise the heating and cooling systems resulting in more energy bills and system damages. Because of this, most reputable HVAC professionals recommend a full inspection and examination for your AC when preparing for the winter. Leaks can also occur in different places including gas pipes, refrigerant leaks, hot water supply infrastructure and drain leaks, among others. Profession air conditioning service is crucial, especially since some cracks can be too small and hidden to notice. What’s more, experienced heating and cooling companies have the right equipment and procedures to evaluate your entire system. All leaks should be repaired immediately to prevent further damages and the risk of an expensive breakdown.

Contract Drain Cleaning Services

Cleaning your drains is an essential air conditioning service you shouldn’t overlook. Although most manufacturers recommend cleaning the ducts once or twice a year, there are several merits to cleaning them before and after winter and fall seasons. Drain cleaning involves removing any debris that accumulates on the drains, gutters and pipework. It may include camera drain inspection, advanced vacuuming and repair procedures for damaged parts. Drain cleaning also restores optimal airflow, making it easy for your system to achieve required temperatures without too much effort. It equally ensures indoor air quality and reduces the impact of impurities on your filters and system. Drain cleaning may also include inspecting for mold, pest and other undesirable elements. A clean drain and ductwork hallmark AC maintenance, so it is recommendable to accommodate it in your winter budget.

Hire a Heating System Service

Many people forget about their heating systems until there is a breakdown. Unfortunately, by the time they call for a professional, the system has been running at sub-par performance for a while and requires expensive repair services. You can find air conditioning service that covers all areas, including servicing your heating system. When you schedule a service for your heating system, make sure it covers your furnaces, boilers, heat-pumps and connecting infrastructure. Since your heating system will be working harder during winter, it is the best time to ensure everything is in order and the appliances are working optimally. Heating system services may include replacing filters, cleaning flue vents and pellet-burning heaters as well as system inspection and repair.

Customize Your Thermostat Settings

Choosing the right temperature for your thermostat can significantly reduce your energy expenditure, primarily since the thermostat controls room temperature. It is recommendable to make small temperature adjustments, rather than big changes. You can also install smart programmable thermostats that can adapt to the temperature requirements in your home. Some are even integrated with other sensory technologies, so they only heat rooms that require the necessary changes in temperature. When you hire air conditioning service to optimize your system for winter, make sure you request thermostat inspection and configuration, in case it is not already included in the package. The technician will assess the heating and cooling requirements of your home to determine the right thermostat and settings.

Repair and New Installations

Winter will take its toll on your AC and if you start with an old inefficient system, breakdowns will be almost inevitable. Before the winter, you should call for professional air conditioning service to inspect your system and identify any parts that need repair or replacement. This might be something as simple as changing the AC filter or aligning the fins in your condenser unit. All HVAC units comprise of mechanical parts that naturally depreciate due to the action of daily wear and tear elements. It doesn’t have to be significant conspicuous damage on the system. Small issues such as a broken connector in the PCB interface can render your system dysfunctional, so expert repair and installation is vital. It can also involve installing energy-efficient windows and sealing open spaces that cause heat loss or exchange.

Install Led Lights

Winter decoration can rack up your energy bills, especially if you have several lighting appliances around your home. However, this is no reason to take apart your decorations and have a dull home during an already slow season. Instead, winter should motivate you to install energy-efficient solutions that use up a fraction of the initial cost. Any reputable air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, can be customized to include modifications to your lighting. Nonetheless, you should ask the HVAC company if they can perform such installations. Some companies only deal with AC and lighting that directly impacts room temperature.

Professional Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

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