Residential HVAC: AC Repair Problems Arising From Ductwork Issues | Garland, TX

Residential HVAC: AC Repair Problems Arising From Ductwork Issues | Garland, TX

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Are you experiencing discomfort in your home because of very high temperatures, even when your AC is on? If yes, then your ducts may be the cause of defects in your air conditioner. Air ducts are an important component of your air conditioner. If they become defective, they can compromise the efficiency of your AC.

As a homeowner you should always be on the look to ensure your ducts are properly functioning by ensuring they are regularly cleaned and also insulated by an AC repair specialist to protect your air conditioner from additional defects. You can seek help from a repair technician to help you fix any issues arising from your ducts. With that said, you should know the common air conditioning issues arising from ductwork issues.

Poor Airflow

When your ducts are clogged or dirty, your living space will not be as cool as you would prefer. Furthermore, when the ducts are leaking, the warm air from the outside can alter the cool air inside the ductwork, making heated air enter rooms in your home.

It renders your AC unfit for its purpose. You’ll notice stuffiness in the air in your home because the air isn’t circulating properly. If you experience such problems in your home, it’s high time you talk to an AC expert to help you fix the issue to keep enjoying a fresh flow of cool air within your home in Garland, TX. Trying to do the repairs yourself can damage your air conditioning system and you’ll end up incurring more replacement costs.


Is your AC unit smelly? Well, your ductwork might be the source of unwanted smells. Sometimes moisture builds up in your duct system and it afterward creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other microorganisms. Moreover, insects and rodents can sneak through openings on your AC’s ductwork and leave droppings inside it.

The excrement mixes up with the fresh cool air and enters your home. With visitors around, you may be embarrassed when you turn on the AC and the stuffy air gets into your living space. They may conclude your house is smelly because of your poor home’s hygiene. To prevent such humiliation, you can immediately talk to an AC repair professional to examine your ductwork, clean it, and seal all openings. Additionally, if the ducts are in good condition, the expert can have a look at other AC components and clean them.

Clogged Filters

Frequently clogging filters could be a problem caused by debris and dirt deposits in the ducts. Without immediate attention, this can make the AC to overwork and afterward fail to operate. An AC repair professional can provide clean-up solutions for your ductwork to prevent the filters from getting dirty.

The problem usually occurs if your AC doesn’t receive regular servicing, including a comprehensive cleanup of components. After cleaning up the dirty ductwork and filters, you can make arrangements with the repair expert to create a maintenance plan for your system to curb such issues in the future.

Noisy Air Conditioning System

An efficiently working AC system performs its work without producing abnormal and disturbing sounds. A noisy air conditioning system indicates a problem, and this could result from faulty ductwork. Cracks and leaks developing in the ductwork allow air to escape making the air conditioning system produce an irritating whistling sound.

Additionally, a defective rectangular sheet metal duct has pressure problems and can make the AC system produce a popping sound that could irritate you and your loved ones while you hold a crucial family meeting or watch an eye-catching movie. Homeowners in Garland, TX, with a noisy conditioning system, can contact an Ac repair expert to inspect the ductwork as well as other defective components of the AC, including relay switches and compressors.

Hot and Cold Spots

Your home’s air conditioning system works to achieve a stable and comfortable cool temperature throughout your home. The presence of uneven temperatures in your rooms indicates a problem that could originate from faulty ducts in your AC unit.

The defect could either arise from improper ductwork installation or the presence of leaks in the ducts. Later on, it could cause the loss of conditioned air and air supply pressure problems making your system produce little or no cooling results. As a homeowner, you can consult with an AC repair specialist to help you replace the hard-to-fix ducts and mend the repairable ones so that your air conditioning system can work efficiently.

Air Quality Problems

Poor indoor air quality arises from a defective air conditioning system. Other than odors, allergens can make your home an unhealthy environment. Dirty ducts circulate air full of outdoor pollutants such as pesticides, paint, and printer ink.

It compromises the air quality in your home and can result in health issues, making you incur high medical expenses to get treatment for health problems such as respiratory tract infections and asthma. If you experience this problem, it’s a good idea to talk to a provider of AC repair services to check where the problem is and mend existing faults, including cleaning the ducts to improve indoor air quality.


Duct issues can make it difficult for your air conditioning system to regulate the air. Duct problems, including cracks and holes, reduce the AC system performance by letting the cold air escape out before reaching the necessary rooms.

Afterward, it causes the AC to overwork to compensate for the lost air. Furthermore, uninsulated ducts block airflow and warm the cold air in the ducts before getting to the rooms that need to be cooled, making your air conditioning system defective. Duct issues make your system work harder, and this could lead to a spike in your energy bills. In case you are facing this problem, you should consult with an AC repair provider to help you fix any defects so that your system can restore its efficiency.

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