Problems with AC Components that Make Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX a Must

Problems with AC Components that Make Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX a Must

Don’t we all rely on our air conditioning units to beat the heat and stay cool during summers? The last thing we want is our AC unit to breakdown in the midst of the scorching summers. To prevent AC breakdown schedule for air conditioning service in Allen, TX. AC maintenance is crucial to ensure that your unit continues to run smoothly and efficiently throughout the summer season.

When you schedule for air conditioning service in Allen, TX with K&S Heating & Air, their technicians thoroughly check your unit for potential problems with AC components, and also, repair & service the parts if needed. They make sure that your AC unit runs efficiently and keeps your home cool, just the way you want.

Here are some of the most common yet crucial problems with AC components that can lower the performance of your system dramatically and trigger the need for service and repair.

Problem #1—Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leak is one of the most common and frustrating air conditioning system problems that homeowners experience in and across Allen, Texas. Refrigerant is basically a chemical compound that is found in gaseous or fluid state. The function of this chemical compound is to absorb the heat from the surrounding environment and provide cooling.

Refrigerant is present inside the copper coils. The refrigerant absorbs the heat present the indoor air by transitioning from a low pressure gas to high pressure liquid. The fan then blows the hot air outside while another fan blows the cool air inside. This function is repeated continuously as long as you keep your AC running.

The problem occurs when refrigerant leaks. This can be caused due to vibration or weakening of AC connections or joints, or leaky copper tubing. AC units heavily rely on copper tubing to control refrigerant’s pressure. Copper tubing is most often damaged because of formicary corrosion which is caused by particles in the air like particles present in air fresheners, cleaners, and sprays. Formicary corrosion damages the walls of copper tubing resulting in leakage which further leads to refrigerant leak.

Immediate air conditioning service in Allen, TX must be scheduled to fix refrigerant leak. If it is not fixed in a timely manner, it can lower the performance of your air conditioning unit and you may not be able to keep your surroundings cool.

Problem #2—Bending of the Outdoor Fan Blade

Air conditioning service in Allen, TX is recommended if the fan blades of your air conditioner bend. This problem usually occurs with the outdoor fan of the air conditioning unit. The blades of the outdoor fan bend and get damaged because of the infiltration of elements like sticks and rocks. This is a serious issue that necessitates air conditioning service in Allen, TX. If it is not addressed right away, you may start to hear clanging sounds and your unit may stop working too.

Problem #3—Overheated and Burnt Out Fan Motors

The fans of your air conditioning system are connected to the motors via a fan belt. These motors facilitate the smooth running of the fans. However, the fan motors can wear down, overheat and burn out due to many reasons like stress, improper lubrication, and infiltration of dust particles. When the fan motors overheat, they eventually burn out which fuses the wires inside the cabinet/casing. To get this problem fixed consider air conditioning service in Allen, TX.

Problem #4—Relays of the Fan Motor Gets Stuck

Schedule for air conditioning service in Allen, TX if the relays of the fan motor get stuck! The function of the relays is to control the voltage flow. When relays open, the voltage moves swiftly through and runs the fan motors. And when they are closed, the motors are ceased because the voltage stops. Sometimes these relays can get stuck or even break.

When this happens, the fans of your air conditioning unit stop running. To ensure your air conditioning system continues to run smoothly, opt for air conditioning service in Allen, TX and get your unit checked right away.

Problem #5—Compressor Failure

Also, known as the heart of the air conditioning unit, it is crucial to keep the compressor of your AC in great shape. The purpose of the compressor is to compress refrigerant gas and pump it efficiently through the AC system. However, just like all other AC parts, this component can also fail to function.

The most common reasons for compressor failure are:

  • Dirty coils
  • Damaged suction lines
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Incorrect size of the suction lines
  • Excessive refrigerant
  • Wrong type of refrigerant used
  • Acid buildup
  • Lack of lubrication

To determine the exact reason for compressor failure and to get it fixed right away consider air conditioning service in Allen, TX. A professional technician can check the compressor and your AC unit and immediately identify the underlying cause of the problem.

Call K&S Heating and Air for Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX

Failure of any component of your AC unit like compressor, fan, or motor can lower the performance of your system and its cooling effect. To ensure smooth running of your AC, it is important that all the components of your system run efficiently. Therefore, get in touch with K&S Heating and Air to get your AC serviced today. Their professionals are experienced and well-trained. They can service, check and repair your air conditioning system and ensure that it runs at its optimal level.