Some Systemic and Non-Systemic Air Conditioning Faults | Air Conditioner Repair in Allen, TX

Some Systemic and Non-Systemic Air Conditioning Faults | Air Conditioner Repair in Allen, TX

Air conditioners for residential and commercial spaces are not an amenity anymore. They have become a necessary appliance with global average temperatures constantly rising. In Texas, where summers can be hot and arid, it is now unthinkable to have a summer season without a working air conditioning in your dwelling.

However, sometimes it feels like air conditioners and their faults come hand in hand. You will also feel it if you continuously neglect the maintenance of your AC unit from any professional air conditioner repair in Allen, TX. In this piece, we will summarize some of most recurring systemic and non-systemic faults that can result in a nonworking air conditioner unit. Since summers have just started, we recommend you to get your AC system inspected and tuned-up from any reliable air conditioner repair in Allen, TX to spend the whole season in comfort.

Systemic Air Conditioning Faults

Systemic failures occur in any of the components of an air conditioning assembly.

Seepage of Refrigerant

Modern air conditioning units work on the principle of refrigeration cycle and refrigerant is its main constituent. It is a mixture of chemicals that undergo a phase transformation in every cycle to transfer heat from indoors to outdoors. Refrigerant seepage from any air conditioner unit starts when it is not maintained regularly and left to usual wear and tear. There are some signs indicating that refrigerant is leaking from your unit.

Increased cooling time:Your air conditioner unit will start to take more time to cool off spaceto the desired levels.

Vents blowing mild cool air:With refrigerant levels dropping in the lines, the evaporator component is not able to blow cool air. If you feel that the unit is constantly blowing warm air, then it’s a sign that significant amount of refrigerant has been drained from the system.

Hissing sound:When refrigerant seeps from the lines, it leaves with a hissing sound. This sound can be detected around evaporator and condenser unit of the system.

If you detect any of these signs, it’s time to call for a professional air conditioner repair in Allen, TX to fix the leaks of the refrigerant lines and refill them.

As you can see, an air conditioner unit working with leaking refrigerant becomes a waste of electric power. This wastage will obviously cost you money in terms of hikedup power bills. Moreover, leakage of refrigerant is also hazardous for the environment.

With regular inspections from professional air conditioner repair in Allen, TX, you can prevent the development of this problem in the first place.

Frosted Evaporator Coils

This is another systemic air conditioning fault that can lead to the malfunctioning of your air conditioning system. With frozen evaporator coils, you will get no or very less cool air from the ducts. Evaporator coils can be frozenup due to various reasons.

Poor air circulation:If ductwork of your HVAC unit is clogged for any reason and blocking the normal flow of air, then it can result in the frosting of evaporator coils. Backflow of cool air into the air conditioning unit is the main reason for frozen evaporator coils due to poor circulation.

Low refrigerant levels:Low refrigerant level means low pressure inside the air conditioning system. It also shows that there is more room for the small amount of refrigerant to expand. This increased expansion results in very low internal temperature, which can also lead to frozen evaporator coils.

Running your air conditioning unit with frozen evaporator coil is of no use because you can’t cool off your space with it. Therefore, immediately call for a reputable air conditioner repair in Allen, TX to fix the issue causing the buildup of frost on the evaporator coil.

Broken Condenser Unit

Condenser or outer unit of any air conditioning system is responsible to carry out the final act of refrigeration i.e. expelling hot air to the external environment. Since condenser units are placedin open, therefore they are more prone to wear and tear as compared to other components of the system.

Vegetation debris and dust are the common elements that result in the faults of condenser fans. With its regular servicing from the experts of any good air conditioner repair in Allen, TX, you can prevent debris accumulation inside the unit. Also, try to install it on that side of the house which is less exposed to the exterior environment.

Non-Systemic Air Conditioning Faults

These faults are not directly related to the machine and assembly of the air conditioner unit, but they are equally capable of making it nonfunctional.  Experts from a reputable air conditioner repair in Allen, TX with adequate experience inthe field can fix non-systemic faults as well.

Fuse Failure

Fuse is an electrical component used to protect the whole system from the instances of short circuits. However, the fuse can also be tripped with minor voltage fluctuations. A tripped fuse breaks the electrical connection of your unit. Flip it back to its original position and restart the system. If it’s still not working then it will be better to call a good air conditioner repair in Allen, TX for the inspection of the fuse and the AC unit.

Inoperative Thermostat

Thermostatis the external component through which the temperature of the air conditioner is regulated. A thermostat fault can also result inthe suboptimal working of your air conditioner. If there is a difference between working of the air conditioner and the temperature set on the thermostat, then time might have come to replace or fix your thermostat. Call any trustworthy air conditioner repair in Allen, TX to replace your outdated thermostat model with a newer programmable model.

As you can see all the problems discussed here resulting in a nonworking AC unit, majority of them happen because homeowners don’t maintain a good tune-up routine through any professional air conditioner repair in Allen, TX.

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