Signs Your AC Compressor and Condenser Are Failing

Signs Your AC Compressor and Condenser Are Failing

Air conditioning and heating are have become a necessity for our urban lifestyle. With several small to drastic changes in temperature happening throughout the year, especially in places like Dallas, TX, it is necessary to take care of your in-house temperature and adjust it to your comfort.

While there are thousands of companies out there selling air conditioners, not all of those appliances work perfectly. Some of them work differently than others, some of them have different installation methods and some need more maintenance and repair than others. When you set out to buy an air conditioner, you must look for the best one available that is also affordable and meets your needs. You also must look for a top-quality air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, in order to ensure regular maintenance of your air conditioner.

If you are a resident of Dallas, TX, you probably know the importance of a perfectly working air conditioner in the sweltering months. If an air conditioner breaks down, you might find yourself in a situation of panic. It is the time when you need to seek help from an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

Bad air conditioning means you will be in constant discomfort in your own house. Some severe symptoms of bad air conditioning even suggest that you can face health issues as well, in addition to bearing financial losses for the expensive air conditioner and the installation cost.

Evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve are major components an air conditioner is comprised of. However, when your air conditioner starts being problematic, it is probably because of failing compressor or condenser. You must be aware of some symptoms and signs that your air conditioner needs a repair, whether it’s the compressor or the condenser. If you see any of these signs, you must look for an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, to ensure proper and in-time repair.

Signs of A Failing AC Compressor

If your AC breaks down, it does not necessarily mean that your whole compressor has stopped working. However, it may be possible that your compressor is problematic and needs attention. Some of the signs of a problematic AC compressor are easy to detect, while others are not so obvious. We mention here some signs of a failing AC compressor that indicate you need to seek air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

Tickling or Other Noises

One of the clear signs that the compressor is on the verge of failing is that there is a noise when the AC unit is on. These may be chattering, tickling or rattling noises. It is the result of the worn out state of the electrical relay switch that starts the compressor. Another clicking sound may indicate that the motor that is responsible for distributing cool air coming from the compressor has become loose and started to thrash inside the concealed area. A worn out bearing will produce sounds like grinding.

Since every work that involves electrical components is tricky, same is the case with dealing with the problem at hand here. You must leave it to the professionals who provide reliable air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

Compressor Clutch Stops Moving

Another sign of a failing AC compressor is that the clutch seizes to move. The clutch is what allows the pulley to connect or disconnect from the engine power, ensuring that the compressor is on only when needed. In case of seizing, the clutch will permanently keep the compressor activated or it can even break completely. If you see this sign, it is recommended that you look for professional air conditioning service in Dallas, TX. The professionals will be able to tell you if the compressor can be repaired or if it needs to be repaired.

Decreased Airflow & Not Enough Cooling

One of the first signs indicating compressor failure is warmer air than before. The cooling will be considerably reduced. The main function of AC compressor is to regulate the cool air, and if the compressor is having issues, it won’t be able to do that.

Another sign is the diminished airflow. The airflow will be decreased considerably, which will result in not enough cool air and then causing the temperature to increase. In these cases, the professionals with air conditioning service in Dallas, TX will be able to assist you. If the compressor is not fixed, your whole AC unit will eventually fail in meeting the purpose.

Signs of A Failing AC Condenser

Every modern automotive air conditioning system has an important component of condenser. If your AC condenser is problematic, there is possibility that the entire AC unit will either be badly affected or completely shut down. We mention here some signs of a failing AC condenser.

Visible Leakage

One of the obvious signs of a failing AC condenser is leaks that are noticeable. When the condenser is damaged or worn out over a period of time, it can start to leak. This means that all of the high pressure refrigerant will leak out sooner or later and disable the whole AC system. In this case, you must seek help of the air conditioning service in Dallas, TX. Chances are that the professionals will recommend replacing the condenser.

Significant Decrease in Cooling

Just like in the case with a failing compressor, the first sign to occur in the case of a failing condenser will be a considerably reduced cooling. If the condenser is broken in any way, it will negatively affect the refrigerant flow in the system and therefore, the efficiency of the entire cooling system will be significantly decreased. Simply put, if the refrigerant flow is disrupted, then the system will not be able to produce enough amount of cool air. A proper air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, is required in this case.

What You Should Do

If you see any of the signs above, you must immediately look for help from K & S Heating & Air. We provide reliable and first-rate air conditioning service in Dallas, TX. In addition to selling air conditioners,