Should You Attempt Air Conditioning Installation Yourself? | Air Conditioning Service in Farmers Branch, TX

Should You Attempt Air Conditioning Installation Yourself? | Air Conditioning Service in Farmers Branch, TX

Farmers Branch Texans are serial DIY-ers, or so we’ve been told. Holding a reputation for being able to handle a wrench better than most, a majority of the residents prefer handling the small maintenance and installation jobs themselves instead of calling in a professional service that could potentially charge them an arm and a leg.

However, sometimes, there are some things which are best left to the experts. Air conditioning installation in Farmers Branch, TX is actually, not so surprisingly, one of them. Sure, by installing the air conditioner system yourself, you could be saving yourself some money, but what you don’t realize is that saving is only on a short term basis.

Allow us to enlighten you about all the reasons why you should NOT attempt a DIY installation of air conditioner systems.

It Requires Technical Know-how

Air conditioners are not singular units that you can just screw together and hope for the best. They are complicated, multipart and multi-unit systems which require considerable technical knowledge and know-how in order to correctly assemble them together. And it’s not just about the parts themselves. Though there are a considerable number of things which need to be put together properly,  it’s the fact that even the smallest little detail can affect the functionality of the air conditioner.

The correct location, angulation, tilt, spacing and appropriate height from above the ground of the air conditioning outdoor and indoor units all counts. When placed incorrectly, or when placed on a wall that does not have enough strength to withhold the weight of the air conditioning unit, you aren’t likely to get the desired results in terms of proper circulation of cool air. Only a person with thorough technical knowledge and proper training can get these minute things right.

Needs a Professional License

The installation of electronic appliances as major as an air conditioning system require the serviceman to handle electric connections, deal with chemically strong gases and currents, all of which have the potentially to cause serious harm when handled improperly.

To be able to correctly deal with these things, an air conditioning repair or installation person requires proper schooling, training, and licensure which not only gives them the required knowledge, but also the labor safety warranty needed in case things go south. Furthermore, the presence of a license, along with the correct insurance information acts like a contractor guarantee that protects the homeowner from any legal liabilities.

Necessitates the Access and Use of Proper Equipment

Installing an air conditioning system along with the proper ducts and drains necessitates the use of some highly technical and complex pieces of equipment to ascertain a job well done. A licensed professional not only has access to this equipment, they are also thoroughly trained to correctly handle and use this equipment. A home owner is unlikely to have access to any of the hefty, state of the art gadgets that a professional service may carry to provide seamless service to their customers.

Entails Industry Knowledge

Thanks to automation and the progress in the digital world, things have changed quite rapidly everywhere and that includes the electronic industry. Each year the industry codes, industry installation permits and requirements are updated and changed to match the industry advancements. All the licensed professionals are required to keep up with the updates and changes within the industry in order to use the latest and safest techniques to provide services to their clients. However, all these changes are not necessarily available on to the general public or even online – which is where most DIY-ers get their information and help from for air conditioner installations in Farmers Branch, TX. As such, professionals strongly advise against relying on the information available on the internet for monumental tasks such as air conditioner installations.

To Prevent Malfunctioning

You wouldn’t think so, but air conditioners are actually quite sensitive home appliances – the effective functioning of which can be seriously affected with even the smallest amount of dirt, soot or debris trapped in the vents or ducts of the air conditioning system.

A professionally installed air conditioner will be checked and re-checked before and after the installation to ascertain the correct functionality and working of each individual part. This is done to prevent any and all malfunctioning issues of the air conditioner system at any point in time. What’s more, when correctly installed and maintained, the HVAC system will continue to work at an optimal level for as long as it should and when it does cause problems, or is due for  servicing, the professional experts will be able to quickly restore the air conditioner to its proper state with the bare minimum TLC.

This not only helps in ensuring correct and optimal operation of the newly installed air conditioner, but also contributes towards the appliance’s longevity – all the while saving you a considerable amount of money in the long-term.

Having said that, if you’re in the market for a new air conditioner and are considering to attempt the air conditioning installation yourself in Farmers Branch, TX, we strongly suggest that you refrain from doing so. Instead, feel free to call in the air conditioning experts from K and S heating and Air.

A family owned and operated business, the expert professionals at K and S are well experienced and well-versed in the art of air conditioner installations – anywhere and everywhere.

Easily reachable on call, 24/7 for emergencies and consultations, you can contact them at 972-271-9319. You can also contact them via Facebook.

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