Signs That Your AC Needs to Be Repaired | Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX

Signs That Your AC Needs to Be Repaired | Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX

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An air-conditioner isn’t just another electrical appliance installed in your home. It maintains the indoor temperature and allows you to stay comfortable. These traits make the AC a valuable addition to your indoor space. As a result, a significant amount of money goes into purchasing, installing, and maintaining your AC. However, there are times when your AC fails to function the way it should. These are the times when you need urgent air conditioner repairs in Dallas TX.

For a homeowner, it is difficult to determine whether or not any air conditioner repairs in Dallas, TX are required. However, there are some signs which show that your AC is in dire need of urgent repairs.

Let’s take a look at a list of signs which show that you need to contact a professional for air conditioner repairs in Dallas, TX.

The Quality of Airflow

One of the first signs you need air conditioner repairs in Dallas, TX, is the quality of airflow. If you feel little or no air coming out of the AC, chances are that cooling will not be able to circulate throughout the room. Without proper airflow from the AC, you won’t be able to live as comfortably as you plan to do, especially during the summers. Weak airflow is an indication that something has gone wrong either with the compressor or the ductwork.

Warm Air

Another sign that air conditioner repairs in Dallas, TX are required is the flow of warm air from the AC. There are two basic reasons why an AC blows warm air into your indoor living space. Either it happens due to a weak compressor or the insufficient amount of refrigerant in the AC. It even happens due to damaged ductwork, which flows warm air from the outdoors into your living space.

Strange Smells

The purpose of your HVAC system is to provide you and your family with a comfortable living environment. An AC is not supposed to make you or your family feel sick. However, sometimes, your AC starts to give off strange odors. These smells are a clear indication that you need to seek a professional’s help for air conditioner repairs in Dallas, TX. This could either happen due to a fault in the electrical work or mold damage. Things can get much worse if either of the two problems are left untreated and allowed to prevail.

Weird Sounds

Strange sounds coming out of your AC are just as bad as any pungent and musty smells coming out. It is normal for such sounds to come from your AC’s outer unit. However, if these sounds are heard more frequently than usual, you should contact a professional technician for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX, right away.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Whereas a computer has a central processing unit or the CPU, an HVAC system has a thermostat. It is nothing short of a brain which dictates the way your HVAC system should function. There are times when your AC turns on for a short period of time, before it turns off. It happens because your thermostat is at fault. In order to check and fix the thermostat, a professional technician for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX, must be contacted. If there is no room for repair, trying to repair it will only result in wastage of time and money. It is better to have it replaced so as to ensure smooth and uninterrupted functioning of your HVAC system.

Multiple Repairs

If you have to call a technician for air conditioner repairs in Dallas, TX, too frequently than usual, it is about time you got your system replaced. Continuous repairs will only cost you time and money. Before you call someone for another repair, it is better to get the whole system checked. A professional technician for air-conditioner repair can help you there. If there is no room for repairs, you are left with no option but to have your AC replaced.

Moisture and Leaks

It is not uncommon for homeowners to see slight moisture on the system, but it is just the condensate. However, if it has slight odor or color, it is a sign that you need instant air conditioner repairs in Dallas, TXThese leaks are not to be taken light, for it could be a refrigerant leakage. These refrigerants are poisonous in nature and can pose a serious threat for you and those around you. If it is a condensate leakage, it might have happened due to a broken drain line.

High Utility Bills

A sudden rise in your utility bills means that you air-conditioner is not functioning properly and repairs are required. It is normal for electricity bills to go up during the summers. However, if you are experiencing a spike in your electricity bills without even using the AC excessively, your system needs to be checked and repaired immediately. It even points in the direction of a fault that might have occurred in your ductwork or the thermostat.

Age of Your AC

Last, but not the least, the age of your AC is the best indicator of whether or not it needs repairs. Normally, the lifespan of an air-conditioner ranges from 8 to 10 years. If it has lived beyond its lifespan, do not worry if it does not function properly. Instead of spending money on repairs, one after the other, consider getting a new unit.  Buying and installing a new unit might cost significantly, but it will serve you longer without frequent repairs.


It is important for a homeowner to be able to predict whether or not their AC is in need of a repair. If you need to get your AC repaired or replaced, you have come to the right place. K&S Heating and Air Conditioning has the solution to all your HVAC-related problems.

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