Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairing | AC Repair in Rockwall, TX

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairing | AC Repair in Rockwall, TX

Summer is just around the corner, which means hot and sticky days that leave you drenched with sweat. The summers in Rockwall, TX can be just as humid and frustrating if you don’t have a cool and dry place to relax at. Many people depend on air conditioners in this season to deal with the heat.

Although it happens every year and people can’t wait to turn their air conditioners on, they still forget to get them serviced regularly. And ignore doing so until something goes wrong and the AC starts to malfunction. If a simple repair is ignored for too long it can lead to the hefty expense of replacing the air conditioner.

But you still have time before summer arrives in Rockwall, TX, then get your air conditioners checked before it gets too hot. And if you sense something is not right then you should get help from an air conditioning repair service to identify and fix the problem.

If you are an inexperienced resident of Rockwall, TX and are unaware of air conditioner care, you might be confused when trying to figure out whether you require air conditioning repair services. Here are some red flags to which can help you figure out what signs to look for:

1.  Creaking Noises:

If the first thing you notice when you turn your air conditioner on are squeaking, creaking or scraping noise; then something is not right. Air conditioners in perfect working condition are supposed to be silent and not make any noise when expelling air.

The summers in Rockwall, TX can be quite warm and your AC might be running all day which could cause the AC belt to move from its place and make noise. If it is ignored, it can lead to a much more expensive air conditioning repair bill in the future.

If your air conditioner seems to be making a noise then it might be an indicator of something wrong with the vents or the filtration system. So as a precaution, you should get air conditioning repair service inRockwall, TX to take a look.

2.  Expelling Humid Air

When in the best physical condition, your air conditioner is supposed to expel cool dry air. Not just that, the filters in the AC are designed to absorb moisture and dehumidify the air.

But if your air conditioner expels out warm air and leaves the atmosphere more humid and sticky; then there is definitely a problem you need to take care of. The problem could be with the AC filter or there might be a blockage in the vents. Or it could be pointing towards a possible issue with the outside unit.

The climate of Rockwall, TX during the summer is already quite humid and if your home is just as humid, what is the use of an air conditioner?

So, in order to prevent a sweaty atmosphere when the summer arrives, hire an air conditioning repair service and get it fixed.

3.  Acrid Smell

When you turn your air conditioner on, the expelled cool dry air is supposed to be odorless. Any musty or piercing scent dissipating from your air conditioner is not a good sign.

A smoky burnt smell could mean the wiring and coiling of your AC unit has burnt out or is badly rusted. If you keep your AC running in that condition for a prolonged time, it could completely fry the coils and they might require a complete change.

The humid air of Rockwall, TX combined with moisture can sometimes give mold the perfect conditions to grow. If a musty or swampy sort of smell is coming from your air conditioning then it could be a sign of mold growing either on the ducts or in the ducts. The mold can damage your air conditioner and can cause serious respiratory issues for the ones who breathe that air.

So, if you sense even the smallest hint of an odd smell from your air conditioner, immediately hire the best air conditioning repair company inRockwall, TX to remove the problem from the roots.

4.  Interrupted Air Flow

If your air conditioner is not expelling air like it used to and is spurting out air than smoothly fanning it out then it could be a sign of a problem with the ducts or compressor. If a regular check is not maintained on the AC unit, you might be unaware of what condition the compressor is in. Usually an expiring compressor is the main cause of an interrupted air flow.

The other cause could be a clogged duct or vent. When you don’t use your air conditioner for a long period of time, debris and dust can stick to the vent and create a blockage. And if you live in the suburbs of Rockwall, TX then small rodents can enter the ducts from the outside and get stuck in the vents.

If you experience a weak disrupted air flow, call experts at an air conditioning repair company and have them check what is breaking the air flow.

5.  Leaking Indoor Unit

It is normal for water to be dripping from the air conditioner if it is near the outdoor unit. Air conditioners have an apparatus installed which expels condensed water in a bucket near the outdoor unit. But leakage from the indoor unit is abnormal and a symptom of a possible issue.

This sign is the most ignored one as it can be hard to notice water dripping from the AC vent along the walls. But it becomes very noticeable when the water starts to collect on the floor, wetting the carpet. The leakage could be a sign of a clogged condenser pipe. On the other hand, it could be more dangerous and instead of water, there could be cooling refrigerant that’s leaking from the indoor AC unit.

The leaking water in the humid Rockwall, TX climate can cause mold to grow on the carpets; and the refrigerant can be poisonous, especially if you have pets around. If you are experiencing a leak then get in touch with an air conditioning repair company as soon as possible.

Call the Experts Now

The points mentioned above are called red flags because they are indicators of danger; and signal any incoming problems which could potentially cost you an expensive service fee. If you live in Rockwall, TX and notice any of the signs then you might require air conditioning repair services.

If you want services from the people who are the best at their jobs then contact K&S Heating and Air. They have an expert staff, trained and equipped with all necessary tools to provide you with the best air conditioning repairservice in Rockwall, TX area.