Quality Air Conditioner Repair | Dallas, TX

Quality Air Conditioner Repair | Dallas, TX

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With an estimated population of 1,343,573 in 2019, Dallas, TX makes the city the ninth most populous city in the United States and the third-largest in Texas after San Antonio and Houston.

Many Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Dallas including AT&T, Dean Foods, Energy Transfer Equity, and Texas Instruments. Our fantastic city has more shopping centers per person than any other urban expanse in the United States.

TX Climate

As the Texan climate is typified by hot, humid summers with temperatures often climbing above 90 degrees, it is essential for homes, big companies, and shops to keep their employees and products cool and safe.

There can be serious health consequences with extremely high temperatures like dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. It can be a dangerous situation for both young and old people. A reliable air conditioner repair service is essential for both homes and businesses to keep everyone comfortable during the hotter months.

K&S Heating and Air provide a professional air conditioner repair service in the Dallas, TX area. We offer emergency services twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

What HVAC Services Do We Offer?

K&S Heating and Air offer a wide range of quality air conditioner repair and other services. This list isn’t comprehensive and if you’re experiencing an issue that isn’t described below please reach out and we will get it fixed affordably and quickly.

Air Conditioner Repair and Routine Maintenance

It is essential to have your air conditioner repair quickly and diligently have the unit regularly serviced and maintained. This keeps the air conditioner operating at an optimum level, making an AC unit energy-efficient, saving lots of money, and reducing your carbon footprint.

If an air conditioner isn’t regularly cleaned, then the air conditioner repair will need to remove dirt, debris, and other pollutants. Ignoring an air conditioning system makes the unit less efficient and will degrade the air quality in any space. It will also shorten the life of any air conditioning unit.

We suggest this is carried out at least once a year, by one of our highly trained technicians. They carry out a checklist as part of routine heating and air conditioning care which might include replacing the air filter, cleaning the ducts and vents, and cleansing the air conditioner condenser coil.

When Air Conditioner Repair Isn’t Enough

Without regular maintenance, chances are that the air conditioner will break down sooner or later. Watching out for any of these warning signs help indicate that it is time for an air conditioner repair.

If the unit won’t start when you turn it on, it could be due to wiring problems in the air conditioner that causes the circuit breakers to trip and stop working. It is a good idea to check circuit breakers first to see if the problem lies there and not with the air conditioner.

In most cases, an AC unit will shut down completely if its motor is faulty or broken. Older air conditioners are often more expensive to run and repair. It is necessary to decide if repairing the air conditioners’ motor should be fixed, or if it must be replaced with an Energy Star unit.

Icy Condenser Coils

If ice collects on the condenser coils, the air conditioner may not turn on or may not cool the space efficiently. The unit must be thawed and all ice must be removed before it will operate properly. Another reason the unit won’t turn on is if the thermostat is faulty making the air conditioner can’t turn on.

Faulty compressors: If your system is blowing warm air, then it may suggest a broken compressor So, call K&S for expert air conditioner repair. Dirty evaporators, filters, or condensers become congested with dirt and debris if it isn’t routinely cleaned.

Refrigerants and Noises

Refrigerant shortages: If the unit does not have sufficient refrigerant, it may not turn on or may not operate correctly. Always have a skilled technician from K&S check refrigerant levels and change these fluids because they are dangerous to children and animals.

Unusual Noises are a clear sign something isn’t right. Usually, an air conditioner runs quietly, but If you hear grating, grinding, or other sounds it indicates that it is time to call K&S. If you ignore these noises, the delay can damage the AC unit permanently.

Air Conditioning Installation

Unfortunately, AC units will not last indefinitely. Even a well-maintained air conditioner needs to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. K&S suggests upgrading to a modern air conditioning unit that meets Energy Star standards, as they are more efficient using less energy and cost less money over time.

Replacing old ductwork is important too as it can contribute to between 20 to 30 percent in energy losses which means money is flowing out of the ducts.

An older AC system cools the entire house. A smart energy-efficient solution is to zone your home so that the rooms are targeted for cooling the room with the highest traffic.

Installing Smart thermostats is a good move. These can connect via the Wi-Fi of your home through a smartphone, so you can check and control the temperature settings remotely.

Why Choose K&S Heating & Air?

K&S Heating and Air is a family-owned business that understands the importance of safety in these troubled times. We want our customers to feel safe with our NATE-Certified technicians.

To this end, all of our team members undergo thorough background checks, and drug and alcohol tests before they are hired. We randomly continue these tests for as long as they work with us.

Customer Safety Is the Biggest Priority of K&S

Our technicians will always all wear masks and use hand sanitizer before they come into your home. We enforce a rigorous policy about employees staying home when they feel unwell. But, since the pandemic started we’ve increased our commitment to protecting team members and our customers from the coronavirus.

Our technicians stay up to date by taking courses to keep abreast of new advances in this fast-changing field. K&S Heating and Air are delighted to be a member of the Better Business Bureau where we’ve consistently retained a solid A+ rating. You can count on K&S to get the job done affordably, professionally, and with your safety our biggest priority.