Signs It’s Time To Seek Air Conditioner Repair Services | Garland, TX

Signs It’s Time To Seek Air Conditioner Repair Services | Garland, TX

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An AC plays a major role in making the indoor spaces of homes in Garland, TX, comfortable during hot summers. It ensures homeowners get fresh and quality air to avoid respiratory problems. Like other home appliances, air conditioning systems are also susceptible to problems, including no supply of cold air and irritating noises when they run.

The problems arise when one or a combination of two or more AC components that work interchangeably become defective. An AC compressor is one of the parts, and it compresses the refrigerant to cool down the hot air flowing into the AC from the outside.

Having a faulty AC compressor in your home means you’ll stop enjoying the cool air flowing in through the vents. If you recently experienced this problem in your home, it’s time to look for a credible air conditioner repair provider to assess your unit and offer the necessary services.

Let’s proceed to discuss some of the indicators you need AC compressor repair services.

Loud Noises

Strange and irritating noises can come from faulty appliances in homes, including HVAC systems and refrigerators. Such noises can coincidentally happen while reading or watching your best TV series, making you get frustrated.

Hearing unusual noises from the outside unit of your AC system is enough to convince you to consult with an air conditioner repair professional to examine and fix any defects.

Some of the noises you may hear from the unit include rumbling, growling, screeching, banging, clicking, or clattering. Any of the sounds could imply the compressor has electrical problems.

To be more precise, if the unit vibrates before it runs, it could imply the AC compressor is facing starting issues. It’s a telltale indicator the compressor is about to become defective, especially if you don’t seek air conditioner services.

Jammed Compressor

Sometimes your air conditioner may be running as usual, but you don’t get cool air into your indoor space at all. It could be a frustrating and inconvenient affair, especially if you purchased the appliance recently. If you’re sure the thermostat is well set and the fan is running normally, go where your outside unit is and closely examine if the compressor is operating.

If the compressor is silent, it means it’s defective. The main reason for this could be an old AC system. Replacing your compressor could be expensive, thus you may have to consult with your air conditioner repair provider in Garland, TX, whether to invest in a new unit or replace the compressor.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

When a circuit breaker trips, it’s a good sign that your electrical appliance is safe from potential damage by over or under voltage. The AC circuit breaker usually trips when homeowners connect multiple electrical appliances to outlets at once, making the electrical system overloaded. However, frequent circuit breaker tripping may imply there’s an issue within the outside unit.

The compressor could be overheating since it needs more power to perform its duty efficiently. It can, in return, make the compressor fail to work if the defect isn’t addressed immediately by an air conditioner repair specialist.

Before going to the circuit panel to switch your AC unit back on, inspect to see if the breaker is hot. A hot breaker isn’t a good sign and needs a quick fix by a technician from a reliable air conditioner company.

Leakage Issues

Moisture or puddles around your outdoor cooling unit could be a sign of refrigerant leakages. Refrigerant leaks are a health hazard in homes. They can cause eye irritation, nausea, headaches, and coughing to homeowners.

The best measure to take is to seek help from a provider of air conditioner repair services. The air conditioner repair technician will assess the refrigerant tank and seal any leaking areas.

Unfixed refrigerant leaks can compromise the efficiency of the compressor or even the whole system. The leaking liquid refrigerant can get to the compressor’s end bell or cylinders, causing significant mechanical damage to the valve structure and drive train.

It would help if you looked for an air conditioner repair expert immediately when you notice a refrigerant leak to ensure the AC compressor remains in tip-top working condition.

Increased Electricity Bills

Hiked AC energy bills are one of the air conditioning issues that most homeowners notice first. Air conditioning accounts for about six percent of the total energy produced in the US. It can cost residential property owners about 29 billion dollars in energy bills per year.

Having a cooling unit with defective components, including compressors, implies it will work harder to meet the cool air you need. It requires a lot of energy, and that’s why homeowners get unexpected figures of energy bills.

Look for a reliable electrician to troubleshoot your electrical system and all electrical appliances once you receive abnormal energy bills. If the problem happens to be your AC, the technician should refer you to a well-known company that offers air conditioner repair services. The repair specialist assigned to you should examine all the components and fix or replace the defective ones.

Reduced Air Flow

Reduced airflow is one of the early red flags of a faulty AC compressor. However, this issue could be a bit hard to notice with naked eyes. You’ll have to place your hands near the vents and attentively feel the flow of air that’s getting into your home.

The AC compressor may be defective if the flow is weak and comprises a mixture of cool and warm air. The best thing you can do to restore adequate cool airflow into your home is to look for a skilled air conditioner repair technician.

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