The Most Common Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Problems | Garland, TX

The Most Common Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Problems | Garland, TX

All appliances are bound to break down at some point. But when it comes to your home’s heating and air conditioning system, you can’t always afford to wait for repairs.

Sometimes, the way your unit is malfunctioning can be a big indicator of what the heating and air conditioning repair problem is. Your HVAC repair specialist sees certain problems over and over, and knows the best way to get heat or air conditioning back in your house quickly.

Frequent Problems with Your Heating Unit

There are many types of heaters, and each kind has its own kind of problems. When your heating unit is giving you trouble, it is likely for one of these reasons:

No Heat Is Coming Out

The first thing you should check if your heater isn’t producing any heat at all is your power source. If you have a gas heater, make sure that the pilot light is on. For an electric heater, check to see if you have tripped a circuit.

If, after you make certain your heater is receiving power the heater is still not heating, the problem could be a defective thermostat. Or, there might be problems at your energy supply company.

For Garland, TX business and home owners having heating problems, K&S Heating and Air provides comprehensive heating and air conditioning repair services.

Not Enough Heat Is Coming Out

If your heater is producing some warmth but simply not enough, you might check the size of your heater. A Garland, TX heating and air conditioning repair professional can help you determine if your heater is big enough to supply the comfort level you expect.

Your problem could be a lack of regular maintenance. When air filters get clogged, the air cannot push its way through to get to you. The general rule is to change your air filter every month. However, there are several factors that might cause your filter to get dirty more quickly.

One big factor is the presence of pets in your home. Homes with one or more furry babies will clog up a heater filter more quickly. Also, how often you run your HVAC unit affects the life of your air filter. The more often you run it, the more dirt is filtered out and the shorter your filter will last.

Heater Switches Constantly Between Off & On

A heater that is clicking off just to click right back on, try changing the temperature setting. If that doesn’t work, you probably have an airflow issue or a clogged filter.

This is an issue you should have a heating and air conditioning repair technician take care of as soon as possible. Besides being aggravating when you are trying to sleep, every time your heater kicks back on it is costing you money.

Heater Makes Excessive Noise

Heaters can be noisy. But if yours is way too loud or makes odd noises, you need to have a professional take a look at it.

The sound it is making could be a big clue to what is wrong. Squeaking and rattling noises point to a possible mechanical problem. They could also be a sign that your burners are clogged or your airflow is compromised. A heating and air conditioning repair professional will be able to track down the problem.

Heater Blower Won’t Stop Running

What keeps your blower from cutting off when it should? You probably have a bad limit switch.

You need your HVAC unit to perform at its peak. For Garland, TX heating and air conditioning repair service, the experts at K&S Heating and Air provide reliable services for commercial and residential properties.

Common Reasons Your Air Conditioning Stops Working

Clogged Filter

Clogged air conditioners are the biggest reason for problems with your Garland, TX HVAC unit. While it is an easy thing to correct, it can damage your air conditioner and keep it from properly cooling your home.

As with your heater, many professionals advise that your air conditioner filter should be changed at least every month. When a filter is used longer, it can quickly become clogged. This greatly affects how well it cools your home by reducing the airflow. Clogged filters can also cause your air conditioner to freeze.

Leaking Refrigerant

Your air conditioner needs a supply of refrigerant to provide cold air. If yours is leaking coolant, it does not have a steady supply. This keeps your air conditioner from producing consistently cold air, making your air conditioner performance fluctuate.

For this, as with any work on your HVAC unit, a professional heating and air conditioning repair specialist is required. Where your air conditioner is leaking will determine the cost for the repair.


The thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature of the air coming out of your air conditioner. If it is not functioning properly, it will not keep your home comfortable.

If you are having trouble keeping your home at the desired temperature, you should first make sure that your thermostat is turned on. It should also be clean inside, level, and on the right setting. Make sure that sunlight is not hindering its operation.


Filters aren’t the only part of your air conditioner that can get clogged. If it doesn’t have proper drainage, the drain pan will get full. Water will seep out and possibly damage your HVAC unit.


This pushes the coolant through the coils, so you get cold air. When the compressor goes out, air keeps blowing but it doesn’t cool the home. Low refrigerant levels can cause your compressor to overheat and quit.


Capacitors are necessary to power your air conditioner motor and fan. A capacitor sends the message to start the motor, while another sends a series of impulses to keep the motor running.

Condenser Coils

On the outside of the condenser, these coils collect a lot of dirt and debris. A heating and air conditioning repair tech can give your condenser coils a thorough chemical cleaning if they get too filthy.

Whatever your Garland, TX heating and air conditioning repair issue, you should have a professional in charge. For more information about heating and air conditioning repair services, contact K&S Heating and Air.