AC on Roof vs Ground

AC on Roof vs Ground

AC on Roof vs Ground

Air conditioner installation is a complex process, one which involves multiple steps and entails details that need to be put into consideration for the installation to be trouble-free and successful. Many of the issues, which homeowners face during the operational life of an installed air conditioner arise because of improper installation. The issues include (but are not limited to):

  • The AC unit not providing enough cooling.
  • The AC unit billing extra power consumption units.
  • The AC unit failing to serve its standard operational life.

Locating the outdoor unit is a part of this complex process. Professionals, overseeing air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX, have two options to choose from:

  • They can either install the outdoor unit on the roof top
  • They can install the unit on the ground

This begs the question:

Which option should you prefer: Is it better to locate your outdoor unit on the roof top or should you install it on the ground?

As a company, facilitating the locals for decades, with reliable repair and maintenance services and air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX, we decided to educate our readers on the topic of outdoor unit installation configurations. We hope the information contained in this post would assist you in your decision-making process.

Rooftop Air Conditioner Installation or Ground Installation – Which Option is Better?

What makes the installation of air conditioner a complex process, is the fact that generalizations do not serve as functional solutions to every application in consideration. Locating the outdoor unit is no different. Whether, it is rooftop installation or ground installation – each, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

And, which option is better, depends on a specific application. The step entails certain key considerations, the exploration of which, dictates the better option for that individual case. For some homeowners, ground installation is a better option. For others, it is the rooftop installation.

What are these key considerations that should be kept in mind when choosing an installation location for your AC outdoor unit?

The Climate

The climate of the area, in which you live, is one of the most important considerations to make when deciding between a ground installation and a rooftop installation.

Homeowners, living in areas which tend to have warmer climates, should ideally prefer to install the outdoor unit on the ground. This is because, placing the unit on the rooftop means, exposing it to the scorching heat of the sun. Consequently, the air conditioner will not operate at optimum efficiency. Furthermore, an air conditioner, with its outdoor unit located on the rooftop, where the temperature tends to be high, would have to work at higher capacity to maintain the temperature of the indoors as set via the thermostat. This leads to extra billing and the components of the unit failing early, due to strained work load.

On the contrary, if your regional climate tends to remain dry, chances are that you would most likely prefer to install a swamp cooler. The outdoor unit of the swamp cooler requires connection with the ductwork, which in most homes across United States, is deployed in the attic. As such, installing the outdoor unit on the rooftop is a better option, since it can be conveniently connected with the duct work. Along with installation convenience, the option also offers economic feasibility.

Therefore, at the time of performing air conditioner installation in Rockwall TX, climate conditions should be a part of your primary consideration to help decide, where the outdoor unit is better placed.

The Accessibility Factor

When choosing the location for outdoor unit installation, ease of accessibility should always be kept in mind.

Your air conditioner, requires scheduled maintenance, and in event of a failure, you will have to get it repaired. In both of these situations, it is important that you can access the outdoor unit easily and safely.

If, the outdoor unit is installed on the rooftop, you will have to climb all the way up, to access it. If, it’s on the ground, you can easily access it, without any hassles or inviting risks that may endanger your safety or the safety of the repair and maintenance professional.

And, let’s not forget the old-adage:

Out of sight, out of mind.

If, you tend to forget things easily, you may end up failing to exercise the much needed maintenance practice of your outdoor unit.

The Neighborhood Trend

This advice is especially for homeowners, who rent out their properties to tenants. As such, your residential unit is your source of revenue, and, any practice that directly affects your residential unit, affects your revenue stream.

So, let’s say, majority of residential units in your neighborhood have outdoor units installed on the ground, while you prefer to install it on the rooftop. This could make your property appear as an outlier in your neighborhood, especially, if it’s located inside a gated community. Thus, it can consequently affect the rent appraisal process.  Your tenant may not be willing to pay you much in rent, as other landlords in your neighborhood are getting paid.

But, what if you don’t have enough space in your yard?

This makes the decision complex. As such, the hired HVAC professional performing air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX, would be able to guide you better.

The Trade-off

Neither the ground installation, or the rooftop installation offers a complete profile. Both configurations, lack in different elements. Hence, homeowners have to compromise to reach a trade-off that best suits their individual case when performing an air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX.

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