Signs that You May Need Air Conditioner Repair in Irving, TX

Signs that You May Need Air Conditioner Repair in Irving, TX

As a professional heating and air condition service provider in Irving, TX, K&S Heating & Air is always on the go, providing HVAC solutions to the residents of Irving city. With the summer season in full swing, a majority of emergency calls that we receive are from citizens complaining about their air conditioner not working – or not cooling enough.

As much as we like to facilitate our clients with quality air conditioning service in Irving, TX – it helps a lot to know the exact problem beforehand. Our professional repairmen and staff are fully qualified to diagnose the problems with your air conditioning system – but, we still encourage our clients to know the possible reasons behind air conditioning failure.

It is obvious that you need a professional air conditioning service in Irving, TX if your air conditioner breaks down. Sometimes however, the problem is not as big as it seems.

Big or small, you can’t efficiently tackle a problem with your air conditioner unless you know what the problem is. This post can help you with that.

Here are 7 common reasons why your air conditioner is not cooling properly:

The Cooling Coils are Dirty

The common air conditioning systems are installed with a set of indoor and outdoor coils. The indoor coils absorb heat from the air inside your home and transfer it to the outdoor coils that release the heat into the air outside. Both set of coils work in cohesion with each other. Cooling problems occur when one or both of these coils get covered in dirt.

A layer of dirt on the coils can make it difficult to absorb and transfer heat from the inside of your home and release it into the air outside. This can hamper the overall cooling effect of your air conditioner. These coils can be cleaned using mild detergents with water. Make sure you read through the user manual and follow instructions to access the coils without damaging your air conditioning system or simply call the professional air conditioning service in Irving, TX.

The Condenser is Frozen

At times, it is the air condenser that freezes that causes air conditioning malfunctions. There could be multiple reasons leading to a frozen condenser like improper fan function or low refrigerant. Either way, a frozen condenser, if not dealt with immediately, can lead to irreparable damage to your air conditioning system. To ensure that the chances of a frozen condenser are minimal for your air conditioner – opt for regular maintenance.

Although we, at K&S Heating and Air are available for 24/7 emergency air conditioning service in Irving, TX – we strongly recommend our clients not to wait for unexpected malfunctions to give us a call! Regular maintenance can save your air conditioner from greater damage.

Problems with the Compressor

Your air conditioner has a compressor in it. When this integral part of the air conditioning system malfunctions, you can count on some serious cooling problems. Things get worse when the compressor gives in during the summer season. There could be multiple reasons that lead to a compressor issue in your air conditioner. These may include a complete burnout of the compressor, inadequate pressure in the compressor, or problems with the compressor motor.

The only way to ensure this issue doesn’t occur too often is to get your air conditioner serviced, at least once a year, by a credible air conditioning service like us in Irving, TX.

The Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is the substance that flows through the air conditioner’s coils – both indoor and outdoor. The refrigerant is what allows the transfer of heat from inside your home to the condenser unit outside. When the condenser leaks, there isn’t enough of it to regulate the smooth transfer of heat. Hence, the cooling function of the air conditioner takes a hit.

A refrigerant leak can also lead to a frozen condenser. In case you suspect a possible refrigerant leak in your air conditioner, give us a call right away!

The Air Filter is Dirty

Sometimes the reason behind improper cooling is as simple and straightforward as the air filter being covered in dirt. When the air filter is grimy, it limits the amount of air that blows over the indoor coils of your air conditioner. What happens next?

When the warm air sucked into the air conditioner from your home is restricted, less of it is cooled. This is why your air conditioner does not properly cool. The air filters can be easily cleaned and/or washed using simple household solutions. All you need to do is learn how to remove the air filter – the user manual can help you with that.

The Condenser Unit Is Blocked

The condenser unit is the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. When they’re located outside the house, there could be multiple outdoor elements like bushes, plants, or other items that block the condenser in some way. When the condenser is blocked, it is unable to receive sufficient air it requires to release the heat it receives from the outdoor condenser coils. This leads to inefficient release of the heat that is removed from the house and results in improper cooling of the house.

Most of these problems occur when your air conditioners haven’t been properly serviced in a long time. While most of these problems could be overcome through simple household solutions, there may be underlying problems that could result in greater damage for your air conditioner.

Machines require regular maintenance. Your air conditioner is no different. The best way to ensure your air conditioners in Irving, TX are up and running well is to opt for annual or semi-annual air conditioning tune-ups. Call K&S Heating and Air at 972-271-9319 to schedule a much-needed air conditioning service in Irving, TX.

Our professional staff will carefully inspect your air conditioning system. Their collective expertise and experience makes it impossible for any possible air conditioning problems to skip their eyes. They can isolate the problems that can lead to impaired air conditioning and address them right away. In addition to that, they will perform a complete system cleaning that ensures your air conditioners efficiently run longer and better.

For top-notch air conditioning service in Irving, TX, get in touch with us at K&S Heating and Air today!