The Most Common Mistakes Made with Air Conditioner Installation in Frisco, TX

The Most Common Mistakes Made with Air Conditioner Installation in Frisco, TX

Air conditioning is an essential, but expensive part of your home’s HVAC system. It should be maintained and installed properly so that your home stays cool and temperate. Your home should also stay free of all sorts of contaminants and pollutants including dust. This is why it’s important to not make mistakes during the installation or skim out on some essentials. This could come back to bite you in a bad way, so the investment is generally worth it. Here are the most common mistakes people make during the installation of an air conditioner.

Choosing non-NATE Certified Technicians

The North American Technician Excellence certification is bestowed on a technician that knows what they’re doing and is a sign that this technician can deal with a variety of problems and has the good sense to judge situations as they come and not just follow a set of rules for every occasion. If you don’t choose a NATE certified technician, you may have problems with the installation that can damage your furniture or leave essential things undone.

This can occur when you’re not working with a licensed or bonded company. If you’re working with the local repair shop down the street, this may entail some problems like no financial insurance and unfair dealings in the future. This can cause you hundreds of dollars in repairs in the future. So don’t forget this important step in Air conditioner installation in Frisco, TX.

The Ceiling Saver Kit

Air conditioners produce a lot of water while they’re running. This is common knowledge. There needs to be an outlet for the air conditioner when it’s installed so the water doesn’t build up and cause warped flooring or drip on furniture or books and ruin them or worse, cause a short circuit. You’d be surprised to find out that this is a very common problem with AC installations.

Be sure to ask your HVAC technician to take care of this during Air conditioner installation in Frisco, TX.

Refrigerant Pipes and Airflow

The pipes that connect the indoor and outdoor units of an AC should be kept at the right length. They shouldn’t be overly long or too short. An inexperienced technician can misjudge the situation and overcompensate with the length of the pipe. This makes it difficult for the AC to complete its cooling cycle and make it very inefficient. Hence, during the Air conditioner installation in Frisco, TX you should be wary of the fact that the refrigerant pipes placed inside are measured for length.

Another problem is air flow. Since the main objective of an AC is to make sure that air flows in and out without much obstruction and is filtered as well, airflow needs to be considered as a top priority during installation.

Not Having the Correct Permits

Installing an AC requires the filing of certain permits to comply with the housing codes in a city or in a state. If you’re working with a fully licensed company, they will file permits on your behalf with the local building codes office, but don’t assume anything. You should check with them during the Air conditioner installation in Frisco, TX yourself, or risk being caught off guard when the moment of truth arrives.

Placement of the Thermostat

Now this may feel like a no brainer, but sometimes the thermostat is placed in a really awkward position that is not easily reachable, obstructed, or in a place where the temperature is localized. All these things can hinder its operation and become a cause for Air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX. If it’s placed in direct sunlight near a window or in the coldest, dampest corner in the house, it can cause the readings of the thermostat to go haywire and the temperature in your home to fluctuate wildly.

Not Clearly Negotiating Payments

This is a rookie move that can cause disputes in the future. If you’re hiring a company on a contract to install Air Conditioning in your home, or to outfit your entire office, don’t do a handshake deal or a verbal deal and don’t leave things vague and undecided, especially the payments.

It’s best to make sure that the payments can only be made in stages and can be withdrawn or withheld under certain specific conditions. This is to ensure that your Air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX goes off without a hiccup and doesn’t inconvenience you.

Drainage and Insulation

Drainage and insulation is top priority when installing an AC. If water is not drained safely and effectively, there is bound to be a spill and short circuits can occur and damage to the AC can also occur. Amateur installation technicians usually make a mistake in drain system design and leave you to cope with the results.

The same can be said of insulation. Tubing that is poorly insulated can sweat and lead to dripping water and water damage. This can cause warped flooring and damage to metal and wooden objects such as furniture or pipes.

Don’t make room for these problems during Air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX and get them properly taken care of during installation.

Poor Wiring and Positioning

Sometimes you can get stuck with a professional that doesn’t know how to seek out a position to install your air conditioner. This is an art within itself that can impact the comfort and operation of the air conditioner. The positioning can sometimes be the difference between you going over or under budget with your Air conditioner installation in Frisco, TX.

As far as the wiring is concerned, some installers just know what they’re doing and some don’t. It’s a talent to wire appliances correctly and inexperienced amateurs can mess up in a variety of ways. Hence, the aforementioned tip to hire someone who is NATE certified.

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