The 5 Most Common Reasons Behind Air Conditioner Failure | Air Conditioner Repair in Farmers Branch, TX

The 5 Most Common Reasons Behind Air Conditioner Failure | Air Conditioner Repair in Farmers Branch, TX

Summer’s coming up, which means that your air conditioner is your new best friend again. However, it can come as a bit of a rude awakening if your unit refuses to turn on just when you need it. Here are some of the most common reasons your AC might not be functioning right. In many of these cases, air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX will be a must.


1.   The Compressor Did It

If the compressor’s the culprit, there’s probably a major problem at play. The compressor is what compresses the liquid refrigerant and pumps it through the system so heat and humidity are removed from the air. Your air conditioning system cannot function without a working compressor. This part of the system is actually quite hardy and requires little maintenance. However, it can fail if the condenser coil has been accumulating dirt and dust. Enough of a build-up of deposits on the coil over time will cause the compressor to lose its ability to remove heat from the system. As its efficiency decreases, it will start to over-work itself and constantly run in an attempt to cool the air. The increase in burden can cause the compressor to overheat and get damaged. Make sure your local air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX removes these deposits during your regular maintenance operations.

Additionally, the compressor can be affected by less than optimal quantities of refrigerant, as well as faulty refrigerant lines. If refrigerant has managed to leak away through holes in the refrigerant line, there will eventually be too little of it for the compressor to properly pump into the system. This could lead to the compressor breaking down over time. On the other hand, if there is too much refrigerant, it could just as easily cause the compressor to stop working and require air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX or even replacement.

As for the refrigerant lines, they are what the compressor pumps refrigerant through. If these get blocked, the compressor will have less space to do so, leading to higher pressures and thus greater temperatures. This would eventually lead to overheating and AC compressor failure. As a point of note, it is vital that you only call in a trusted and reputable air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX to look after repairs. A less experienced service could easily replace a leaking refrigerant line with one that is sized incorrectly for your system. This would cause problems in the future – pressure would once again build up and cause the system to overheat. The compressor might stop working and then require air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX all over again.

2.   Shock and Awe

If your system is facing electrical problems, odds are that you won’t even notice them at first. This is because electrical problems have a tendency of starting out very small. However, once they start building up, they can cause some terrible damage that won’t be fixed by air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX. This makes replacement the only viable option. It should therefore be a mandate for you to regularly call in local air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX in order to inspect the system for short fuses and damaged wiring. Preventative maintenance is the key here in order to avoid some seriously costly expenses.

Haphazard and shoddy wiring is a risk to life and health anyway, as it can be a dangerous fire hazard. If the wiring has been done inaccurately, it could trip the circuit breaker or prevent the system from getting power. It’s yet another reason you need to get a trusted air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX to do your repairs.


3.   The Fault’s in the Coil

The evaporator coil is filled with refrigerant, and it absorbs the heat from the surrounding air, keeping your space cool. However, those coils actually require warm air constantly circulating around them in order to function right. Your coil can freeze pretty easily if you’re not up to date with regular air filter cleaning or replacement. You also need to keep your ductwork clean in order to avoid this scenario. If your air filters are dirty, or your ductwork blocked, there could potentially be airflow problems in the system as a layer of ice builds on the outside. This could result in a frozen coil, which will then necessitate air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX.


4.   Recalibrate That Thermostat

Improperly calibrated thermostats are sending inaccurate instructions to your air conditioner’s control system. Fortunately, this is one of the easier fixes in this article. All you have to do here is replace or recalibrate the thermostat. Make sure you’ve programmed your thermostat correctly if it’s one of the programmable types. Check out the user’s manual to see how to do this right. An inaccurately working thermostat is going to cause the air conditioner to have too short a run cycle, so it cycles on and off more frequently than it should. The other scenario is that the air conditioner completely fails to work. You should ideally get a thermostat that’s digitally savvy and user friendly, and which can adjust temperatures at set times. Many thermostats can even be controlled remotely, so ask your local air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX to help you find the right one.


5.   The Ducts are Leaking

As mentioned earlier, faulty ductwork could lead to frozen coils. But that’s not the only reason you need to ensure your ductwork is solid. The ductwork is what carries the cooled air from the air conditioner to your house through the walls and ceilings. If there are holes in the ductwork, a lot of that air is going to leak into the walls and ceilings instead of the space where it will actually do residents some good. Plus, your air conditioner will again be forced to work harder in order to get cooled air to the right spaces, leading to higher energy bills. Holes in the ductwork can be a result of inexperienced workers, so always ensure you use a trusted air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch, TX to work on your repairs and maintenance.

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