Texas Humidity Prompts Quick Air Conditioner Repair in Irving, TX

Texas Humidity Prompts Quick Air Conditioner Repair in Irving, TX

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As summer blooms here in Texas, the humidity climbs off the charts and leaves us with sticky, sweaty and uncomfortable days. We’ve recorded days with humidity higher than 60% and that can make the day feel hotter than it really is.

Many people believe that a quality AC unit is only good for one thing i.e. deliver cooled air into an indoor space. Well, we are here to tell you that a good air conditioning system can also neutralize the humidity in the air. It makes environment more livable and tolerable. Of course, the humidity can also have an impact on your AC system. Get quick air conditioner repair in Irving, TX to ensure that your AC can do this right.

Texas residents can’t do much to fight the sky-high humidity. The most we do is jump in the pool and stay there till sunset and that’s highly impractical because we’ve all got jobs to do and lives to do. In that case we can lug around a fan and use it non-stop… can be annoying to others around us.

The only other option is to get air conditioner repair in Irving, TX and surrounding areas. This way you can ensure that your AC can keep you cool, calm and collected when it’s crazy hot outside. It is the only way to ensure proper air circulation and balanced humidity within your home in Irving, TX.

Wait… Why Is There A Humidity Problem Inside My Home?

As mentioned earlier, humidity makes people terribly uncomfortable. And just like excessive heat, it can make it impossible to breathe and relax inside the home. In fact, humidity can make your home feel much warmer than it truly is. Once again, if your home’s AC unit isn’t working effectively to remove the humidity, it is time to invest in air conditioner repair in Irving, TX. Talk to AC repair specialists to see if an upgrade or maintenance service would do your AC some good.

It’s Time to Invest in the Whole-House Dehumidifier

Apart from your air conditioning unit, the only other appliance that can come in handy during a Texas summer is a dehumidifier.

If you are strapped for budget, you might opt for a portable room dehumidifier. That’s not a good idea though. They are too small to make any difference in the Texas heat. These smaller models simply aren’t as effective as the more massive whole-house versions. And more importantly, the smaller models can pose as a significant fire hazard.

Your HVAC professional can not only provide expert air conditioner repair in Irving, TX but also help you install and operate a whole house humidifier. They can give you complete control of the climate within the home.


But Won’t A Dehumidifier Make It Difficult For The AC to Work Optimally?

Actually, an air conditioner works more effectively if it has a dehumidifier to help it draw out the excess moisture from the air inside your home. So relax, the short answer to that question is NO.

A whole-house humidifier employs a refrigeration process just like your AC, to purify your air. It circulates a refrigerant across a coil. This attracts the moisture in the air, which then condenses along the coil. If you are worried that the humidifier and AC together will make your home too cold, let us tell you that won’t happen. The dehumidifier uses electrical elements to balance the temperature of the air once it has captured the moisture.

And if things continue to go wrong and the air feels heavy, call in the big guns. Only rely on the absolute best services for air conditioner repair in Irving, TX to help you guide through this dilemma. They can also install a humidifier on your existing HVAC system to keep the expenses at a minimum. Without its help, your home’s current air conditioner or HVAC can’t handle the humidity alone.

Don’t worry, the humidifier is also useful during the winter months. The colder months often lead to a complete lack of humidity inside the home.  If your expert for air conditioner repair in Irving, TX has installed humidifier controls you will be able to maintain the ideal balance of moisture in your house. Yes, this device can also put back some humidity into the air within your home. Experts suggest to keep the humidity levels at 45%, that’s just right for most people.

Also Find Out If You Need Duct Repair and Replacement

Call in your local expert for air conditioner repair in Irving, TX to not only fix the AC unit, but also critically examine the entire HVAC system. This will help pinpoint any potential weaknesses in the system so they can fix thee issues quickly. Leaking ducts can waste a considerable amount of energy, and render the AC useless when it comes to controlling indoor humidity. It also leads to poor circulation and that can worsen the humidity in your home. Get those ducts examined and fixed with air conditioner repair in Irving, TX.

Air Conditioner Repair in Irving, TX – Only a Call Away

A malfunctioning AC can make the air indoors more humid, dirtier and stuffy. Move fast to order air conditioner repair in Irving, TX with leading HVAC repair services like K&S Heating & Air. Do it before the onset of cruel Texas summers.

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